Volume 3, Chapter 2-2: This Isn’t How the MC Should Behave

After the entrance ceremony, I went to the classroom I had been assigned.

By the way, the classrooms more so resemble a university than a high school.

There are several reasons for this but the main one being the fact that it was more difficult to manufacture individual desks.

That’s why I’m currently sitting in the middle of one of the long desks near the back. When I looked down towards the front of the classroom, I could see everyone taking their seats.

Considering this is a class for people wanting to learn new trades and technologies, I’d expect to see a few adults, but…it seems there are only children here. I guess this is due to Claire’s influence.

As I was watching this scene, I remembered my days in school from my previous life. From today on, our calm and ordinary school life will begin.

“Yo, is this seat open?”

I heard the voice of a young man nearby me.

He’s probably close to the same age as me. He has brown hair and green eyes. I’d say he’s a noble based on the things Akane pointed out about other nobility earlier.

A young man I’ve never met before, but…he doesn’t seem so bad based off of first impressions.

“That seats free. Feel free to sit wherever you like.”

“I was asking if the seat next to you specifically was open. Well, if you say so, I’ll sit here.”

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Saying this he suddenly sat down next to me.

“My name’s Trevor, just Trevor. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh? Ah, my name is Leo. Nice to meet you.”

He went to the trouble of saying ‘just Trevor,’ does that mean he’s also a noble trying to hide his status? I could probably find out by asking Claire, but…it’s probably best to just leave things as they are.

“What do you think so far? Isn’t this amazing? “

This is the question that exposed me before. Is this guy the same as Akane?

Before, the timing was bad. I answered poorly and became exposed, but that won’t happen twice.

“Right? The technology of this town is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Idiot, I’m talking about the girls. The quality of the girls is so high.”

Eeeehh…is that really what he’s talking about? Wasn’t he trying to find out my true identity? Is this guy really just chasing after girls?

No, this could still be a trick. I can’t relax just yet. He just said the quality is high; he hasn’t said anything about their appearance yet.

“To be sure, there are many girls at this school that are really intelligent. This school is full of girls that can read and write well.”

“What are you talking about? I’m talking about their looks. Look at all of them. That one’s really cute and has good style. Couldn’t you mistake her for a princess?”

He’s talking about Sophia.

“And look at her too. She’s an elf with a beautiful face. She’s got really good style and her skin looks so smooth. Not to mention her pink hair that also looks so smooth. Is she some kind of goddess?”

Now he’s talking about Alice.

By the way, the students were separated into ten different classes. Sophia, Alice, and I were all in the same class. This isn’t some once in a lifetime miracle — this is obviously due to Claire’s influence.

“All of these girls are so cute. And that girl there looks fiery. I want to get closer to her.”

And the fiery girl was…Akane?

So…yep. This guy is just after girls and he doesn’t seem to be a bad guy. Maybe this is a chance for me to make friends with another guy for the first time since being reborn in this world.

As I was lost in thought, Trevor grabbed me and shook me by the shoulders.

“Oooooiii! Luook over there!”

“Ooohh, stop shaking me. Calm down, And what is lulook supposed to mean?”

I’m guessing he’s trying to tell me to look over somewhere. As I followed Trevor’s gaze I saw Sophia walking over to us.

Oi, oi, I thought we had decided to act like strangers here. Sophia arrived in front of us while I was thinking this.

By the way, Sophia seems to be drawing the attention of everyone else in the class, so everyone’s eyes are focused on us. Sophia smiled sweetly without showing any sign of noticing the eyes focused on us.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Sophia. Can I ask your name?”

Sophia spoke in a very proper way.

“I…M-M-My name is Trevor! I hope to get along with you for forever, Sophia-san!”

“Ah, sure. And what is your name?”

Sophia immediately brushed off Trevor’s greeting and turned to me.

“My name is Leo…is there something you needed?”

I continued the conversation as if we didn’t know each other.

“I saw you too talking with each other and thought I’d like to join.”

I see. She saw us talking together and thought it would be a good chance to get close to me.

If she joins a group of people talking to each other it would seem less suspicious.

Well, we were talking about how attractive the girls are here. It’s probably best to leave that part out.

