Chapter 48 – Rich lady who was once wealthy

Liu Zhong Tian used his sleeves to ward off the sand dust. He was just about to wave his sword to protect Wei Qiqi when he was stunned. Wei Qiqi’s small black pole emitted “Chi chi” sounds. The two Xiongnu people who jumped out of the sand has an ugly expression. They retreated in steps and no longer dared to charge forward.

Wei Qiqi gave chase. One of the Xiongnu was dissatisfied with how can they not deal with a Great Han ruffle, hence he held his sword and pounced forward instead. His blade nearly hacked onto Qiqi’s arms.

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Liu Zhong Tian waved his sword and pierced it towards that Xiongnu person. That Xiongnu person evaded and Qiqi’s small pole nicely landed on his arms. That person started to convulse repeatedly and fell onto the desert with a “Pu-tong” sound. The other Xiongnu hurriedly carried the fella who fell down and swiftly disappeared among the sand.

Wei Qiqi clapped her hands and cocked her head. She turned around and looked at Liu Zhong Tian with a smug expression. When she saw that he was still stunned, she started laughing.

“Now would you believe me? My life-protecting treasure, a pity that once there is no more electricity, it is of no use!” Qiqi curled her lips.

Liu Zhong Tian took the small pole over from QIqi’s hands and carefully observed it. When his hands pressed the button, the head of the pole will emit blue colour sparks. This is really powerful, what exactly is this thing? Liu Zhong Tian looked at Wei Qiqi with some doubts.

“Where did you get this from?”

“I bought it.” Qiqi snatched away the wooden pole and did a few strokes in front of Liu Zhong Tian. “Let me clarify things first. I am not going to marry you. If you dare to provoke me, I will use this to deal with you!” After speaking finish, she put the electric pole back into the bag.

Liu Zhong Tian feels that Qiqi’s bag is very special. What is actually contained inside? He really hopes to open it to find out. However, Wei Qiqi protects it like treasure. He probably can’t see what’s inside. Still, there will always be a chance. She is already his, what more that mysterious little bag.

“If you don’t marry to me, that is going against the Emperor. My Emperor-brother couldn’t find a reason to deal with me, yet you gave him an opportunity to.”

Liu Zhong Tian laughed coldly. In his mind appeared the passionate scene he had with Qiqi just now. His heart has a kind of strong desire. Her whole body is exuding temptation, making one want to go closer uncontrollably.

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However what attracted Liu Zhong Tian the most, is that pair of watery eyes and that confident and bright personality of hers. If she is beautiful, Liu Zhong Tian wouldn’t know how to control himself. A pity there is no perfect person in the world. This woman that made his heart move is actually a typical ugly woman.

“What? Isn’t he your brother? Since when will an elder brother deal with the younger brother?”

“You will not understand. I just want to tell you that as long as you are within the territory of the Central Plains, you can forget about escaping from the palms of the Great Han Divine Son.”

“What is your meaning?”

“The royal decree granting the marriage. If you disobey the decree and escape from the marriage, that is a death penalty. No matter where you go, you will hardly avoid death!”

Liu Zhong Tian used his hands to do a few strokes on Qiqi’s neck. Qiqi is scared till she shivered. She is somewhat afraid, why is it that when she came to the Great Han empire, she always has the feeling that she cannot keep her head. Who knows when it will move house.

“However I am only seventeen years old, not reaching the legal age for marriage yet!”

“Legal age to marry? Seventeen years old is just nice to be my concubine……”

Liu Zhong Tian held Qiqi’s hands. “As the woman on my bed, you possess most of the requirements, other than looks.”

“I don’t have a sliver of feelings for you at all, and all the more do I not want to become the woman on your bed!” Qiqi said angrily. Why did Liu Zhong Tian say that so relaxedly, who does he think he is? He can marry anybody that he wishes to? Who is Wei Qiqi? She is the female successor of the Wei Group. A wealthy lady. [TL note: author mentioned wealth twice in the same sentence]

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