Chapter 52 – Qiqi’s two requests

Qiqi moved to the front of Liu Zhong Tian and looked at his expression. She then continued, “In that place, there’s no longer the Great Han dynasty, only modern society, aeroplanes, trains, ferry boats, sedans, and that luxurious car of mine. I am the Wei Group’s female successor Wei Qiqi. I have no idea how I came into this unlucky place and still have to be your Royal Concubine……”

Liu Zhong Tian grabbed Qiqi and pulled her in front of his eyes. He is so angry that he almost turned crazy. “You’re a crazy woman, looks like I have to find professionals to teach you!”

“You don’t believe me?” Qiqi wasted her breath. She knew that Liu Zhong Tian would not believe her. Bastard Duke, yet still ask her to say, treating her as a fool?

“I believe, I believe I am going to marry a crazy and ugly woman as my Royal Concubine soon!”

“Irritating!” Qiqi took back the pen and booklet and furiously kept them in the bag. “We, shall now we draft an agreement. Don’t need to use mine, use yours, I will grind the ink!”

“What do you want to write?”

“I will say and you write!”

“This is ridiculous, okay!” Liu Zhong Tian opened up a bamboo scroll.

Qiqi stood at Third Duke’s side and started grinding the ink, her hands moving while she spoke. “Firstly after marriage, I am still General Qi, I want to go to the battlefield!”

“That won’t do!” Liu Zhong Tian said coldly. As his concubine, how can she go into the battlefield! A man protecting a woman is the principle of heaven and earth. How can he let a woman charge into battlefield?

“Then I am not going to marry, you can kill me now!”

“Wei Qiqi!” Liu Zhong Tian is somewhat furious. “Under the skies of the Great Han, how can I let a woman charge into battlefield!”

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“The Emperor has already silently agreed to this female general and even granted a marriage to you. This explains that nothing is impossible!”

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“You are using the Emperor to pressure me!”

“Of course, aren’t you using the Emperor to pressure me as well? Tit for tat!” Qiqi said without showing weakness.

“Let me consider a while more!”

“There is no need to consider, we are getting married tomorrow. If you don’t write then I am not going to wear this broken dress!”

Wei Qiqi said in a resolute tone. Liu Zhong Tian really wish to grab her over and give her a good beating. She actually dares to threaten him. If he let her become the Royal Concubine, wouldn’t she become even more arrogant. However, the marriage matter is already on the doorstep [TL note: in chinese it is in front of the eyebrows, translated to that]. Then he should just let her, afterall this battle with the Xiongnu is almost fighting finished.

“Fine, as long as I am on the battlefield, you can go to the battlefield too!” Liu Zhong Tian finally acquiesced and started writing the first line on the bamboo scroll.

Wei Qiqi began her second line in a lively manner. “Marriage is alright, but we cannot stay together and cannot do that thing between husband and wife!”

Liu Zhong Tian slapped the pen down. “Then what use is there in marrying you? Are you making fun of this Duke?”

“I didn’t think of marrying to you.”

Qiqi slumped down on the floor beside Liu Zhong Tian. “I am only seventeen years old, I don’t wish to have that thing happening with a man. Pregnancy, giving birth to kids, being an old woman, I am scared! I don’t want to get married, I want to go home, I want to find Grandpa!”

Liu Zhong Tian immediately covered Qiqi’s mouth. “What rubbish are you talking? You are heard by the men outside the big tent. You, you this woman…… okay, I promise you, so ugly, who will like you to do this with you……”

“Really!” Qiqi happily stood up. Looks like using the method of dealing with Grandpa to deal with this Duke is equally effective. Anyway, no matter what method, it’s fine as long as the goal is achieved. She cannot really give herself to this ancient times Duke right?

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