Chapter 119: Powerful Influence

Qigong cultivation reaching rank six spirit refining realm, exceeding the body’s rank five spirit refining realm cultivation.

An existence with no one comparable.

The old man narrowed his eyes in shock. He had dealt with the registration of new disciples for more than ten years and never saw a case of Qigong cultivation exceeding the martial cultivation. “A very promising person, someone who will do great things in days to come.”

In an instant, his attitude changed. With a smile on his face, he walked towards Qin Tian, “Little brother, your Qigong cultivation can be seen as earth-shaking.”
Qin Tian laughed politely, yet his heart was telling him, “Smiling so slyly, there’s definitely nothing good happening.”
As of understanding the expressions of others, Qin Tian knew how. The old man’s deceitfulness was seen through immediately when he walked in. The bigger his smile was, the more cautious Qin Tian became.
“Do you know about the Heaven gate? Heaven, Earth, Jade and River. In the Heaven gate, cultivators are able to promote into an inner disciple the fastest. Don’t you wonder why Yu Sheng is chosen to become a Heaven gate disciple?”
Not waiting for Qin Tian to speak, he walked around Qin Tian and laughed, “ It’s because he was willing to enter the Violent Sky Faction.”
“Violent Sky faction?!” Qin Tian whispered to himself, stunned. Immediately, he thought about Yang clan’s leftover evil, Yang Han, and Nangong Yan. They seemed to be from the Violent Sky faction, and Nangong Yan is some young master of it.

At that time is the Kunlun mountain range, Lin Yan and the others told him about what happened between them and Yang Han in summary. Hearing the old man say ‘Violent Sky faction’, Qin Tian thought about Yang Han.
Now that he thought about it, he had indeed overlooked Yang Han.
In Sky Brother city, not only Yang Han, even Yang Lin did not appear.
“Yang Han has surely returned to Tianji sect. If I enter the Violent Sky faction, I would probably be played by him to death.” After a series of contemplation, he made a decision, “Elder’s intention, Qin Tian is grateful. As of joining Violent Sky faction, disciple has not decided, may you allow disciple to consider for a few more days.”
“Consider for a few days?” The old man’s face changed and he snorted coldly. Returning to his sit, he stared at Qin Tian with disdain, “Do you really think that a rank six spirit refining Qigong cultivation is amazing? People like you are numerous in the Tianji sect, so don’t think you’re so amazing. In my eyes, you’re not even d*gsh*t!”
Qin Tian retreated half a step and bowed, “Disciple is aware that his strength is weak, hence wants to focus more on cultivation and not be distracted.”
His tone was sincere and brought along a trace of respect, with which he could be considered as being courteous. This was the first time Qin Tian spoke like that to such a person as he knew that it is better not to provoke such villain.

With him just entering Tianji sect, he is without power. Everything must be done with great cautiousness, a wrong decision may lead to unnecessary problems.
Since Yang Han’s standing in the Violent Sky faction is firm, if he were to enter, he(Qin Tian) would have to fight it out with him(Yang Han). Why not just hide in a corner and break through in silence? When he broke through into the ascension realm, he would naturally gather attention.
At that time, even if Yang Han were to find out that he came to Tianji sect, he would not dare to deal with him brazenly.
Qin Tian’s courteous tone did not let the old man take back his disdainful appearance. In contrary, it angered him more. He frowned and stated coldly, “Do you know the consequences of rejecting?”
In the outer disciples registration, the old man undoubtedly has the authority to destroy their identity papers.
Destroying a disciple’s qualifications was, to him, extremely easy.
With a face of wanting to eat Qin Tian up, he did not believe that Qin Tian would not yield as offending him would not bring any benefits.
”Elder is magnanimous, do allow disciple to ponder about it. When he makes a decision, he will surely give you a satisfactory reply.” Qin Tian said respectfully with a tone of a servant.

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Retreating again and again until a certain limit was crossed was defying.
Also, the old man was only looking at a door dog. In Tianji sect, he(Qin Tian) wasn’t considered much.
If Qin Tian were to reject, it would undoubtedly be provoking the Violent Sky faction. The Violent Sky faction has great power in the Tianji sect. Rumour has it that more than half of the top hundred disciples joined the Violent Sky faction, and that it’s core Liu Shuanghan’s strength is extremely deep.
The old man’s humiliating words made Qin Tian unhappy.

What about Violent Sky faction?
Don’t annoy this Laozi, or else whether you are what Violent Sky faction or Violent Earth faction, he will change you into dogsh*t!
The old man suppressed anger was released as he sneered, “Ignorant of the current state of affairs.”
Just as he was about to tear Qin Tian’s identity papers, Meng Fanyi walked into the room with a wide smile on his face, “Elder Cheng……” (TLN: Elder Cheng is the old man, and his name is Cheng Li)
Stunned, Cheng Li’s expression changed and he bowed to welcome him, “Brother Meng, I hope that you have been well.”
However, his heart was not in sync with his mind, “Why has he come back? Was he not in Jingxin sect waiting for hope to blossom?”
Meng Fanyi took a glimpse of Qin Tian and felt relieved. From a while ago, he had been observing at the entrance. Yu Sheng was only a rank three spirit refining realm cultivator and already have the qualifications to enter the Heaven gate. Something fishy is surely going on.
Hence, he heard every word spoken in the room clearly.
What made him shocked was that in the ten years, Violent Sky faction had a speedy growth. Even the elder meant for accepting disciples into the sect was brought in.
“Seems like Liu Shuanghan’s ambition isn’t small.” Meng Fanyi thought and walked into the room.
Naturally, Cheng Li knew about Meng Fanyi. He was after all the top fifty disciples with a bright future ahead of him.

Also, an inner disciple’s standing is much higher than his. He bowed and asked, “May I know what Brother Meng came here for?”
Meng Fanyi smiled and went directly to the point, “He is someone I invited to join Tianji sect, I hope elder Cheng isn’t deliberately making things difficult for him.”
Immediately, Cheng Li put on a false smile. “Brother Meng, you should know about the Violent Sky faction right? We hope for you to not meddle into this business. For provoking the Violent Sky faction, you should know the……”
The old man did not put Meng Fanyi in his eyes. Although he is only an outer sect elder, there was the Violent Sky faction at his back. Whenever he walked around the sect, hardly any dare to look down on him.
In the many years, he delivered many talents into the Violent faction, gaining himself great importance in faction. As he stared at Meng Fanyi, there was no fear in his eyes, looking as if he was number one under the heavens. Qin Tian frowned and a faint killing intent was released.
At the next instant, the killing intent vanished.
“Don’t forget, this is Tianji sect, not Violent Sky sect. No matter how much power your Violent Sky Faction has, it is still under the authority of the Tianji sect, do you believe whether I would report it to the disciplinary hall?” Meng Fanyi’s expression became firm as he spoke with great anger,
The muscles of Cheng Li’s face twitched. Raging, he snorted, “Qin Tian, River gate.”
“Cheng Li, you have such big guts……” Meng Fanyi cursed, wanting to reason with him, only to be stopped by Qin Tian.
“Brother Meng, forget about it.” Qin Tian stopped Meng Fanyi.

Coldly, he stared at Cheng Li.

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