Chapter 37

Ning Meng Yao glanced at the man beside her. She did not think that although his demeanor is cold, but his words were sharp.

But she did not want to witness these here. If others did not know her personality, they might think that she was delighting in other’s misfortune.

It’s just that, she wanted to leave, but the other person did not let her.

When Ning Meng Yao turned her back, Yang Cui hindered her path: “You shameless woman, actually sow discord between mine and Big Brother Qiao’s relationship. We’re not finished.”

Ning Meng Yao was impatient. Did she look like she was easy to bully? Or was it because this woman did not understand human language?

What did she said just now? Now that woman was pushing all the blame onto her.

Qiao Tian Chang walked towards the two of them and pushed Yang Cui aside while lowering his head and said to Ning Meng Yao warmly: “You should go back first, don’t mind her.”

He had seen too many of this kind of woman and he knew how to treat them, only he worried that she would bring trouble.

Ning Meng Yao nodded her head and took the pheasants and wild rabbit, preparing to leave, but Yang Cui still did not give up. She roused all the villagers so when they saw her, they pointed at her. Especially after hearing Yang Cui’s words, which contained all kind of insults.

Facing the crowd’s points and blame, Ning Meng Yao furrowed her eyebrows while Yang Cui acted like she was the victim, saying that Ning Meng Yao was like that and like this.

Hearing someone said that she was a temptress, Ning Meng Yao’s face became ugly: “You say that I am seducing him. First, I did not, and even if I did, what does it have to do with you? Me and him are both single. What does an unmarried girl having good feelings to him had to do with you? Are you his wife or his fiancée? What right do you have in interfering in other’s matter?”

If it was the usual, she would not say these kinds of words but she did say those, only to infuriate Yang Cui.

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From Qiao Tian Chang’s words, she could understand that he did not have any feelings to this woman. Everything was her imagination.

Seeing Ning Meng Yao was warm and soft, she thought that Ning Meng Yao was easy to bully, also thinking that she would not say anything. Who would have thought that she would say those kinds of words? And no one could refute that.

In the eyes of the people, Qiao Tian Chang and Ning Meng Yao were orphans. Even if they were together, there was nothing wrong with it.

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Ning Meng Yao was beautiful while Qiao Tian Chang was skilled. Not minding other factors, the two of them were really suitable for each other.

Moreover, they never heard that Qiao Tian Chang and Yang Cui had any kind of relationship. Qiao Tian Chang was usually alone doing his things and did not have any form of occurrence with the villagers; the same went for his neighbor, Yang Cui and her family.

Yang Cui’s tearful complains before, thinking about it now, was only hitting her own face.

At this moment, Qiao Tian Chang stood out; his gaze was ice cold with no shred of emotion: “Yang Cui, did you forget the words I said before? I had not relationship with you. It will be better that you don’t climb the wall and enter my house ever again.”

Qiao Tian Chang’s words invited uproar among the crowd. They looked at Yang Cui in disbelief. She, a woman, actually climbed the wall and entered a man’s house. No matter what, this was improper and, instead, she slandered other people when was the vile one.

“Yang guniang, I did not know that me buying wild preys break any of the laws and disturb you. You like him is your own matter, but dragging other people in is a problem of up-bringing. If you want to get a good marriage, it is better for you to study the four virtues and up-bringing.” She, Ning Meng Yao, never did feel that she was a good person like other people kicked her doors; she still reined in fury and did not counter.

The people surrounding them heard her words and understood what happened, especially after seeing the wild rabbits and pheasants in Ning Meng Yao’s hands.

They knew that Ning Meng Yao did not lack that bit of money, buying wild animals to eat at home was normal. But being bitten on and not letting go, it was unlucky.

Facing the finger points of the crowd, Yang Cui’s face was a moment green and a moment white, finally pointing Ning Meng Yao while angrily declared: “I’m not finished with you!”

Seeing Yang Cui who pushed the crowd aside to ran back home, Ning Meng Yao’s gaze was momentarily ice cold. It was best if she did not anger her, if not, then don’t blame her for not holding back.

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