Chapter 180 – Pearl Crispy Chicken

Compared to the rank up to a Three-Star spirit master, the overall increase was much higher. Especially her mental power, it had more than doubled from before.

Before, she could only prepare about ten spirit dishes per day, now she can easily cook up twenty dishes with no problem!

With the ability to make this amount, she can fill her stomach with even more spirit energy dishes.

“Congrats! You are now a Four-Star spirit master.” Ji Mo Ya came down from the stalactite with Little Xing Han.

“Thanks, thanks.” Huan Qing Yan’s expression could only be described with a single word, ‘happiness’.

At that moment, the whole mountain began to rumble. The huge sounds made it feel as though the mountain would crumble…

Along with the noise came a voice that seemed to have travelled a long distance, “Young Master! Young Master! Mo Si has returned, Young Master, are you buried in here? Young Master, how could you be buried under earth before Mo Si could see you again, how can this subordinate explain to the clan master?”

“Mo Wu, Mo Liu. It is not this elder bro being harsh, but this elder bro had handed Young Master to the both of you to take care of him, but did you allow this elder bro to have a peace of mind? This elder bro only left for one trip and you allowed our Young Master to be buried here!”

“If not for that little fat lass calling for a star that drilled down here, our Young Master might have been starved to death from being buried here… Young Master, are you still alive, please make a noise…”


Huan Qing Yan really wanted to laugh out loud, but she held it in upon seeing Ji Mo Ya’s blackened face.

Holding it in with much difficulty.


The Ninth Prince Estate.

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Within a courtyard with a luxurious and elegant environment, Huan Meng Yue was currently in its center cooking.

She was currently performing the Butterfly Style Cooking Technique, her dexterous body was moving like flowing water, and each step she made was akin to a celestial fairy, utterly beautiful…

Bai Cheng Feng was seated within the corridor that was situated beside the courtyard. In front of him was a small table which held many delicious cuisines on it, however, the amount of spirit dishes was not much.

He was sipping wine while being intoxicated by Huan Meng Yue’s performance.

Very quickly, Huan Meng Yue had completed her cooking and brought the dish towards Bai Cheng Feng. He was able to smell the thick fragrance of meat coming from that business.

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“Meng Yue. What is this dish called?”

“My Lord, this dish is called Pearl Crispy Chicken. It contains at least 150 spirit energy points!”

Bai Cheng Feng laughed loudly and hurried her to present the dish to him, “Meng Yue, you are truly skilled. You are able to create a dish with 150 spirit energy points by only using a wild chicken that possesses 50 spirit energy points. Though unfortunately you can only create one dish per day, this amount is not enough for this prince to even fill the gaps of my teeth…”

“My Lord, we can also hire a spirit chef to specially prepare spirit dishes for you…” Huan Meng Yue suggested.

A dish a day was not even enough for Bai Cheng Feng to fill the gaps of his teeth, let alone herself who also needs to cultivate, she needs to eat too!

Bai Cheng Feng replied, “Spirit dishes prepared by common Low Rank spirit chefs do not contain any additional spirit energy. Spirit ingredients are not cheap, the amount given by the royal family is also fixed and most of them are ingredients that do not exceed 50 spirit energy points. Only dishes prepared by High Rank spirit chefs would possess extra spirit energy. However, lord father had said before that our empire has yet to have the ability to assign a High Rank spirit chef to each prince…”

Spirit dishes was a resource that would even cause the royal family to feel anxious about. The empire must first ensure the fundamental operations of the country, therefore, even though they were princes, they should be glad to be given a steady supply monthly. Any additional needs would require them to develop their own methods.

“It was said that the Crown Prince has a spirit chef serving him in his estate. Lord Ninth, with your star talent, you must not lose to Lord Crown Prince.” Huan Meng Yue casually said without stopping her hands that was removing the bones from the meat. After extracting the meat, she fed it to Bai Cheng Feng.

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