Chapter 120: River Gate

“Brother Qin, I will report this matter to the disciplinary hall and return you your justice.” Once they came out, Meng Fanyi spoke agitatedly.

In less than ten years, Violent Sky faction became so arrogant.

Even registering disciples were under their control, so won’t every disciple that comes in become their underling? If this carries on, Tianji sect would have to change its name to Violent Sky sect. The more he thought about it, the angrier he was.

Qin Tian laughed and felt touched, feeling that this Meng Fanyi isn’t a bad person and is worth it to build a relationship with. “Brother Meng, do not mention today’s matter to anyone. Although I am unsure about the power of the Violent Sky faction, for them to be able to worm their way through as an elder in charge of the registration of new disciples shows that they too could do it for the disciplinary hall. If you were to mention anything, I’m afraid you’ll only be attracting death.”

“E?” Meng Fanyi was stunned as he stared at Qin Tian with eyes wide open. “Brother Qin, are you saying that the disciplinary hall might have Violent Sky faction’s people inside?”

“For this small registration of outer disciples to be under the influence of the Violent Sky sect, do you think that the disciplinary hall, one with great authority, would not be so too?”

Meng Fanyi stood in a daze and frowned. His heart tightened while he thought about what Qin Tian said. He words were true, the disciplinary hall would surely be under the influence of Violent Sky faction. Hence, taking the risk would only bring about trouble, and even death.

Violent Sky faction is filled with experts, with no lack of those in the ascension realm.

Provoking them would not lead to any beneficial result.

At this moment, Meng Fanyi admired Qin Tian’s line of thought. He could finally understand why Qin Tian did not become angry after being forced to such an extent.

“There are times when enduring is the only way.” Qin Tian spat his words out. “Endure until you have the strength. That would be the time when their disaster would occur.”

Enduring the pain, concealing the impulse, training in bitterness, working hard to level up. When he becomes strong enough, he would return what he received by a thousand times.

If even enduring and concealing could not be done, then his life would be a short one.

Whether it was in the Qin clan, or in front of Yang Hong, it was all the same. Qin Tian knew that he was just a tiny person in front of the Tianji sect and needs to progress prudently.

Secretly, Meng Fanyi took note of what he said and revealed a look of admiration.

At such a young age, his experience was greater than his, very mature and full of secrets. To become such a person’s enemy, perhaps even in death, they would not know what was happening.

Meng Fanyi began to worry for Cheng Li……


After around an hour of walking and conversing, they reached the “River gate’.

In the River gate live the most average disciples.

The living conditions, food and Dan to redeem are all of low quality.

Basically, hardly any of those that enter the River gate would be able to succeed.

Looking at his small weed-filled courtyard, Qin Tian laughed bitterly. “At the very least, it is still better than Zhang Dafu’s pig pan many times.”

Meng Fanyi frowned when he saw the courtyard of his brother and howled, “Is this a place for a human to live in? Brother Qin, want to get someone to help change this place a bit……”

“No need.” Qin Tian replied. “I came to Tianji sect to cultivate, not to enjoy. The ancients said: ‘Heaven is about to place great responsibility on a man, this bit of bitterness is nothing’.”
[TLN: the full version of it is ‘When heaven is about to place great responsibility on a great man, it frustrates his spirit and will first, exhausts his muscles and bones, expose him to starvation and poverty, harass him with troubles and setbacks. His spirit is stimulated, his nature is toughened and his abilities are enhanced.’, but somehow only a part of it appeared]

To the him now, hiding in a place like this was the best.

He could avoid the Violent Sky faction, avoid Yang Han, and gain the inner sect qualifications as fast as possible.

It would not be possible for him to be made an exception and be promoted currently. The only way he had left was through merits. Using merits, he would exchange for the inner disciple qualifications and gain a foothold in the sect as fast as possible. As long as he becomes an inner disciple, he would no longer need to be afraid when he meets Yang Han.

Meng Fanyi, after helping Qin Tian clean his small courtyard, left.

Afterall, he had not returned to the sect for ten years and was anxious.

Qin Tian did not stop him, and let him come again when he has time. He did not want to interfere with Fanyi’s cultivation time.

Meng Fanyi returned to the sect with only one motive, to cultivate and gain boundless strength. At that time, he would enter the Jingxin sect and grab his girl even if the sect leader did not agree.

Qin Tian entered his residence and gave the simple and crude interior- a wooden bed, a table and a candle a glance.

Extremely simple and crude. Looking at all these, he got caught up in his bitter thoughts. “Meng Lei, you must stay alive.”
[TLN:Meng Lei is the first(maybe second) person he met in this world]

His eyes were moist for a long time.

After a night long rest, in the morning, Qin Tian brought along his black plate towards the achievement hall.

The black plate is his proof of identity and on it was his Qigong mark. Merits after the completion of tasks would also be recorded inside. It was just like banks in his previous life, able to store merits, convenient and simple.

The achievement hall was split into three levels.

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The first level was where tasks were released to the open. The second level was the exchange hall. The third level was the big exchange hall.

Early morning, the achievement hall was full of disciples.

It was crowded like the marketplace. Qin Tian smiled. This scene gave him a sense of familiarity, and the reason is that this was like the marketplace in games, where people are bargaining, forming groups.

An enormous black pillar was glowing with a dark light, releasing new tasks continuously. The sight was simply too amazing.

However, Qin Tian was too lazy to think about it. He stared at the black pillar closely, searching for a suitable task to complete alone.

“Get out, get out……”

“Roll off for Laozi……”

“Don’t you have eyes? Can’t you see Laozi is a Heaven gate disciple?”

Yu Sheng entered in an imposing manner. When he gave the surrounding disciples a glance, a look of disdain appeared on his face.

The outer sect achievement hall is filled with outer disciples, and they know what Heaven gate disciples refer to. Not only that, outer disciples that were in the sect for a longer period of time knew they were Violent Sky faction’s people and cannot be provoked.

Seeing the appearance of Yu Sheng, a path was formed.

Yu Sheng was satisfied. With his hands at his back, he walked towards the black pillar. “Doggy no. 2, accept the ‘nine serene malicious demon’ task.”

“Young master, this is a highly dangerous task, why don’t we……”

“F**k, when I tell you to go, go! Slave dog, you want a beating?” Yu Sheng gave a kick in anger.

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Immediately, the servant got up and ran to accept the task.

At that point in time, Qin Tian had already walked out of the achievement hall. “Nine serene malicious demon, quite an amount of experience points would be provided right?”

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