Chapter 21: Even Pigs Might Fly

“Ye Jian, fourteen years old, in eighth grade, became an orphan at the age of four.” Soldier Liu Bing recognized Ye Jian at a glance and spoke clearly of what he knew to Xia Jinyuan when he asked. “The villagers all said she is quite a pitiful little missy.”

A child with no parents was usually more sensible and knew how to survive even more.

Xia Jinyuan looked at the figure which was even keener than a swift, and his line of sight slightly tightened.

He could not see any haze enveloping her body with sadness even though she lived such a desolate life. Instead, what he saw in her eyes were the strength to face her difficulties head on.

His gaze upon her lasted only for a short moment, but someone like him with such powerful aura had a gaze so strong that it was difficult for Ye Jian to ignore.

When she turned back to look, all she saw was him withdrawing his gaze indifferently and the exquisite side of his face as he gave an instruction to a soldier, “Send their coordinates back to the military and block the exits to prevent any reinforcements.”

Once the targets were trapped, the net could now be retrieved.

After abiding by the promise she had given previously, Ye Jian led the soldiers to a certain extent and spoke, “They should be right in front. You can hear them from here.”

Indeed they were; the rustling sounds of the leaves were different from when the wind blew by. Xia Jinyuan spotted the slope which the intruders slid down from… and coincidentally, a trace at the bottom of the slope was left by those three intruders.

The large part of a thorn bush that was hacked was the most powerful evidence showing that the intruders were here.

Although it was now not surprising anymore, at this moment, it was truly beyond his recognition.

Just how did she know to stop at this exact location? And how did she know that the intruders had gone through from here…. and are now just in front?

“Hide properly and wait for us to come back.” Pressing those deep doubts, Xia Jinyuan once again reminded Ye Jian, “I’ll send someone to follow you back to the village.”

Who would want that? Once they left, she immediately turned and left.

She had only decided to help them because a soldier wearing the same uniform in her previous life had bought her a transport ticket on behalf of her when her life was at its bleakest.

…that favor, she would never forget no matter what.

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Brother Kun and the others were caught when they were resting. A sound of gunfire could be heard as Ye Jian left before silence filled the forest.

Ye Jian did not follow the path she took to lead the soldiers but went to a nearby body of water to wash her face. After washing off the mud and dirt on her face temporarily, she walked relaxedly in the direction of the neighboring village where Zhang Bin’s house was situated.

By the time Ye Jian returned home, it was already past four in the afternoon. Reaching the main road, she already saw Sun Dongqing and Ye Ying, mother and daughter, circling around a box at the side of the road.

Seeing that she was walking over, the two unanimously rolled their eyes coldly and ignored her.

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Them ignoring her made her feel glad and relaxed at the same time.

“Mum, did you lock the house properly? Nobody’s in the house, so if it isn’t locked properly, a burglar might enter.” From their back, Ye Ying’s worried voice could be heard, its pitch not too high and not too low. Just by listening to her, it seemed as if they were truly worried that a burglar might break into their house.

Sun Dongqing snorted coldly and craftily built onto her daughter’s words, “So long as she dares take a step in, I’ll hit her! I’ll hit her until she becomes honest and learns from her mistake!” Turning around, she thought that Ye Jian would stop, but what she did not know was that… that person had already walked far.

Sun Dongqing clenched her teeth as her cheeks turned red in disdain. Her narrow eyes glistened with malicious intent.

Damn brat, when Monday comes, I’ll definitely make it so that you’ll never be able to lift your head up ever again!

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