Chapter 56: Murder

Arrogant Youth A: Yo, Princess Naysis.

Naysis Ferne: —!?

As she walked out of the washroom, she collided into a towering figure.

Arrogant Youth B: Did you think that we would leave just like that?

Naysis Ferne: ……

Naysis Ferne: Ah, I was wondering who it was, so it’s you guys, the trash who I mistook for boyfriend material.

Arrogant Youth A: You—

Naysis Ferne: This is an education facility of Westrealm’s faithful. It’s no place for trash like you.

Naysis Ferne: Do you know the consequences of your actions?

Arrogant Youth A: ……

Arrogant Youth B: …of course! We know exactly what they are, that’s why we are doing this!

Naysis Ferne: Oh? You do?

She dismissively waved her hand as if she was having an idle chat during afternoon tea.

Naysis Ferne: Since you know what awaits you after leaving, why bother causing trouble for yourself?

Arrogant Youth A: You underestimate us, Little Princess.

His eyes smiled with derision as he pointed at the chests lying by the side of the wall.

Arrogant Youth A: I bet you haven’t seen this before. It’s called a Wilderness Eagle, we got it from the black market specially for this occasion.

Arrogant Youth A: With these babies, we can fly from here to the Grand Coliseum in an instant.

Arrogant Youth A: Naturally, the Grand Coliseum isn’t our destination.

Naysis Ferne: …??

As the pair looked at her confused expression, their grins widened even further as if they had won.

Naysis Ferne: …doesn’t matter, you’ll all be arrested soon enough.

Arrogant Youth B: Arrest us? Haha, if such a day ever comes, you’ll be long dead.

Arrogant Youth B: And I can guarantee that it won’t be a quick death!

Naysis Ferne: ……

The youth flashed out a razor sharp knife and a thin coil of rope; it went without saying what he had planned next.

Naysis Ferne: Car—

She stopped mid sentence; Carmen had been sent away by her.

If that so-called Wilderness Eagle was really able to take them away in an instant, there was no point in her begging for her life.

Without waiting for her response, the front most youth rushed at her.

Naysis Ferne: —!

She instinctively retreated a step from where she stood at the washroom door, colliding with another figure.

Bailey: —ouch!

Bailey: What are you doing! Can’t you see that someone’s here?

Bailey: ……

Naysis Ferne: ……

As the pair fell to the floor in a tangled mess, they stared at the youth in front of them with similar expressions.

Arrogant Youth A: Let’s bring that one along as well, she’s not that bad.

Arrogant Youth A: Since we’re already doing it, another person won’t make a difference.

Arrogant Youth B: I’m not interested in that flat chest, you can take her along if you wish.

Arrogant Youth B: Just hurry up!

Arrogant Youth A: I got it, I got it—


Just as the youth was about to close in on Naysis Ferne, a cold flash of steel sliced apart the rope in his hand.

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In her hands was a thin dagger that wasn’t particularly uncommon but immediately aroused the ire of the two youths.

Arrogant Youth A: You—actually dared to take that out!!

Arrogant Youth B: I…I remember now…

Arrogant Youth B: That’s the thing…that’s the dagger that left those humiliating scars on my face!!!

Arrogant Youth B: Naysis Ferne!! I’m going to kill you!!

Bailey: Ah—

Naysis Ferne: —!!

The anger raged in the scarred youth who in the blink of an eye, took out another three more daggers.

These thin daggers could be considered melee weapons and yet could also be used as throwing knives.

With these three daggers in hand, he stabbed at her face.

From this distance, there was no dodging the incoming daggers. As he closed in on her face, his eyes gleamed with a frenzied light as he pictured the scene of her face getting stabbed thrice.

*stab stab stab—!!!*



Di Qi Ju: ……

Made it.

My arms stretched out to intercept the daggers, blocking her eyesight as I shielded her face that was frozen with terror.

At the back of my arm were three razor sharp daggers “sticking” out of it.

Normally, these three daggers should’ve penetrated my palm and went straight for her face…

…however, that didn’t happen.

This wasn’t my first time I experienced the power of my disguise ability, therefore I knew not to be fooled by my eyes. My sense of touch told me that those weapons had shattered upon contact with my arm, leaving nothing but a bladeless hilt exposed

Thus, there was no way she could’ve been stabbed; she was merely shocked.

Even though all throughout the afternoon, I had thought of her as a pest, the expression she had right now was one that I simply couldn’t bring myself to hate.

Looking at her, she’s practically just a child.

Why…must a young girl like her be forced to endure such a scene?

No matter what she did, she shouldn’t deserve this right?

Di Qi Ju: —get in there quick!! And don’t come out!!

I pulled her up to her feet while kicking the equally stunned Bailey.

Di Qi Ju: Go hide in the washroom! Leave this to me!

Bailey: …….Ah !!

Naysis Ferne: ……

Bailey was the first to react and instantly sprinted to safety. However, Naysis Ferne stood there stunned as ever.

I turned around to see an equally stunned youth grasping a bunch of daggers that were still pointing at my arm. Even now, he still hadn’t registered what had just happened.

His companion on the other hand was quicker on the uptake, having already began his anxious search for a new weapon.

Arrogant Youth A: You lowly bast*rd…!

Arrogant Youth A: Looks like you haven’t learnt your lesson from yesterday!

He stretched out his arm and made a throwing motion towards me. However, I wasn’t able to see what kind of weapon he threw out.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh—*

Before I could react, my eyesight seemed to have blacked out at one side.

Something had hit my eye.

