Chapter 51 – Let us draft an agreement

Even though Liu Zhong Tian thought like this in his heart, his head was still full of worry. He is the Great Han Third Duke who almost became the Great Han Divine Son, a mighty figure. However now, the Emperor has actually granted him a marriage to an ugly woman. Who knows how many people will be mocking at him. This is after all marrying a Royal Concubine, not just any other concubine.

“Put down the box and rest, the Royal Concubine will definitely wear it!” Liu Zhong Tian waved his hand and helplessly pinched his forehead. He feels that it is so troublesome that it could take his life.

The soldiers put down the boxes and retreated. Wei Qiqi has long erupted. She speedily jumped up and walked to the front of the boxes. She viciously raised her legs and wanted to step on the boxes. Liu Zhong Tian quickly pulled her and stopped her.

“Are you crazy, these are boxes gifted by the Emperor. Destroying it will invite death!”

“I am not wearing, not wearing!”

“Where are there women who marry without wearing wedding clothes?”

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“I do not want to marry at all, I will not wear these clothes! What nonsense is this, just like singing in an opera!”

“You have to wear!” Liu Zhong Tian pulled Qiqi’s arms and opened the box, carrying out a red color wedding clothes and throwing it to Qiqi.

“Use your brain, if Wu Zhongyi doesn’t see this wedding clothes, he will definitely report me! If you anger me, I will chop off your head!”

“All you know is chopping head!” Qiqi shrugged off Liu Zhong Tian and with helpless eyes, looked at the wedding clothes. Does she really have to wear it? Who knows how ugly she would be after wearing it. She is originally ugly to the extreme, now it is adding flowers on the cotton. [TL: Chinese idiom of adding oil to the fire]

Wei Qiqi looked to the left and to the right and threw the clothes to one side. Her eyes turned to the phoenix headdress in the box that is shining with golden light. This is really a good item, a treasured antique ah. Engraved on it are all top-tier pearls and agate. In front of the phoenix headdress is a row of dazzling jewelry. So a Royal Concubine can be so majestic. If it was the Empress, much less need to be said.

“Wa! So pretty!” Qiqi set the phoenix headdress up. She happily lifted it up. “Good good, I will wear, I will wear!”

Liu Zhong Tian looked at Wei Qiqi who is happily jumping and his head instantly became more painful. Emperor-brother’s slap this time around is vicious enough. Wei Qiqi doesn’t know what being a Royal Concubine represents and treated this wedding as a child’s play. Could it be all because of this phoenix headdress?

“However, my Duke!” Qiqi put down the headdress, and walked to the front of Liu Zhong Tian. “Let us draft an agreement?”


“Correct, I agree to marry you, but it is not willingly. Hence between us, we must come up with an agreement to restrict both of us. It must be an agreement that is legally binding that will allow us to not interfere with each other’s personal lives!”

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“Personal life?” Liu Zhong Tian frowned. Wei Qiqi marrying him would make her his Royal Concubine, yet she is still thinking about her personal life?

“Correct!” Qiqi took her bag and took out a small book and pen. “Let us draft an agreement!”

Liu Zhong Tian took over that exquisite booklet and fountain pen and looked at it strangely. Where did this Qiqi get all these weird stuff from.

“Return to me!” Qiqi pounced forward.

Liu Zhong Tian was extremely agile. He easily evaded her and sat on the front of the bookshelf. He put down the booklet and the pen.

“Speak, why are you so weird. Where did all these little things come from. I asked you in the desert and you didn’t say. Now speak! Don’t tell me that you are a witch, be careful I order someone to spank your buttocks.”

Wei Qiqi frowned. “Then I will speak. You are not allowed to treat me as a joke! And not to hit my buttock!”

Liu Zhong Tian nodded and prepared his ears to listen.

Wei Qiqi grabbed her hair. If she says that she came from the future, will Liu Zhong Tian believe?

“I tell you, I come from a distant future, not belonging to your dynasty! It is a generation after your next generation, a very far away future, even you has turned to dust.”

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