Chapter 49 – Toad lusting after a swan’s flesh

Liu Zhong Tian furiously pinched Qiqi’s chin and brought her face to his. He stared that pair of eyes that’s full of disdain. This woman obviously didn’t put him in her eyes. This made Liu Zhong Tian even angrier. Hence he shouted loudly.

“This is not up to you, go back with me!”

“I will not go back with you!”

“Not going back, you think that you are the only person who will drop her head? You will also implicated me. I promoted a woman to be a general, which is a crime of deceiving the ruler…… could it be that you are so selfish?” Liu Zhong Tian’s words are cold. He doesn’t understand why such an ugly woman like Wei Qiqi will actually despise him and not be willing to be a concubine.

“Then, then what shall we do?” Qiqi couldn’t bear it. Will the Emperor really kill?

“Follow me back, and get married with this Duke!”

“However……” Qiqi’s head drooped. Her face reddened. “I can go back and get married to you, however we definitely cannot…… cannot go to bed!”

“Do you think that this Duke is marrying you to look at you? Your look is not even pleasing to the eye……”

“Hey! Liu Zhong Tian, you this toad lusting after a swan’s flesh!”

Qiqi’s words tickled Liu Zhong Tian till he started laughing loudly. He pointed at Wei Qiqi “You are also called swan’s flesh? Wei Qiqi, had you looked at how you look like? Even if you take the initiative, this Duke will not even be interested.”

“Why? If you are not interested, why still chase after me?”

“I am only following orders, do you understand? That is not truly this Duke’s own intentions. On the day of marriage, if you wish to let this Duke touch, this Duke will also have to reconsider!” Liu Zhong Tian said in a mocking tone.

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“Then that is great. Since you have already said this, then I will go back with you!” Wei Qiqi looks much more relaxed.

“That’s right!”

Liu Zhong Tian kept his sword and walked in big strides forward. Wei Qiqi followed behind.

“Anyway, I won’t be staying for too long. No one will know that I got married here. Hehe. When I go back, I am still Wei Qiqi!”

Liu Zhong Tian helplessly looked at her. Could it be that she can fly out of the Great Han. What an ignorant woman. The whole world knows that the suave and dashing Third Duke is going to marry an ugly woman, how will no one not know?”

“Let’s go! Don’t talk rubbish anymore, probably the rest are waiting anxiously!” Liu Zhong Tian walked in big steps.

“Wait!” Qiqi retrieved a compass from her bag and looked curiously.

“What did I say? The direction is actually not right!”

“What is this?” Liu Zhong Tian curiously walked to Qiqi’s front and grabbed the compass. “This is a compass? Why is your compass so exquisite?”

“Compass, oh!” Qiqi immediately understood. In the Great Han, they refer to this as a compass, and it is extremely clumsy.

“Where did you get this from, why do you have so many weird things and thoughts? Wei Qiqi, what are you hiding from me?” Liu Zhong Tian asked in a strict tone.

“This is just some playthings, it is nothing!”

“You are not saying is it?” Liu Zhong Tian locked her wrists. Qiqi is in pain till her tears almost flowed out, her body tightly resting on Liu Zhong Tian’s body.

“Painful, this is too painful. Duke, Duke, Qiqi is a witch!”

“Witch?” Liu Zhong Tian released her with doubt. Wei Qiqi furiously jumped to one side and looked at Liu Zhong Tian with a slanted gaze. She didn’t expect that this guy’s strength is actually so huge, nearly breaking her wrists.

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“If you continue to be like this, then I won’t go back with you. Being together with you, I will definitely become a cripple!”

It is only now that Liu Zhong Tian realized that he is somewhat impulsive. He obviously doesn’t believe that Qiqi is a witch, maybe those are really just Qiqi’s playthings. He is overly concerned.

“Not in a hurry to go back?” Qiqi glanced at Liu Zhong Tian. She speedily ran in the desert and quickly forgot about the unhappiness. She flew like a sparrow. Liu Zhong Tian can only helplessly follow.

When he saw the Wei Qiqi running in the desert, Liu Zhong Tian’s mood was also infected. She really is different from the women he has seen before. Doing what she wants, relaxed with herself, a woman that is totally different from culture. She really is like witch that knows magic. Witch? Liu Zhong Tian was startled for a bit. Maybe she really is a little witch sent from heaven.

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