Chapter 17: It’s On

All types of snakes are nimble. Within a distance of seven inches, a snake would launch its attack; especially if it was a venomous snake.

After being released, the male black snake gracefully launched itself with its mouth wide open and bit into Brother Kun’s arm.


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Brother Kun, after being viciously bitten by the snake, gritted his teeth and grabbed the male black snake before throwing it into the woods, “Capture her! That damned lass must have known of our purpose here!”

However, catching up with Ye Jian was not an easy task to accomplish.

In her past life, after the first incident she had, she made it a habit to wake up early in the morning to complete her morning jog in order to make her body more robust. With her persistent personality, regardless of rain or shine, she had never stopped her training.

Otherwise, how else would the boss of a security company, who had the same habit as her, let someone like her who had no identity card and residentship enter the company?

A twenty-eight-year-old spirit and a fourteen-year-old body —together, they were complements.

The mountain wind blew against her face, and the trees one by one were behind her… The distance between her and her pursuers widened.

From halfway up the mountain all the way down to the foot would take no more than ten minutes, but Ye Jian did not choose to leave the mountain path. Instead, she headed forward and into the woods. The crackling sound of the leaves under her feet as she ran alerted a soldier, and he raised his hand, alerting the rest of his comrades to take cover and be on high alert.

“There’s someone…” He whispered softly. However, the crackling sound of the leaves rushed into sight not too long after.

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Her speed was fast like a deer, and as she rushed out, right on the spot… her head knocked onto a soldier’s steel rifle right on its muzzle.

The day before, at five in the morning, a military patrol team discovered some signs of several unfamiliar men within the mountains. But until now, they were still searching for them. As such, for emergencies, this team had their rifles’ safety catch toggled off in order to fire when necessary!

The rushing Ye Jian’s forehead slammed against the muzzle, startling the armed soldiers.

“You, lass!” The soldiers were frightened for a moment, and cold sweat formed all around their body. But they must’ve recognized the face behind all those dirt and soil, and so they quickly recovered their rifles. “Return quickly! These next few days, don’t come into the mountains to play.”

The mountain patrol team had to remember all the children belonging to the villages around the mountain. Ye Jian’s dirty face was still instantly recognized by the soldiers in the end.

But seeing the round circle on Ye Jian’s forehead after she rammed directly into the muzzle, some of the soldiers could not help but laugh. Feeling that they were not taking their mission seriously, they quickly lowered their heads. A soldier pulled out a spray ointment, “Spray a little on your forehead. It’s red.”

Ye Jian did not immediately receive the spray but instead ran up to a soldier equipped fully for combat and warned, “There are three men and they were using some sort of imported lens and equipment. Ahead five hundred meters away! One of them is called Brother Kun. He’s the leader and he was bitten by a male black snake!”

Rubbing the bruise on her forehead, she finished in a breath without taking even half a gasp!

“You stay here to protect her. The rest of you follow me.”

As Ye Jian rubbed her forehead, she heard a golden voice which came from somewhere below her. That man’s voice was clean and low, the kind that was qualified to stand on a golden stage to showcase his voice.

Ye Jian’s sight moved slightly down to look at a distance.


Against all the neat and ordered response, Ye Jian saw a young man who had two bars and a star pinned onto his collar as he stood with his back facing her.

He was tall in stature, and his straight back looked as if it was about to blast upwards to reach the warm sun ↕—relaxed, steady, and chilly, imposing a towering demeanor.

With those qualities he was discharging, even the animals in the forest would not be able to escape the chill he was giving out. Just by raising his hand and then pounding it to his palm, Ye Jian could feel a murderous intent from him which made her breathing lag behind.

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