Chapter 19: Incomprehension

Until now, Xie Jinyuan had never been threatened so openly by anyone before, but what surprised him the most was the little missy in front of him who had the courage to follow them into the mountains.

The sun’s rays shone past the leaves on the trees and landed sparsely on the ground. Standing under the mottled shadows, the girl’s dark pupils were brimming with toughness and coldness.

The look in the girl’s eyes did not match her age. If she were a young adult, then that would suit her very much.

And because of the perseverance in her eyes… he suddenly did not have the heart to refuse her.

“Little lass, if you wish to guide us, then you have to keep up with us. Liu Bing, you’ll be in charge of taking care of her.” Xie Jinyuan did not necessarily choose to believe that she could guide them, but he could not stay any longer to continue with conversation with the girl.

Bringing her there to see how dangerous it was would thoroughly make her completely honest with herself.

The steps he took were huge. Wearing his military uniform which camouflaged according to the surroundings, he pulled on a shrub single-handedly and jumped gently. The back which he kept a little bent made him seem like a beast suddenly appearing in the forest with his mind locked onto its prey.

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The remaining solder, Liu Bing, who was left behind took off his helmet and laughed, “You lass, you sure have the guts to threaten Captain Xie. Luckily, you aren’t in his team, otherwise ah…” While buckling the helmet on Ye Jian’s head, he continued, “Otherwise ah, you’ll surely be punished.”

“There we go. Hold on to the helmet tightly and follow closely.”

Captain Xie, the person whom the soldier was referring to was the young major. What’s there to be afraid of? She voiced it out, so of course she had her own reasons.

Ye Jian was never met with the opportunity to lead them. Dragging a clump of shrub with both her hands, she followed them closely.

“There are signs of them being here. There on the marks on the ground, there is evidence of their tripod. Take a shot of that quickly.”

Soon after Ye Jian had arrived, all she witnessed was soldiers all standing around instead of actually chasing the criminals. The man who was called “Captain Xie” had his finger pointed at a direction, and a soldier took a picture evidence with a camera.

Xie Jinyuan heard the sound of shrubs being dragged from behind, and his heart felt somewhat surprised. The little lass was truly quite wild to catch up with them so quickly.

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“I met them a little on that side, but they’re already no longer here.” Ye Jian pointed to the slope not too far away and pursed her lips tightly, “However, they’ll definitely not dare to follow the mountain path.”

After being bitten by the snake, walking on the path would definitely lead to their demise.

Xia Xinyuan apparently understood what she meant. Giving a glance at her, he gave a light chuckle, “Good, that’s why we’re here to obtain evidence first.”

The signal around the mountains was blocked off. For those men being chased, sending any information out or calling for help was impossible.

Although the man in front of her was cold and merciless, the smile he showed just then was no doubt extremely charming.

Ye Jian had known herself for not looking at any men with slight interest, but at this moment, she could not help but look at him a little more.

A slight mountain breeze blew by. Although it was only for a moment, it brought along a trace of smell.

Taking a deep breath in, and then out little by little, Ye Jian’s eyes glistened, revealing a burst of brightness that a diamond would.

She gracefully took a few steps to Xie Jinyuan’s side before speaking with a voice which seemed extremely feminine, “How long will all of you take to extract all that evidence? They’re not too far away and can be caught easily.”

Xie Jinyuan’s intimidating eyes once again shot fiercely at the girl who was just a fist away.

The girl had a tenacious expression in her eyes which would make others believe her, just like then.

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