Chapter 168 – A Windfall

“Is this a formation? Woah…” Huan Qing Yan once again had her experience broadened.

It was also the first time that Huan Xing Han saw such a fascinating thing. However, his attention was more focused towards the dragon that was levitating above their heads… If not for the accumulated fatigue, he would have been happily dancing around.

“Dragon Imprisoning Formation,” Ji Mo Ya replied.

To him, this was only a very simple defense formation, something that was not worth talking about.

Ji Mo Ya swiftly finished setting up the formation.

There was no dust falling into the independent space they were in, there was also no sounds of rocks colliding with each other.

It gave off a feeling as though they had been isolated from the world. Ultimately, the danger of being buried alive had likely been removed.

Huan Qing Yan’s nervous heart had also finally managed to relax.

The large bundle of dust pulled the small bundle of dust, “Young Master Ya, could you please help us by casting a Cleansing Spell on us? So that we can use our exquisite faces to sincerely express our appreciation for saving us…”

Ji Mo Ya’s lips twitched lightly, this lass still had quite a mouth despite the current situation, enough to be considered a talent.

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He flicked his finger at the two of them.

The large and small bundle of dust had finally recovered their human forms respectively.

Little Xing Han was overall fine, a cute shota.

Huan Qing Yan was also clean from top to bottom. However, her tattered attire and the injuries on her skin were also exposed at the same time.

They were previously hidden behind the dust, now her injuries began to bleed on tendrils of blood.

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Ji Mo Ya expression turned chilled for a moment, “Hmm, injuries? Some were created by branches, while some seemed to be injuries of being bitten and pierced…”

Huan Qing Yan did not know why but when she heard his words, a small feeling of grievance began to well up within her heart.

Although she did all sorts of brave acts earlier on, now that she thought about it, if Ji Mo Ya had not come and saved her, what would have happened to her?

Even if she brought Little Xing Han into the dimension, how long would they be buried? Eight thousand years or ten thousand years?

“Young Master Ya, my sister is very awesome, she managed to beat a baddie controlling a snake spirit treasure, and that snake spirit even had five stars! My sis’s pig spirit treasure bit it to death with just a few bites, I must also awaken a pig spirit treasure like my sis in the future…” Huan Xing Han proudly said.

Ji Mo Ya looked at Huan Qing Yan in small surprise and conjured a small jade bottle out of thin air, “Apply this medicine on your wounds.”

“Eh? How mysterious! Did you use magic?”

‘Does Ji Mo Ya have a dimension too?’

Ji Mo Ya coolly waved his slender hand, on it was a simple ring, “Took it out from this storage ring.”

Huan Qing Ya was shocked, ‘Eh, why do I find this ring so familiar?’

When she thought about it, it looked similar to the ring belonging to Princess Cang Xia that she picked up, wasn’t it extremely similar to the one on Ji Mo Ya?

While she took out and let Ji Mo Ya have a look, she said, “I found this on the floor, is this also a storage ring?”

If so, she would have a windfall!


With this, she no longer needs to hide or act sneakily whenever she wants to take out something from the dimension, she could simply use the storage ring as a cover.

Ji Mo Ya lightly looked at it, “This belongs to Princess Cang Xia, right? It is also a storage ring, but it is only a Green Grade magic equipment.”

Huan Qing Yan was so happy that she could not keep her mouth closed, “I do not know who owned this ring, since I found it, it belongs to me now. How do I use it?”

“Use your mental power…”

When she sent a thread of mental power into the ring, Huan Qing Yan saw a space having a size of about three to four cubic meters. It looked new as it was basically empty with no valuables within….

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