“I just wanted to talk with you! You two looked very happy. By the way, if you don’t mind, can I call you onii-chan?”

What happened to the casual approach!?

Why would you call someone you just met ‘onii-chan!?’ No matter how you look at it that’s not natural!

“Is that not okay?”

“No, that’s….”

I need to think about this. I just need to remain calm and think.

We need to talk naturally to each other. But I don’t know what I can do now. If I tell her no, the situation will only get worse.

W-Well, it can’t be helped.

“No, it’s fine.”

Really!? Thank you, onii-chan! Then, I’ll sit next to you.”

Sophia sat down next to me while showing a bright smile. If she had a tail I’m sure it would be wagging like crazy.

“Ehehe~, onii-chan, please take care of me.”

She clings to my arm and rubs her cheek against me. There’s no chance that the class will think we’ve only just met.

Well…it can’t be helped. Sophia hasn’t been able to talk with me for some time and I’m sure she was really looking forward to going to school together.

Anyway, no matter what happens now, this entire conversation was just too unnatural.

With that being the case, it’s probably best that this conversation was so impactful. It’s so suspicious to the point that it may not be that suspicious.


Suddenly, I noticed Trevor was looking at me with a serious expression.

I completely forgot about this guy. I thought he’d be asking questions but he just grabbed my hand.

“Please, let me call you master!”

“…eh? Master?”

“Yes. You’re the charismatic god that makes a girl fall for you with a single word! You’re exactly the type of man I want to become!”

…well, the only reason that happened is that I’ve talked with this girl before. Though, there is a god at work here. A god that brought me here from a different world.

“Please, even if I can only be a crude imitation of you, allow me to learn from you!”

He wants my advice. Well, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy so I should really clear up this misunderstanding now.

“I know it will be difficult for you. I may not be able to reach your level in my entire lifetime, but still, I want you to teach me your ways!”

“I-Is that so. Then…do your best.”

Well…I hope he gets over this eventually.

“Yes, just leave it to me, Master! Uuooo, the same charisma as my master!”

He’s a really hot-blooded guy.

…that’s right. I’m easily flattered, so if I let him get carried away I might become like him.

“I’m sorry for intruding. Do you mind?”

A beautiful voice could be heard near Trevor.

Wha-! Why!? Are these two being serious!? I can’t let this happen, but Trevor spoke before I could.

“Y-Yes! What can I do for you!? Would you mind telling me your name, beautiful lady!?”

“My name is Alistair. If you don’t mind, I have somewhat of a selfish request of you….”

“Please, ask me anything! This humble Trevor will grant anything you desire, Alistair!”

“Thank you. I’m sorry, but can you let me have the seat next to him?”


Uwwaaaaa, Treevvooooorr! Hold on! Stay with me! It’s a mortal wound! You’ll be okay, just hang on!

“…M-Master, I’ll go on a journey to improve my skills. I’ll see you again….”


I thought about what he might do, but he ended up just moving over one seat. Going on a journey to the seat next to him? Isn’t that distance just too short!?

Or so I thought, but Akane then approached Trevor.

And Akane said a few words to Trevor. Trevor nodded and after that, Akane sat next to him.

And Trevor showed a brave smile and a thumbs up to me.

Good for him.

Still, Trevor…Akane is just trying to form personal connections for her family. Be careful.

I thought about it, but I just gave Trevor a thumbs up. Akane isn’t a bad person. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

“Why are you making that face?”

“Because I’m sure you’re planning on doing something terrible, Alice.”

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“Oh, why would you call me by a nickname. After all, this is the first time we’ve ever met — or that’s what I’d normally say. I actually liked the nickname, so I’ll allow you to call me that.”

Don’t look like you just said something brilliant! There’s no way this looks like a natural conversation to anyone else! Look at everyone! The classroom just looks confused.

…rather, I’ve been trying to allow this girl to live an ordinary school life for the past three years, but…in an instant she’s ruined that!

If Alice is okay with it, I can’t complain. I wonder what all of my hard work was for?

Well, like that, our calm and ordinary school life ended.

And, at the same time, rumours spread that Trevor and I were the sons of noble families that came here to add girls to our respective harems.

…damn it. I can’t say anything against that.

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