Chapter 70: Human common sense doesn’t work on angels.

Human common sense doesn’t work on angels.


After school, and as planned, Saya and I went to Lina’s place.


“This is my house.”


“This is amazing.”


The place where Lina guided us to was a super high mansion. Coated with a light brown color and ornamented with various meager patterns, its height easily passed 10 floors.

If I wasn’t mistaken, this place is one of the most high class and famous regions in this town.

Eh, seriously? She lives here?


“You were living in this place?”

“I thought it would be convenient to fly from here without being seen, so I asked Metron-sama to prepare it for me.”


Was that the reason you chose it?!

Gazing at the giant mansion in front of me, I felt vacant thinking about the financial powers of a god.


“See, it’s just a normal house.”

“No, where’s the ‘normal’ in that?”


“Why are you confused? If you say this is normal, then what would you say about our places? Below average?”


I complained to the bewildered Lina.

Just what is the definition of normal in her mind?

When I turned to look at Saya, she was still standing in her place and gazing at the mansion as she let out a voice of admiration.

This is a normal reaction, right?


“What are you doing? Let’s go.”


Urged by Lina to enter the mansion, Saya and I stepped inside.





Again, once we entered, we couldn’t control our surprised voices.

I was waiting for something great, but not to this level.

Sofas and carpets were lined inside with a chandelier in the roof. It felt almost as if we entered some high-class hotel.


“Here’s the elevator.”


Following Lina, we got into the elevator.


“Yato-kun, I started feeling like I’m in the wrong place.”

“What a coincidence, I feel the same…”


Saya and I felt almost ashamed of being in this place. Everything was in a different dimension from the one where commoners like us live in.

I think we shouldn’t have come here casually like that.


“We’re going up to the last floor.”


Saying that, Lina clicked the button to the last floor.

I’m not surprised. I won’t get surprised anymore, no matter what.

I kept quiet despite hearing Lina declaring something unusual like it was nothing of considerable.

If I kept getting surprised by every single thing, I won’t have the time to even breathe.

The last floor of a luxurious mansion.

Sounds of breath-taking.


“This place is really amazing. Are you okay with money?”


Saya asked Lina as she made a dry smile, seeming to be already tired of getting astonished every moment.


“Money? It’s counted in the mission expenses.”

“Eh? Mission expenses?”

“Yeah, I originally came here in order to observe Kamiya Yato. So the expenses of my apartment are not counted on me. Well, the money of this world could be quite important for humans, but it’s different for us. The currency is totally different, after all. Metron-sama could create as much as he wants from it. Though, for my living expenses, I have no choice but to use my salary.”


Hearing out Lina’s explanation, Saya became speechless this time.

Lina inclined her head, not understanding the reason behind Saya’s bafflement.

I wonder why she doesn’t get it. Just what’s wrong with her reactions today.

Creating money? This is getting a bit out of hand.

Of course, she would become speechless.


“Saya, don’t think about it too much. Our common sense seems to be quite different from theirs.”



Angels and humans are not the same.

Saya and I were mentally worn out, but after that, we discovered many more differences between angels and humans which made us even more tired.




“This is my house.”


Lina used her card key to open the door. It feels like we had a tough time to make it until here. I wonder why I’m this tired just from entering a mansion and using the elevator.


“…… it’s spacious.”

“…… too spacious.”


Those were the only words we could say after stepping into the living room.

The intense shocks we went through made us conversely composed.

The living room was too wide for a single person. The Veranda had a view of the entire city.


“I will bring some tea, take it easy there.”


Taking on her words, Saya and I sat on the sofa.


“We came to a terrific place.”

“I know.”


With dry smiles on our faces, we talked to each other.

It was indeed a terrific place.

The sofa was so soft and embedded in the wall was a giant TV. it wasn’t much different from the apartment of a celebrity.


“But still, there isn’t anything strange other than that.”

Only allowed on


Looking around the living room, I didn’t notice anything of irregular. All that was there was luxurious stuff from earth.

Nothing with a different world ambiance.

Maybe that’s why Lina told us that everything is normal.

A normal life on earth, without anything related to her homeworld.

That is indeed normal if seen from that perspective.


“I’m back. Hm? Did something happen? You’re looking as if you agreed to something.”

“Nah, nothing.”


Nodding my head while folding my arms, I gave her back a random reply.

So it’s just a matter of values.

I took a sip of tea Lina made.


“Can I ask where’s the toilet?”


Saya suddenly stood up.

The tea was pretty delicious and she drank more than 2 cups.

It wouldn’t be surprising if she wanted to go to the toilet.


“Turn on your right after you leave the room.”



Hearing Lina’s instructions, Saya left the living room.

Left with Lina alone, we had a little discussion about the house.


“But still, this place is too spacious.”

“I know right. Living in it is pretty relaxing, but I couldn’t get used to it at first.”

“Well, of course, you wouldn’t get used to it on the first day.”


Living alone in such a spacious place wouldn’t be very comfortable at first.

It’s like it amplifies the feeling of loneliness.

Looking around the living room, I remembered something that’s been bothering me for a while and tried asking Lina.


“Is there any magic items here?”

“Magic items? Ah, there is. I’m placing them in another room.”


So there are magic tools in this house.

I got slightly interested after hearing that answer, and decided to ask her more about it, but…




We heard Saya’s voice coming from the other side of the house.



“What happened?”


Lina and I left the living room in haste following the direction of the voice until we found Saya caught on some sort of net and floating in the air.


“H-Help me…”

“Saya, just how did you end up this way?”


I couldn’t stand not asking that question after finding her stuck inside a net.

Is it possible at this age to get caught in this classical trap inside a house?

Looking at Saya who was asking for help with teary eyes, Lina apologized next to me.


“Sorry, this is a magic item I applied here.”

“Magic item?”

“Yeah, Saya-dono, did you touch this room before getting caught?”


Lina pointed at a door with a magic circle carved in it. I could tell it was something suspicious just from looking at it.


“Y-Yes. I thought it looks strange so I tried touching it.”

“This door is equipped with a magic tool that captures anyone who touches this door except for me. It’s just for preventing any further thievery.”


Preventing thievery?

Who would come all the way to this place to steal anything?

I just noticed a few nets attached to the ceiling.

It seems like the net itself is floating.

So this is what magic items look like, huh…


“Crime preventing magic items, huh…”

“It’s pretty convenient, don’t you think?”

“It is indeed, but is it that necessary?”

“I’m using it just in case something irregular happens. It feels safer that way.”


Maybe she was right, but still, is it fine to use these old styled traps?

This just doesn’t feel right.


“Stop talking and come help me…”


Saya urged us to help her out instead of having a carefree discussion.

Her temper seemed to have dropped after we let her out by deactivating the magic item. But at least I was able to witness a magic tool working.


“Is there anything else?”

“There is, want to see?”

“Yes, if that’s fine by you.”

“Yeah, it’s fine, they’re not dangerous or anything.”


Saying that, Saya opened the door with the magic circle and entered the room.

So that’s the room she was talking about. That explains why she was trying to protect it.

Thus, I had Lina show me her magic tools.



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“Why did you leave me hanging there for that long?…”

“My bad. C’mon, cheer up, it’s nothing serious.”

“It was our bad.”

“I’m already cheerful.”

“Here try eating this and get better. It’s a tea-cookie.”

“… okay.”


“So easy.”


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