Chapter 47 – Electric pole that guards against wolves

Liu Zhong Tian looked at Qiqi’s face that is full of yellow lines and that shy expression. Maybe deep down in his heart, he really wish that her looks can be mesmerizing. However Wei Qiqi is very ugly. This kind of ugliness, yet has a kind of inexplicable feeling that is attracting him, causing him to nearly want this woman at that exact moment.

Liu Zhong Tian began to carefully size up Wei Qiqi. This woman is soon going to become his concubine. Her five facial features has no faults to pick on, however, the skin is not soft and smooth like her neck and arms. Her eyes are charming and has a mysterious gaze. Those long eyelashes adds colour to her multiple times. Her nose is small and exquisite. The two pieces of lips, due to the passionate kissing just now, has become slightly swollen, yet it is even more alluring, making one unable to control and want to continue kissing again.

Liu Zhong Tian released Wei Qiqi and forced himself not to look at her again. However in his heart, he keep thinking that if her face was pretty, he probably won’t be able to control himself.

Maybe it was decided by fate that Liu Zhong Tian has to marry this ugly woman. Other than Hanyu who is locked deeped in the palace that has touched his heart before, among so many beautiful women, he has never thought of having a concubine. Yet now this empty spot is filled by an ugly woman. This is really a great mockery. No wonder Emperor-brother will grab hold of this opportunity and not let go of it.

“Why are the Xiongnu people not leaving?” Qiqi broke Liu Zhong Tian’s train of thought.

“There must be a reason why they are appearing here!” Liu Zhong Tian has some doubts. This is a place where it is nearer to the Great Han military camp. Could it be that they have some wicked plans in action?

“If they are not going, are we not going as well?”

“I will deal with them in a while, they are only three to four people! Easy to deal with!”

Liu Zhong Tian was about to stand up when Qiqi pulled him “I will go too, there are more chance of succeeding this way!”

“No, I can deal with this alone!”

“Be careful of an ambush, the last time the Xiongnu ambushed me was when they were hiding among the sand. If you want to go, we go together, if not, you don’t go!” Qiqi held onto Liu Zhong Tian no matter what.

“Wei Qiqi, you really are…… quickly release!”

“No I’m not. Together!” Qiqi looked at Liu Zhong Tian without showing any signs of weakness. She is not an ordinary woman, she is General Qi.

“Ever since I knew that you were a woman, you are behaving more like one!” Liu Zhong Tian held onto Qiqi’s hands “Together, you will be behind me!”

“That is right!”

Qiqi retrieved a black small pole from her bag, and held it in her hands. Liu Zhong Tian immediately frowned.

“What is this?”

“An electric pole to guard against wolves, there is still a lot of electricity!”

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“What use is there?” Liu Zhong Tian asked curiously.

“You will know after a while. If you dare to touch me again next time, I will use this to deal with you!”

Liu Zhong Tian looked at that small pole and laughed uncontrollably. This girl’s plaything. He drew out the sword on his body, and jumped out. The sword tip carried the sound of the wind and went piercing towards one of the Xiongnu.

Wei Qiqi saw Liu Zhong Tian already fighting with the Xiongnu and realized that he doesn’t have the intention of bringing her along. This chauvinistic stinky Duke has belittled Wei Qiqi’s capability.

Liu Zhong Tian defeated one Xiongnu very quickly and killed him with one sword. The other two Xiongnu know that they are not Liu Zhong Tian’s match and retreated hurriedly. They blew a whistle, producing a screeching sound. In an instant the sand began to rumble, could it be that Wei Qiqi has guessed correctly?

Liu Zhong Tian felt the sand dust pouncing forward at him quickly. He retreated and used his arms to cover his eyes. The corner of his eyes saw Wei Qiqi. That ugly woman actually rushed forward. His whole heart was as if it was tied up by a string. This Wei Qiqi that doesn’t want her life, is she crazy?

“Qiqi, danger!”

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