Chapter 18: That Heartfelt Moment

… Two polar auras surrounded him; one clean and wealthy, and the other cold and merciless. But around him, those two auras synergized extremely well.

Ye Jian lowered her head and spoke, “I don’t need any protection. I’ll lead the way for all of you.”

She did not keep her eyes fixated on the man whose combined aura was so powerful to the extent that it could swallow those weaker than him.

His sword-like line of sight seemed as if nothing could escape him. The more he looked at her, the more she felt as if he could fully see through all of her walls and into her secrets.

The sound of the military boots treading gently on the fallen leaves made those present tense up a little.

“How will you protect yourself? And how will you know where to lead the way?” The young man stood in front of Ye Jian. His volume was a little raised, but a little humor was added to it. Although faint, it was as if the morning breeze had suddenly blown away the murderous intent his body emitted.

That golden voice became extremely soothing to the ear in an instant, and the cold aura around him disappeared as he opened his mouth to speak.

How could there be someone like him who could, in a split second, alter the aura around him!

Ye Jian looked up at him in astonishment and was met with a time-stopping handsome face.

The smile on his face was utterly refined and utterly flawless, revealing his thin lips which made him look like a being from over the clouds. He gave others a feeling… a feeling which could make them have difficulty controlling their emotions even if they were to lose everything they had…for they would gladly cast those aside just to chase after such handsomeness.

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If this man were a little older… his aura might even be so powerful that one look from his eyes would inflict intense pressure on others. Under his aura, all heads would bow down to submit themselves to him involuntarily.

“I naturally have my own way of doing so.” Ye Jian looked at him and spoke calmly. No matter how handsome or wealthy he was, looking was enough. “I’ll lead the way. That way, you’ll all save a lot of time.”

“Also, that man named Brother Kun has a gun. Be careful.”

She had her own way of doing so?

Because she was just a little girl, the man gave a smile and spoke gently which was rarely seen to not frighten her. But his mood gradually dulled.

With his thin lips no longer smiling, his expression looked particularly cold, and the murderous intent emitted from his body which was previously restrained was once again released.

Ye Jian did not avoid his gaze and stared back at him. Staring into the pair of black pupils which gave off a certain chill, she felt as if she was looking at the vast ocean under the night sky. The humor in him had been contained, and he once again opened his mouth to speak. His voice was cold and stern, “Little missy, protecting yourself is easier said than done. As for guiding…”

Xie Jinyuan had heard of elderlies guiding soldiers through the mountains due to their knowledge of the place. However, he had never heard of a lass doing so at such a young age.

In his eyes, Ye Jian was only just a little missy.

However, the man in Ye Jian’s eyes was only just a soldier in his twenties.

Giving a light smile, Ye Jian simply responded, “Major, you should choose to believe in me, rather than stand here and talk to me.”

The young major’s hawk-like eyes gauged her, but what he saw did not seem to match up with her behavior. After a while, he appreciated her bravery and spoke with sincerity, “You’re very courageous.”

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Stepping past Ye Jian, he commanded the remaining of the soldiers, “Escort her down the mountains. Close off the mountains until the intruders are found.”

Although young, he was an officer with authority and power.

But that did not make Ye Jian retreat and become a coward. Looking at the young major’s back, she grinned, “Brother Kun was bitten by a snake which I threw at him. If not treated within an hour, his life will be in danger. Major, will you be able to find them in an hour?”

To find them within an hour… why did it sound as if the lass was threatening him?

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