Chapter 20: Grateful For

Xia Jinyuan who always had a way with his operations did not immediately give a reply. Instead, he stared deeply into the eyes of the tenacious little lass.

It might have been because the silence had lasted a little too long; she opened her mouth and added a little anxiousness to her voice, “From here down will be the Goat’s Horn Creek, and a little further after jumping over from the Goat’s Horn Creek will be the main road. Captain Xia, if you believe in me, please follow me.”

Because of all that catching up, Ye Jian had a small cut on her face by a leaf blade of the shrub she was dragging along. A swollen forehead, blood trickling down her tiny wound, and a pair of eyes full of perseverance —she was like a young sapling which had anchored her roots deep into the soil where no wind or rain could break her bones.

Xia Jinyuan was quiet for a few seconds. His lips drooped slightly, and he took off his helmet. Although the handsome face that he had looked somewhat disappointed, it, however, brought a touch of warmth to Ye Jian because he said, “Alright.”

It was a simple word.

“I guarantee.” Ye Jian pursed her lips and nodded her head gently. With a crisp voice, she continued, “Here, none of you are more familiar than I am. Follow me and there’ll be no mistake.”

Xie Jinyuan laughed out loud and held his fingers together before gradually indicating to Ye Jian to go, “Then I’ll also guarantee that with us here, you’ll return home unscathed.”

Sometimes, all it takes to believe might be a person’s eyes, actions, or words.

Xie Jinyuan believed in Ye Jian because of the confidence and calmness which he saw in her eyes.

A very interesting lass; wild yet knows when to advance and when to retreat. Believing in her was in fact not a difficult task to do.

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In order to make him believe in her, her expression was all tensed up, and her eyes showed a glimpse of unwillingness to retreat, just like the sunshine of the morning sun —lustrous and brilliant.

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She truly wanted to help them…

Xia Jinyuan revealed a shallow grin and nodded before whispering softly, “We’ll be in front of you. Stay at the back, and under any circumstances, do not act rashly.”

“Understood. I won’t be a burden to any of you.” Ye Jian knew of her little importance and let out a sigh. Another breeze blew by, but the smell brought together had become a little faint.

The soldier in charge of surveying the area took a glance at Ye Jian before speaking softly with Xia Jinyuan, “Captain Xia, she’s right. From here is the fastest way to reach the main road.”

“The three of you will head over there.” Xia Jinyuan drew a line gently across a map with his slender fingers. His expression was very serious and calm, like a king who governs and protects his land and people. “The three of you will then split right over here.”

While giving the instructions, Xia Jinyuan lifted his head and looked coldly at Ye Jian’s direction, “Little lass, since you know that our opponents have guns, you better hide properly!”

Ye Jian nodded, “Understood!”

The soldiers did not quite understand why Xia Jinyuan agreed to bring the little missy along. However, they did not choose to immediately ask on the spot. Carrying their rifles, they swiftly advanced with Ye Jian guiding them.

There were no mistakes in the direction she led, and a soldier scout from the team was secretly amazed as he watched Ye Jian who was walking in front… This lass —first, she didn’t scour her surroundings; second, she didn’t investigate the site; and now third, she didn’t analyze any possibilities. Just how did she do that?

Compared to the scout’s surprise, Xia Jingyuan was also taken by surprise, but only for a short moment before he calmly accepted it.

The world beneath the sky is huge and is filled with many surprises. There are those who are naturally born smarter than others, and there are those who are born average. As such, when encountering such a surprise, one should always keep in mind that it is not because others are strange, but because you yourself are nothing compared to them.

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