Chapter 123: Gambling System

Back at his residence.

Qin Tian released Mao Mao to protect him while he continued to train in alchemy. Opening up his system, he started refining Dans madly.

His proficiency in alchemy has currently reached rank two, allowing him to refine a rank three Dan if his luck was on his side. However, the chance was extremely low. At present, Qin Tian did not care about what rank his Dans refined were, only caring about level upping his alchemy.

It’s proficiency rose gradually, just as his Qigong consumption.

Rank zero alchemy requires 10 Qigong for each refinement, rank one alchemy requires 20 Qigong while rank two alchemy requires 30 Qigong.

After thousands was refinement, tens of thousands of Qigong were consumed.

Although the killing of Yang Zhang erupted hundreds of cores, allowing him to cease his worry on his Qigong replenishment temporarily, the amount of Qigong the cores released were very little. Moreover, the limit of his Dantian was currently five cores only, unable to support more.

However, pills are different.

After consuming, it would come into effect almost immediately. The ‘Peiyuan’ Dan Lu Donghai gave him previously replenishes 10000 Qigong. He was enticed by its effect. 10000 Qigong replenished, that was the type of Dans he needed most.

However, with his current alchemy rank, he could only refine Dans which would replenish hundreds of Qigong value only, still far away from it.

Every time he went to complete his tasks, he would gather the spirit grass he saw.

To reach the absolute realm in alchemy would require a long struggle.

He might not need Dans at present, but in the future, they would be of great importance.

A few hours later, Qin Tian closed the system and opened his eyes. He looked at the alert Mao Mao beside him and laughed, “Not bad, much better now, haha……”

Mao Mao grinned.

At the next second, he stopped moving. His eyes turned dull. “Little demon, you mischievous kid.”

Undoubtedly, Mao Mao was once again controlled by the demon baby with the great art of control.

A few minutes later, Mao Mao raged, bared fangs and brandished claws. he showed a monster’s ferocious nature and let out a low growl. His meaning was obvious, “Come out if you have the ability, Laozi will beat you to death.”

Ever since the demon baby appeared, Mao Mao kept being taken liberties of.

He was frequently restless and rash. To kept being controlled yet unable to attack the culprit, the grievous in his belly could not be vented off.

The demon baby’s growth was shocking. He was now rank seven, almost breaking through to rank eight. However, Qin Tian was faced with a problem. He only had two drops of demon monster blood essence left, which are important to the growth of the demon baby. It was like milk, without it, his growth would slow down.

Demon monster blood essence. Qin Tian felt his head hurt. Other than in the devil region, Qin Tian never met a demon monster before. Where could he get some demon monster blood essence? While agonizing about that, he suddenly thought about Tianji sect merit exchange system. “I hope there’s some demon monster blood essence.”

Alchemy, Mao Mao and the demon baby are all growing.

Rank one berserk, Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture, Sky Piercing Lightning arts and seven lore killing formation are all having their proficiency increase.

Ever since he stepped into the Tianji sect, he felt a sense of crisis rising in his heart. That feeling made him unable to calm down and become cautious.

In a great sect, experts are numerous like the clouds. A moment of carelessness would cause him to fall, unable to rise again. The only thing he could do now was to break through, level up, and strengthen his abilities to prepare himself so that in the future, he would not lose when faced with a powerful enemy.

“Move, move, move away, faster Chen San.”

“What’s the hurry ah?”

“What’s the hurry? It is opened once every month, how can we get a good place if we don’t reach early?”


A few people were anxious as they moved in a rush.

At his doorway, Qin Tian saw many disciples moving along the same direction. Feeling curious, he walked out of his courtyard and stopped a disciple to question, “Brother, where are you all going?”

The disciple frowned and replied with a look of irritation,” New here?”

Qin Tian nodded.

The disciple held his head high immediately and continued, “In the outer court every month, a war of power will commence. Any outer court disciple can join. Actually, this war of power is a gambling house. If you’re lucky and win a gamble, you no longer need to accept any more task in this lifetime.”

“Uh?” Just as he wanted to ask a few more questions, that disciple had already run far away as if he was afraid that he would miss it.

“It can’t be a gambling system right?”

“No, it should probably be a gambling PK system.”

A mysterious smile appeared on Qin Tian’s face as he thought about his previous world’s online games. Placing stakes, gambling gold, items and even girls were all available. Such things, Qin Tian was naturally familiar.

Unable to control his excitement, he followed the crowd.

Gambling, something truly exciting.

Especially when with high stakes.

He enjoys gambling, but only when he is in control, not when others are.

The outer sect war of power was a measure to deplete the merits of disciples. In one night, the amount of merit points accumulated from the entrance fee was already a few tens of thousands. Along with the amount disciples spend, a night would accumulate hundreds of thousands of merit points. The rewards were huge.

With more than half an hour remaining, the location was already filled with people. Extremely crowded, with curses and discussion erupting every now and then. Without shouting, no one here would be able to hear what one is trying to say.

Qin Tian stepped into the gambling location and was stunned. Inside was just like a Football field with many round and tall pillars around.

“Ai, Brother Qin?”

Qin Tian turned around in shock and replied with a smile, “Brother Lin!”

Lin Yan and his group squeezed their way through towards him. Feeling excited, Lin Yan asked, “You also came too?”

He suddenly, as if thought of something, shouted, “Have you became a disciple of Tianji sect?”

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Qin Tian laughed, “Indeed, I’ve joined a few days ago.”

While speaking, he took a look at Yi Qianhan, with her similarly doing the same. When their eyes met, she immediately brought her gaze away. Her face started to burn slightly.

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It was almost a year since they parted ways in the Kunlun mountain range, to think that they would meet again so quickly. The help Qin Tian provided to them had been deeply engraved in Lin Yan’s heart and he hopes to return it one day. However, he never expected Qin Tian to come join the Tianji sect. In his heart, he felt that the time to repay his kindness has come.

Qin Tian also did not expect to meet with them.

Seeing the icy cold face of Yi Qianhan, Qin Tian smiled bitterly and did not pay much attention to it afterward.

“Brother Qin, want to place a bet?” Lin Yan asked. “Recently, our development wasn’t so bad and we’ve amassed some merits. Tell me if you want to place a bet and I’ll help. It’ll all be on me if you lose.”

Qin Tian smiled, “Many thanks.”

“Is anyone allowed to join in?”

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