Chapter 124: Unrestrained Gambling

Qin Tian was fond of gambling.

Especially this kind of betting.

However, he would never place a bet on someone else. Only on himself would he bet.

Nine fraud in ten gambles, only himself is trustable.

In such cases, there was no chance of not having an insider manipulating.

The earnings from victory were extremely generous. In nicer terms, this would just be a place to exchange blows and earn merits. In unpleasant terms, this was just a gambling site, where victory is everything.

For Tianji sect to establish such a venue surprised Qin Tian.

Lin Yan replied immediately after being asked, “Anyone can participate, however, their injuries or death are for them to care for. Even if one dies, the disciplinary hall would not interfere. One must take responsibility for the result. If you have a grudge against someone, it would be better to not participate.”

“However, how could you have an enemy in the Tianji sect when you’ve just join.” Lin Yan shook his head while laughing, but was still concerned. “Do you want to participate?”

“Indeed.” Qin Tian did not hide his desire to join and be victorious.

Lin Yan was taken aback, not expecting Qin Tian to have such a thought. Disciples that joins the gamble are all very powerful, and even inner court disciples may appear. A year ago, Qin Tian was only a rank nine spirit gathering realm cultivator, no matter how strong he was, he can’t be those disciples’ opponent.

Just as he was in deep thought, he suddenly took a look at Qin Tian and was shocked, “I am unable to sense his strength?”

“How could it be?”

Lin Yan had already reached rank two spirit refining realm, yet was unable to see Qin Tian’s cultivation. If Qin Tian did not cultivate in an ability that could hide his cultivation, it would mean that his cultivation had gone beyond rank two spirit refining realm!

Beyond rank two spirit refining realm?

And in only a year?

Lin Yan revealed an expression of shock. Nearby, Changfeng and Fang Kui also placed their attention on Qin Tian and was taken aback.

“To what degree has your cultivation reached?” Lin Yan asked.

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“Rank five spirit refining realm.” Qin Tian spoke blatantly.

Hearing his words, Lin Yan and his group were astonished. To be able to break through from rank nine spirit gathering realm to rank five spirit refining realm in a year, he simply was too abnormal.

When Yi Qianhan heard about Qin Tian’s strength, a trace of desire appeared in her eyes, the desire to become stronger……

“Rank five spirit refining realm, rank five spirit refining realm……alright.” Lin Yan was extremely agitated and he continued, “Follow me.”

At first, Lin Yan thought that Qin Tian was just sending himself to death. However, after learning about his cultivation realm and the powerful abilities he wields, Lin Yan felt that the first two matches wouldn’t be any problem. As he thought about the fact that he was close to someone who could stand on that platform, he felt excited.

Reaching the application corner, Lin Yan passed Qin Tian’s black plate through a window. The worker inside was shocked and sneered, “A River gate disciple dares to join, really courting death.”

Although he ridiculed him, he still handed up Qin Tian’s information. Now, all that’s left was the assignation of opponents.

Qin Tian felt angered by the disdain, deciding that he would give a big slap on the worker’s face when he received his victory.

Qin Tian received a small stone plate when the assignation process ended. On it was a bunch of numbers which should be a participant’s number tag. “Where can I bet?”

Lin Yan brought Qin Tian towards the betting window and betted a thousand merits on Qin Tian. “How much do you want to bet? I’ll bet on your behalf.”

“No need, I have my own merits to use.” Qin Tian laughed and walked towards the betting window. “7500 merit points on participant 0231.”

Very quickly, the worker inside deducted the merit points in the black plate fully and returned it.

The gains of the war of power are calculated by the odds of winning. As the name of Qin Tian’s opponent has not appeared, the odds were currently unknown. However, 7500 merit points was a huge amount, causing Lin Yan to jump up in shock.

7500 merit points was a huge sum. Qin Tian had only arrived in the Tianji sect for a while and possessed so much. Lin Yan, not daring to look into the eyes of Qin Tian, asked, “How many tasks had you done?”


“Two?” Lin Yan was once again agitated and questioned, “The malicious demon and the thousand year snow monster, were they both killed by you?”

Lin Yan and his group enter and exit the achievement hall regularly, hence having heard of what had happened recently. When he thought about Qin Tian accumulating 7500 merits with just two tasks, he immediately thought of those.

He could be considered a veteran on tasks and understood the dangers of those two tasks.

Yet to think that Qin Tian completed them alone. The astonishment was like the sight of a mountain flipping over.

He was happy for Qin Tian, but because he wanted to repay him for his help, he laughed bitterly, “Seems like I won’t be able to repay him in this lifetime.”

What help would a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator needs from him?

Qin Tian smiled in understanding and patted his shoulder, “Brother Lin, there are many places in the sect which I have no understanding of, do take care of me in the future.”

Lin Yan laughed, “No problem.”

The few of them sat at the spectacle grandstand and waited for the event to start.

Half an hour later, a voice quietened down the sounds of the crowd. An old cultivator walked up onto the stage and looked around. At that moment, there was not a single sound, even the dropping of a pin could be heard.”

The old cultivator was the judge. His strength was unfathomable.

Rumours have it that he had already reached the ascension realm, but none of the outer disciples dare to affirm it.

The old cultivator announced the important points and rules of the fight before declaring the start of it. A huge black pillar appeared in the sky, bigger than the achievement hall’s black pillar. Above, the names of competitors started to shuffle. When it stopped, the names of each one’s opponent was shown.

In another half a minute, the odds were revealed.

The betting window was filled with people.

“Cheng Xiang, rank one spirit refining realm, Heaven gate disciple.” Lin Yan said after finding out whom Qin Tian’s opponent was. The smile on his face was like a blooming flower. “Guaranteed victory ah.”

“Brother Lin, this is my black plate. Later, bet everything on my win.”

Qin Tian handed his black plate over to Lin Yan and went towards the competitors resting area.

“What?” Lin Yan, Changfeng and the others were stunned as they stared at the increasingly smaller figure of Qin Tian. Their hands trembled and they spoke with one voice, “Does he plan to fight till the end?”

Fighting till the end.

The war of power has this kind of choice. As long as the competitor is willing, he is allowed to stay on the stage and wait for other competitors. In the past tens of years, none like that appeared. Fighting till the end could only be done by those that are unimaginably powerful, even a rank nine spirit refining cultivator might not be able to do that.

Qigong consumed, energy consumed. Those were heart aching problems.

Qin Tian naturally understood that. However, his heart was laughing when he heard that.

The tasks of the outer court achievement hall were just too weak. He searched but did not find any tasks for entering spatial worlds. He wanted to become an inner disciple as soon as possible and receive tasks which would help with his level upping.

In the afternoon, he even planned to accumulate a hundred thousand merits using three months time and exchange for the qualifications to be an inner court disciple.

However, he now had another idea.

Gamble, unrestrained gambling.

Only allowed on

A hundred thousand merits, one night was enough.


“Brother Luo, Qin Tian is entering the war of power.”

“Heng, courting death.” Luo Sheng revealed a cold smile and continued, “Find the observation committee and think of a way to deal with him.”


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