I used my other arm to feel around my face; there were several arrow-like objects sticking out of my eye and face. I could even feel the signature feather tail attached at the end of the shaft.

Hidden weapons? No wonder I couldn’t see what they were.

Naysis Ferne: ……

Naysis Ferne: …Di Qi Ju??

Naysis Ferne: —ughh!!

With the arm blocking him gone, he was free to act once more.

The stunned youth had finally returned to his senses, grasping the situation in an instant, he took out an object and shoved it into Naysis Ferne’s mouth.

She immediately collapsed to ground having lost her ability to stand. However, her eyes still showed the furious will to live within them. As for her legs, only her calves were able to twitch a little.

…was that some kind of tranquilizer you could ingest orally?

Having done all that in a few seconds, he grabbed my collar and lifted me up.

Arrogant Youth B: …..

Arrogant Youth B: …hmph, aren’t you something. Your eye has just been blinded and yet you barely react to it. However, it looks like you’ll have to spend your life as a blind man.

Arrogant Youth B: Why don’t we just shove that arrow further in so you don’t have to worry about your blindness?

Arrogant Youth A: Hey! Stop messing around, we’ve already wasted enough time!

Arrogant Youth B: I know…just let me see if this kid has anything valuable, it’s compensation for yesterday’s humiliation!

Seeing him reach for my bag, my first reaction was to stop him however, I was too slow to block his arm.

This definitely wasn’t his first time doing this!

Arrogant Youth B: Hmm? What’s this?

With my unobstructed eye, I was able to see a pocket watch-like object in his hand.

Arrogant Youth A: That’s just a “Traveller’s Time”, nothing worth taking.

Arrogant Youth B: *spit* So he’s also a pauper.

He callously tossed the memento onto the ground.

My eyes widened as I watched the pocket watch crash onto the ground. It was as if time had slowed down as I saw watch cover flip open, flinging the white pebble within out in slow motion, revealing a spider web of cracks beneath.

Di Qi Ju: ……


My heart began to pound.

However, this wasn’t the thumping from my wish ability, instead it was the frenzied beating of my own heart.

As I watched the watch get stepped on by the other youth, my body began to shake uncontrollably.

This scene was one which I would never forget.

Just as the heels of his boot blotted out the watch from my vision, I caught a glimpse of the normally scattered clock arms…

Snap together.

As if something had snapped within me, that sight triggered a reaction within my body that until recently had only been acting out of pure instinct.

Di Qi Ju: ….

Di Qi Ju: Hahaha…

Arrogant Youth B: Huh?

Arrogant Youth B: Is this kid laughing? You still dare to laugh?

He insulted me.

He insulted the most important belonging I had since coming to this world.

A belonging that I would’ve never been able to attain in my original world.

He can’t afford it.

Even if he offered his entire self, to me…

He can’t pay the price of his actions!!!

Di Qi Ju: Are you done? Leaving your will…

Arrogant Youth B: …??


I viciously plucked out the short arrow sticking out of my eye and without waiting or caring to see his reaction—drove it deep into his eyes.

His body convulsed for a second before it fell silently.

From the vibrations in my hand, I felt the arrow tear through his soft brain matter, which penetrated the back of his skull a second later.

Arrogant Youth A: ……


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This wasn’t enough.

With the arm I used to block his daggers, I grasped his now lifeless neck and tightened—

*crack crunch* As if it was a persimmon in my fist, I felt something explode within my fingers. Like that, his head was separated from its home.

Leaving his body to slump to the ground, I held out the bast*rd’s head in my hand, my heart as unfeeling as before.

There was no fear nor was there any remorse. It was just…the most natural thing to do.

Ah ah…this isn’t enough.

There’s still another guy left.

Arrogant Youth A: …f*******ck!!!

Arrogant Youth: —demon!!!


I tossed the head, and as if it was a grenade, the head flew right into the fleeing youth and blew his neck apart.

As if I was tossing a medicine ball, I took the newly separated head and threw it right into the headless body.

Before his headless neck had the time to spurt out its crimson payload, its former occupant smashed into it, turning his upper body into a slowly trickling mess of bloodied meat.

Seeing this, my ragged breathing finally began to calm down.

In less than ten seconds, a kidnapping scene had turned into a veritable hell on Earth.



I don’t remember how it happened, but I was arrested and brought away.

Either way, all that mattered was the Traveller’s Time. As I firmly gripped my treasured belonging in my hands once more, I stowed the white pebble within its shattered body and kept it in my pocket, my heart strangely at peace as I did so.

Even though I had just snuffed out a couple of lives, I didn’t feel a bit of remorse.

Why…why is that so?

No idea…perhaps it has something to do with my wish ability…

Forget it, it doesn’t matter now.

Naturally, afternoon classes had to be postponed.

Naysis’s butler, Carmen led me away in cuffs towards an unknown location.

Curious…why are my hands bound by these handcuff-like objects?

Di Qi Ju: Miss…Carmen?

Carmen: ……

Di Qi Ju: Where are we headed to?

Carmen: To the Country of Skills.

Di Qi Ju: Why are we going there?

Carmen: Because Reitdarke has no legal system.

Di Qi Ju: What does this have to do with Reitdarke not having a legal system?

Carmen: ……

Carmen: You have been arrested under the charges of excessive self-defense.

Carmen: The victim was an influential person in the country of Skills so it will be handled by the courts there.

Di Qi Ju: ……

Di Qi Ju: Oh.

Carmen’s words slowly brought me back to reality.

Excessive self-defense…that’s right…I, just killed some people.



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