Chapter 50 – Royal Concubine is too barbaric

After returning to the military campground, Wei Qiqi was silent and refused to speak. She listlessly followed behind Liu Zhong Tian and looked at those soldiers whom she fought side by side with. Who knows if there is still a chance to fight the Xiongnu. Marrying the Duke, no matter what she is a concubine, will everybody still like her like in the past?

From far away, Wu Zhongyi ran over “Aiya, at last you are back. General Qi is not thinking of escaping the marriage right?”

Liu Zhong Tian didn’t bother about Wu Zhongyi at all. He walked in big strides towards the big tent, letting Wu Zhongyi’s hot face face the cold buttocks. His heart felt extremely distasteful. Probably, the Third Duke is extremely annoyed with him. Who ask him to bring such an irritating royal decree?

However Wu Zhongyi is not bothered about this little humiliation. The one who is truly upset is not him, but the lofty Third Duke who has always not put him in his eyes. Now, the Duke knows how powerful Wu Zhongyi is, hence it was said never to offend despicable people.

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Wei Qiqi walked to the front of Wu Zhongyi and raised her fists. Together with that ugly face of hers, it scared Wu Zhongyi till cold sweat appeared. He immediately ran and caught up with Third Duke, squirming into the big tent.

Wu Zhongyi went up to the Third Duke. “Duke, regarding……”

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“There is no need to remind, we will hold the wedding tomorrow!” Liu Zhong Tian said furiously. Then he gaze turned coldly onto Wei Qiqi. “Tomorrow, before the wedding, Wei Qiqi is not to go anywhere!”

“Are you thinking of letting stay in the big tent until the next day?” Qiqi angrily looked at Liu Zhong Tian. Why is it that when they reached the military camp, this Third Duke became cold-hearted again. He actually wants to lock her up and restrict her freedom?

“Deputy Liu!” Liu Zhong Tian coldly called Liu Yun over.

“Here!” Liu Yun doesn’t know what orders the Duke has for him.

“As long as General Qi leaves the big tent, you will follow her with every step she takes!”

“You dare!” Qiqi stared at Deputy Liu. No matter what she is a Deputy Right General, this is going overboard.

“Duke’s orders, Liu Yun doesn’t dare to not listen, so please General Qi……” Deputy Liu is caught in an awkward position, not daring to look directly at Wei Qiqi’s furious gaze.

Wei Qiqi purposely walked to the entrance of the big tent, to which Deputy Liu followed immediately. Qiqi stomped her feet and furiously walked around. She suddenly shouted at Wu Zhongyi, “Are you satisfied, if you are not going, are you waiting for me to box you up?”

“Leave, I will leave immediately!” Wu Zhongyi evaded Wei Qiqi and scampered out. This Royal Concubine is too barbaric, she is exactly like a fake man. The Third Duke’s days from now on will only get better and better. [TL Note: Sarcasm here]

Liu Yun stood at the entrance of the big tent and guarded there. Wei Qiqi has really lost her freedom.

Qiqi laid down on the floor mat and stared into blank space with her big eyes. After a moment outside of the tent came two soldiers. Their hands were carrying two boxes and they respectfully stood in front of Liu Zhong Tian.

“Duke, this is what the Emperor has gifted, the Royal Concubine’s wedding clothes and jewelry!” A soldier said softly.

“Put it down!”

“The Emperor has ordered that the Royal Concubine wear this on the wedding day and have us return to describe the beauty of the Royal Concubine to the Emperor……” That soldier stole a look at Wei Qiqi and realized that Qiqi’s eyes were staring at him. Her looks is extremely hideous, hence he was scared till he drooped his head, his voice becoming smaller and smaller. How is this concubine beautiful? More like horrifying.

Liu Zhong Tian was infuriated. This Emperor-brother probably wants to join in the fun. That’s good, he will purposely marry happily. Isn’t it just marrying an ugly woman Wei Qiqi? Who has also dictated that him, Liu Zhong Tian, can only marry one woman. What Xiang Xiang, Mei Mei, Hua Hua, all sorts of beautiful women, he Liu Zhong Tian can absorb them into his harem and indulge in a women’s warmth and fragrance.

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