Chapter 122: Shocking news at the Outer Court

In the outer court, there were many tasks available and the nine serene malicious demon task has a relatively high danger level. It had reached a point that after many months no one completed it.

When the task disappeared from the black pillar, the achievement hall’s first level erupted with discussions.

“So strong, who would it be?”

“That malicious demon is a disciple of the Wanxie demon king and has a terrifying strength, To think that someone managed to kill him, just who is this hero?”

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“Heaven gate Wu Xiongba accepted a task to investigate the Minghai forest days ago and has yet to return, so it can’t be him.”

“Didn’t Heaven gate Yu Sheng accepted that task yesterday? Was it him that completed it?”

The achievement hall was filled with conversations.

To them, only a Heaven gate disciple could kill the rank six spirit refining malicious demon, none would even suspect Qin Tian.

After killing the malicious demon, Qin Tian received his 3000 merit points and returned to his living quarters. What would be brought about by Yu Sheng’s death? Qin Tian wanted to know.

However, after waiting for three days, nothing happened as if Yu Sheng had never appeared in the Tianji sect before.

“Outer court disciples are given no attention? Qin Tian asked himself and sneered, “That’s good too, saves me from my worries.”

Tianji sect has disciples amounting to millions. Dying while doing a task is very normal, especially for a Heaven gate disciple. Even in the inner court, deaths would hardly be investigated.

Such a fact made him heave a sigh of relieve.

This was afterall his first time killing people from the Tianji sect, what’s more, a Heaven gate disciple, someone of the Violent Sky faction.

“Seems like I’ve overthink.” Qin Tian laughed bitterly and walked out of his residence, preparing to accept another task.

The only thing he needed to do now was to accumulate merits.

After getting his first merit points, he found out that those were great things. They could even be used to exchange for jade grade abilities. As Long as you have merits, countless treasures could be exchanged for. Qin Tian could not help but covet them, wanting to just exchange for each and every treasures. At that time, whenever he fights against someone, all he had to do was smash his opponents to death with the treasures. The feeling of forcing someone to death using money would truly be great.

Having experienced killing the malicious demon, Qin Tian had a rough understanding of danger levels. According to the assessment, the danger level of killing the malicious demon was B, not enough to threaten him.

As long as no accidents occur, there would definitely be nothing wrong.

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The tasks on the black pillar may not be fully reliable. Unforeseen circumstances occurring are common.

Qin Tian gave the pillar a look and chose another task. ‘Winter moon dynasty: killing the thousand year snow monster’, 4000 merit points. The danger level of it could be considered among the top ten, not a small challenge.

The task hung there for half a month with none completing it.

Qin Tian passed his black plate, “Winter moon dynasty: killing the thousand year snow monster.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but those around him were still able to hear it.

Seeing Qin Tian’s action of taking out his black plate, many sneered.

A River gate disciple also dares to take such a dangerous task, is this not courting death?

“You should change your task, such task isn’t suitable for you.”

“Brother, you want the kill the thousand year snow monster with such strength? Really funny.”

“Why not make some arrangements first, haha……”



Ridicule erupted, but Qin Tian did not bother trying to rebut it. After accepting the task, he walked out of the achievement hall and another round of ridicule occurred. They were all saying that he was overconfident and will die a miserable death.

“Rank seven spirit refining realm, the thousand year snow monster shouldn’t be too strong. Dealing with it shouldn’t be any problem.” Qin Tian looked at the task’s danger level and thought, “After finishing the task, I wonder what those people making fun of me would feel.”

When he thought about that, the edge of his mouth rose, revealing a demonic smile.

Five days later, Qin Tian returned.

He appeared in the achievement hall. After receiving the 4000 merit points, the task ‘Winter moon dynasty: killing the thousand year snow monster ‘ vanished from the black pillar.

The crowd was shocked as they stared at Qin Tian, unable to speak a single word. To be able to kill the rank seven spirit refining realm thousand year snow monster without suffering any injuries, those that ridiculed him before felt their faces burn like they had received a few slaps on their faces.

“How could that happen? A River gate disciple killed the rank seven spirit refining realm thousand year snow monster?”

“He is a River gate disciple?”

“How did he even complete that?”


Qin Tian swept his eyes across the stunned crowd and smiled coldly, walking away pompously.

At the same time, a few disciples caught up with him and asked politely, “Brother, do you have any interest in joining the ‘war hammer squad’? We can work together on the tasks and share our merits. This squad of ours is pretty well known.”

“O.” Qin Tian paused for a moment, “Then you all should be strong.”

“Strong? Not only are we strong, in the outer court, who don’t know the name of our ‘war hammer squad’?

“Really?” Qin Tian laughed. “Since this is the case, I shouldn’t dim your light.”


A disciple backed off and another clung to him. “Big brother, please help this younger brother. I been in the Tianji sect for two years and has yet to accumulate 1000 merits. In another year if I’m still unable to reach the 1000 merit goal, my identity as a disciple would be revoked. May big brother help.”

“Help you?” Qin Tian continued to walk casually. That disciple was following him closely and was extremely respectful.

“Yes big brother, please help.”

“Do help me too. Before you are chased away from the Tianji sect, transfer your merits to me. Would that be fine?” Qin Tian spoke. He was obviously someone experienced in doing this, taking merit points from others. Only if he(Qin Tian) was mentally ill would he give them away to that disciple.

His face changed as he stared at Qin Tian in anger.

Qin Tian started to laugh as if he was oblivious to what was happening.

“Big Brother, it was him who completed the task to kill the malicious demon.”

Under a shade of a tree away from the achievement hall, a group of youngsters started discussing about Qin Tian. Among them, there was one whose age was slightly greater than theirs, the head of the group. The look in his eyes as he stared at Qin Tian was filled with killing intent.

His name is Luo Sheng, rank seven spirit refining realm, among the top ten in the outer court. He is a next inner sect disciple qualification competitor.

He had a younger brother name Luo Kai who accepted Yu Sheng’s invitation. After going for the malicious demon, he never returned, making Luo Sheng suspect that it was Qin Tian that killed him.

How could a River gate disciple have the strength to kill a rank six spirit refining malicious demon?

Something must have occurred for him to go and kill his younger brother and the others.

Luo Sheng stared at Qin Tian coldly and ordered, “Investigate what his next task is going to be.”

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