Chapter 36: Because I Don’t Like You


Inside her room, Zhuang Nai Nai hesitates as she holds her phone.  Should she make the phone call or not?

If she uses Si Zheng Ting this time, they will really be over.

But, if she doesn’t do that….

Her mother’s face flashes in front of her.

Only allowed on

Zhuang Nai Nai clenches her fist, suppressing her guilt deep inside her heart.

She picks up her phone and dials Lin Xi Er’s number again, only to chicken out on the very next second.

She cannot bear to make the call……

She suddenly remembers the day they broke up.

They were in the 3rd year of high school, just after they finished taking their college entrance exam.  She was in the school’s garden with Si Zheng Ting.

She looked at the cool, indifferent young man, unable to see through him.

“Si Zheng Ting, let’s break up,” she suddenly told him.

His pupils shrank a little before he calmly asked, “Why?”

Why? He actually had the cheek to ask her that?

Zhuang Nai Nai clenched her fist despite displaying a casual expression to him, “I don’t like you anymore!”

“Why?  Did I do anything wrong?” Si Zheng Ting asked after a long silence.

She gave him a mocking smile before looking away.  She could not bear to look at him in the face, she knew if she did, she would burst out in tears, “I just don’t like you anymore!  There’s no reason to it, really.”

He looked at her with dark, heavy eyes, making her feel really heartbroken.

She bit her lips and stopped herself from speaking.  After a while, he finally spoke, “Alright.”

He turned around and walked away.

Looking at his retreating back, her tears fell.  She didn’t want to be discovered by him, so she covered her mouth with her hands so that she wouldn’t make any sound.

She could not help from wanting to hug him from the back, but the reasonable side of her convinced her to go to a secluded spot and cry.

That was the last time she ever cried.

And now, as she looks at her phone, her tears fall.

She covers her mouth with her own hands as she scrolls across her phone’s contacts.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

Her heart trembles.

Even she does not know why she is calling him, she simply has the urge to hear his voice.

Unfortunately, his phone has been turned off.

Zhuang Nai Nai’s hands turns limp as the phone falls on the couch.

She continues sitting there in the dark.

After a while, her phone lights up.

She picks up the phone and discovers that the caller is Lin Xi Er, “Have you think it through, Nai Nai?  If you don’t decide by now, it will be too late to publish the news tomorrow.”

Only then does she realize that it is dawn.

There is no other way.

She takes a deep breath before saying, “Spread the photos.”

Si Zheng Ting, you owed me 5 years ago.

So, with this, we are even.

Be it love or hatred, let them all disappear!

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