Chapter 121: None Shall Leave

The nine serene malicious demon of the nine serene palaces, rank six spirit refining realm. Very dangerous.

After Yu Sheng accepted the task, he regretted. He had boasted in the achievement hall until he forgot about his own capabilities. Now, he did not have a clue on what to do.

As he walked out of the achievement hall, he frowned.

The task was accepted, so he could not give up on it.

“Young master, let us seek the help of other Heaven gate disciples. They too are Violent Sky sect’s people, and would not mind helping us with such a small matter.” The dog no. 2 advised.

Hearing that, Yu Sheng praised, “To think that you dog slave would be able to think this far, not bad, not bad.”

With a loud laugh, he walked towards the Heaven gate.
The rank six spirit refining realm malicious demon was not held with high regards by Qin Tian. After receiving the task, he ran towards the nine serene palaces immediately.

The nine serene palace was within a radius of a thousand kilometres from the Tianji sect. By rushing there, only one day and one night would be needed.

As he did not know the dangers of the tasks, he chose the nine serene malicious demon as a practice mate, not choosing blindly. He would estimate the danger rating of this task, making it simpler for him to gauge the dangers of other tasks and allow himself to achieve an undefeatable streak of task completion.

A day and night later.

Feeling that he was close to the nine serene palace, he took a short rest and killed his way in.

Nine serene palace was in actual fact just a faction formed by people that did evil. It made the cities around unable to be in peace, leading to the dynasty having no choice but to place a task in the Tianji sect.

Those that died as he killed his way in were only some spirit gathering demonic cultivators.

The experience points gained were okay, but more importantly, it was simple and allowed him to earn sin value.

Ever since he gained the demon mode to change into the heavenly demon, he placed great importance on sin value. To those that should be killed, he would not let any off.

Tragic screams erupted within. Hundreds of disciples scampered away. Qin Tian was like a bane to them, making none daring enough to move forward. Fear seeped into their hearts as they retreated.

“Isn’t the Tianji sect peeking their noses into too many things?” The nine serene malicious demon cried out. It stared at Qin Tian and sneered, “A rank five spirit refining realm cultivator dares to kill to my doorstep, do you treat the nine serene palace as your home?”

With a snort, vicious currents were released, trapping Qin Tian.

Qin Tian was as relaxed as he was before. Laughing, purple flame aura rose and a scythe-wielding ancient fierce god appeared behind him.

At the next instant, Qin Tian dashed forward and a terrifying pressure descended.


A loud bang was produced and the malicious demon flew. His eyes were filled with terror. He simply did not see that he was not Qin Tian’s opponent. How could a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator be his(the demon) opponent?

Unwillingly and unable to bring himself to believe, the demon gazed at the sky above. There was an intense pain in his chest. With an increasingly heavy breathing, he shuttered, “You…you…you cannot kill me…I, I…I am Wanxie demon king’s disciple…you cannot……”


Qin Tian’s Qigong condensed spear pierced into the malicious demon’s chest. “If there is a chance, I shall let your master accompany you.”

“There was simply no danger ma.” It could be said that Qin Tian had some understanding of the tasks’ danger level. With just a rank six spirit refining enemy, for it to be considered dangerous was just too much of a joke.

He himself did not realize that he had become abnormal.

When he was about to collect the malicious demon’s corpse, a cold voice traveled across, “Wait.”

Qin Tian turned his head and stared at the arrogant Yu Sheng, feeling that the whole situation was funny. “What do you want to do?”

With him showing off a sissy look, Yu Sheng became even more arrogant.

The few disciples behind Yu Sheng started laughing out loud.

They seemed to have forgotten that the rank six spirit refining malicious demon died in a move in Qin Tian’s hands. In their eyes, the malicious demon was too weak. A problem must have occurred with the danger rating given, or else how could a River gate disciple kill it?

“Heng, what?” Yu Sheng took a step forward and pointed at the malicious demon’s corpse, “Leave the body behind. You can go.”

Qin Tian laughed and did not reply.

“Junior Yu, he is laughing at you. A River gate disciple is making fun of you ah.” A youth behind Yu Sheng broke into laughter.

The face of Yu Sheng changed into one like a pig. “Courting death.”

Long Qi was released. His moves were merciless and his killing intent was dense……

With a flash, Qin Tian avoided Yu Sheng’s attack. “Is killing in self-defense punishable?”

Hearing that, the group brought by Yu Sheng were stunned and angered.

Yu Sheng was even more so. He snorted and released a more powerful Qigong, wanting to pressure Qin Tian to death.

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“Heng, overconfident.”

Qin Tian used his law of aura. In the radius of a kilometer around him. There was no one else other than them. Since this is the case, none shall leave……

“Rank one berserk!”


A white light spread out and his aura was released. Yu Sheng was shocked. Refusing to accept it, a sword formed in his hand and he slashed down.

“Courting death!” Qin Tian snorted. His right hand formed into a fist and he punched.


Yu Sheng flew. Before he landed, an image of Qin Tian appeared above him. He kicked down, and a ‘gege’ sound was created. His bones broke.


It was just like an instant kill. The rank three spirit refining Yu Sheng could not even exchange a single blow.

“To actually dare to murder a Heaven gate disciple……”

“Are you not afraid of the disciplinary hall’s punishment? You will suffer the deathly winds for months.”

The group was full of hatred.

Qin Tian laughed, “It seems to me that self-defense would not lead to punishment, is that not right?

“Even if I killed him, with all of you dead, who would know about it?” Qin Tian walked forward. “Everyday, a few disciples dying is very normal. Tianji sect has hundreds of thousands of disciples after all.

The meaning of his words was extremely obvious.

Qin Tian’s voice became icy cold, making the others feel a chill. Cold sweat emerged. They were all at the beginning of spirit refining realm, not Qin Tian’s opponent. In their hearts, they had only one thought left, “Run!”

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“None of you shall leave……”

His cold words were like words from hell.

After he collected the malicious demon’s corpse, he released the seven lore formation. “All of you, die!”

The entire courtyard turned into dust. Everything there vanished!

Slowly, Qin Tian floated down. “Too weak!”

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