Chapter 167 – Tail Swing

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This was something that she would have never expected in both her past life and the current one.

She always felt that even if someone were to come to save her, it would be Bai Cheng Feng. This was because Bai Cheng Feng did go to rescue Xing Han and defeat the kidnappers after the reincarnated girl pleaded during her last life…

But after some thinking, she had no such connections with Bai Cheng Feng in this life; at most, it was a connection between enemies.

Bai Cheng Feng would never come and save an enemy of his…

Indeed, there were too many differences between this life and the past one.

Ji Mo Ya saw the lass covered in dirt and was nearly unrecognizable. Except for her pair of eyes which were shining exceptionally, she was covered in a layer of limestone while her hand grasped tightly onto the hand of another smaller limestone covered figure. It was an exceptionally sorry yet funny image. However, there were no tears on her, not even a hint of fear was displayed on her face, only a radiant smile when she saw him.

Was this because she did not understand the situation she was just exposed to? Or because she was just born fearless? This lass’s courage could truly be called heaven-defying!

“Little Xing Han, quickly greet Young Master Ya.”

Xing Han was very obedient, “Hello Young Master Ya.”

Ji Mo Ya lightly acknowledge with a grunt, which was already giving a lot of face.

“Well done, Xing Han!” After Huan Qing Yan praised her little brother, she turned towards Ji Mo Ya and continued her worshipping, “Young Master Ya, is this divine dragon above us your spirit treasure? How cool! It is at a semi-physical form, does that mean that you are a True Spirit Master? Oh my god, a True Spirit Master! And is that brush you are holding a magic equipment? It looks very powerful, thank you so much for saving us earlier on…”

Ji Mo Ya gracefully stopped her, “Are you sure it is time for us to chat now?”

“Ah… No! Let’s continue after we get out of here.” Huan Qing Yan displayed a sad expression.

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The trembling within the mountain was getting intense, the situation was even more dire than before. Just now, large amounts of rocks began to fall and they blocked the tunnels.

“The Spirit Energy Node has been destroyed, and the spirit energy being sealed under the mountain is gushing out uncontrollably. We might not be able to escape.” Despite his cold expression and solemn words, Ji Mo Ya still maintained a gracefulness in them.

The rate of destruction has likely spread to all the mountains within a hundred-mile radius, causing everything within this range to collapse.

Previously, he reached this place by following the tunnels. During that time, the energy within the mountain was very stable. Yet, the situation suddenly turned into their current one.

Huan Qing Yan was having a guilty conscience, the destruction of the Spirit Energy Node was because she plucked that little flower?

It can’t be that coincidental!

After a dry cough, “There’s a lot of dust here, Young Master Ya, what do we do now?”

Ji Mo Ya did not reply, he looked at the divine dragon levitating above him. The dragon did a tail swing and split a huge rock stalactite that was more than a dozen meters long into two.

Next, as it fell on the space between Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan, the two large pieces landed and leaned on each other forming a “人” shape.

It created a rather large independent space, a safe point.

As pieces of rock fell from above, they landed on top of the two rocks instead of landing onto Huan Qing Yan and her brother.

However, there were still waves of dust! They continued to fall on top of them as the trembling continued…

There were also dull sounds being created as the large rocks hit each other.

“Ji Mo Ya, your spirit treasure is really great!” Huan Qing Yan’s eyes turned into stars.

Ji Mo Ya continued to act calm and composed as he tossed a series of formation flags at various corners of the two split rocks…

The cave-in was still ongoing, if he did not reinforce the rocks, they would collapse onto them after a while.

As each little formation flag flew out, they began to release a weak glow. These weak glows began to connect to each other, eventually forming a circle of light that was visible to the eye!

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