Chapter 125: An Irresistible Force

Qin Tian’s motive was obvious.

To walk the shortcut through gambling.
A hundred thousand merit points needed at least three months of doing tasks to accumulate. Since he could meet Lin Yan today, he might meet Yang Han tomorrow.
In the short period of being exposed to the Violent Sky faction, he found out that it was far stronger than his imagination, hidden in every corner. Yang Han had been in the faction for many years and should have accepted a number of henchmen. If he does not get his inner court qualifications as fast as possible, the problems that would arise would be numerous if they were to meet.
An outer court disciple’s worth is far less than an inner court’s one.
Especially a River gate disciple, even less likely to have importance placed upon. If he were to one day disappear while dealing with a task, no one would notice. Who would care about a River gate disciple’s life or death?
Inner court disciples were different. They are Tianji sect’s future pillars and are valued greatly. The sect would not allow any of their inner court disciples to die so easily.
A long while later, the betting window no longer had anyone.
The old cultivator went into the enclosed stage and announced the beginning of the fight.
In the first round, Qin Tian’s name appeared.
“Qin Tian against Zhen Cengxiang, ratio 1:1 .”
The tens of thousands of disciples at the grandstand were all unfamiliar with both Qin Tian and Cengxiang, so hardly anyone bet. However, Qin Tian did not care about whether others bet on him, only whether his was done so.
Qin Tian walked out of the competitor rest area and entered the enclosed stage. Cengxiang entered through another entrance.
Just as their eyes met, Cengxiang exploded out all of his strength and rushed forward,

Qin Tian smiled, and a huge change occurred inside him. An enormous pressure acted on Cengxiang, causing rage to overwhelm him. His expression change and his Qigong condensed into a long sword which formed thousands of sword light.
The sword lights moved and sealed every possible escape route for Qin Tian. Cengxiang laughed, “Die!”
After the word ‘die’ was said, he was in a daze. Qin Tian had disappeared.
The crowd of disciples cried out in shock.
Somehow, Qin Tian appeared behind Cengxiang with his aura concealed. Cengxiang did not perceive that and looked towards the judge, asking, “The person disappeared, so is it my win?”
The old cultivator shook his head and revealed a sneer.
That person was just standing behind you yet you did not perceive it and even said that you’ve won.
Really a big joke.

“Hey!” Qin Tian spoke into his ear.
Immediately, Cengxiang’s eyes seemed to have popped out and he rushed forward. Fear grew inside. Unable to accept it, he turned after moving a distance of ten Li. Again, Qin Tian could not be seen.
At that point in time, cold sweat rolled down his forehead like beans. His shirt was drenched. Lifelessly, he turned, only to find out that Qin Tian was behind him again. That feeling felt worst than being killed.

Winning without fighting.
Cengxiang was no match for such an unparalleled speed. The only way out for him was to admit his lost.
“I’ve lost.” Cengxiang walked down the staged dejectedly full of helplessness.
No one expected the first fight to have an ending like this. It ended so quickly that the crowd was unable to react.
The judge laughed and a trace of admiration appeared in his eyes as he looked at Qin Tian.
Knowing that his own strength was much higher than his opponent’s, he felt that there was no reason to harm him since they had no enmity. This was Qin Tian’s opinion, but it caused many outer court disciples to be dissatisfied. They came to watch some interesting fight, yet Qin Tian just showed his speed a few times and won the fight without even fighting.
”Won, haha……” Lin Yan started to laugh out loud. He suddenly recalled what Qin Tian entrusted him to do and walked towards the betting window. He bet all the merits Qin Tian and him won. He believed in Qin Tian, in that he could make his merits soar above the sky.

“Are you sure you want to continue fighting?” The judge’s expression changed. He knew Qin Tian’s cultivation had reached rank five spirit refining realm, but did not expect that he would request to continue. A case of a rank five spirit refining realm cultivator wanting to fight until the end had never appeared before.
“Would you like to reconsider?” The old cultivator asked.
“Thank you for your care, I am sure that I want to continue.” Qin Tian replied seriously.

Following that, an announcement of Qin Tian continuing was made, causing an eruption of ridicule from many disciples. They felt that he was courting death.

Even Heaven gate disciples did not dare to do that, yet he, a River gate disciple, was so arrogant. It led to many Heaven gate disciples becoming dissatisfied, wanting to just go down and kill him with a slap. How could they let his arrogance continue to run so freely?

Qin Tian swept his eyes across and closed his eyes, waiting for the next opponent.

Completely disregarding their existence.

The discontentment of the many disciples became worst and they started to curse.

Around the betting window was full of chaos. Literally, no one betted on Qin Tian, but on his opponent. They did not believe that Qin Tian could still win. The win just now was just a fluke. Using his speed to make the opponent psychologically pressured, he would not be so fortunate in the next round.

The name of the opponent was shown.

Wang Fang, Heaven gate disciple, rank five spirit refining realm.

Qin Tian laughed, “Again, another Violent Sky faction’s people.”

Wang Fang, top twenty among the outer court disciples, a contender for the inner court qualifications.

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The appearance of his name caused many disciples to scream. The gambling area was in high spirits.

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Wang Fang shook his head as he said coldly, “Brother, you are courting death here. May your ghost not blame me for being cruel and merciless.”

After that, he continued on, “Actually, I hate killing. However, someone wanted you dead.”

Qin Tian was taken aback and questioned himself, “Someone wants me dead? Was the situation of me killing Yu Sheng revealed?”

Although his heart tightened, he looked at Wang Fang expressionlessly and released his aura. His purple flame aura rose. With a deathly smile on his face, he spat his words out, “I like to kill others. May your ghost remember to ask Hades to find me.”

His Qigong underwent a tremendous change. A purple spear shot out, piercing through the sky……

Wang Fang did not expect Qin Tian to be so strong and felt the pressure inside of him increase multiple times. Before he could react, the purple spear had already pierced through his heart.

His sight became blurry……

Wang Fang, dead.

A smile hung on his face, “A small haul ah!”

The tens of thousands of disciples were in perfect silence.

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