Chapter 179 – Four-Star Spirit Master

As expected, Ji Mo Ya sent her flying immediately!

She landed on the blanket on the floor.

Huan Qing Yan stuck her tongue out at him.

And brought out more than a dozen large buns from her dimension, “Time to eat buns!”

A dog-like Huan Xing Yan immediately woke up from his deep sleep upon smelling the fragrance coming from the bun.

“Woah. Buns, large buns!” he exclaimed and pounced towards the food. “Yummy, this is delicious Sis, really delicious, you should eat too…”

Ji Mo Ya calmly appeared like a shadow and took two buns with him, and started to eat them gracefully.

Huan Qing Yan asked, “Is it delicious Young Master Ya?”

“It is better than nothing.”

Bleh! She’s not going to argue with him.

“Young Master Ya. I will attempt to rank up now, can you keep a look out for me?”

“Sure.” Ji Mo Ya did not seem surprised as he held the buns in a hand while lifting Huan Xing Han with the other and headed towards the top of the rock stalactite he often used.

Giving enough space for Huan Qing Yan, who’s at the center of where the blanket was.

Huan Qing Yan sat down and started to rank up…

After readying her posture, she sent tendrils of spirit energy into the spirit imprint on her wrist.

The spirit energy she used this time was much thicker than before, immersing the whole pig spirit, causing it to release grunts of comfort.  

Slowly, her Dantian became empty.

The pig spirit immediately flew out from the imprint and appeared beside Huan Qing Yan.

The current pig spirit was filled with energy, its eyes were clear while its body had thickened by another circle, making it look even cuter than before.

A large amount of spirit energy began to circle its body.

Above its head, the three Goose Egg size stars began to glow as the illusion of a fourth star was beginning to form beside them…

The signs of ranking up!

Once a flying star arrives, it would replace the illusion and the rank up would be complete. On the other hand, if the illusion dissipates, this rank up would end in failure.

The process of a spirit master ranking up does not have a hundred percent success rate.

The success rate for lower ranks were slightly better than average and decreases the higher one’s ranks increase.

If she fails, she would also lose the spirit energy used and she would need to accumulate it again.

From Three-Star to Four-Star was the boundary line of a low rank spirit master becoming a mid rank spirit master, therefore the difficult would be higher than before.

Huan Qing Yan felt slightly nervous, if she failed, she would lose twice as much as the average person as she needed to accumulate twice the amount of energy within her Dantian.

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This translated to wasting more spirit energy dishes that were worth many spirit stones!

As all sorts of thoughts ran through her mind, a large amount of spirit energy appeared suddenly. The cave ceiling above them began to shake and dust began to fall.

Huan Xing Han no longer focused on the buns and asked, “Brother Young Master Ya, what happened to Sis?”

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“She is ranking up.”

Despite the large quantities of dust falling, there was none to be found on Ji Mo Ya as he continued to slowly eat his bun.


After some time, the pig spirit released a loud grunt towards the sky!

And a Goose Egg size star appeared after piercing through many layers of rock from the peak of the mountain. Any obstruction the star faced had been pushed away as a small hole was created. The star slowly landed on the pig spirit’s head, replacing the position of the illusion.

The pig spirit happily grunted as it circled Huan Qing Yan in excitement.

Although Huan Qing Yan was currently covered in sweat, she felt exceptionally refreshed.

She could clearly experience an improvement in her eyesight as she could now see more minute details within the darkness. Her hearing, stamina, mental power were all also different from before.

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