Chapter 38

Yang Cui had walked away and since there was no more fun to watch, the crowd slowly ceased away. Qiao Tian Chang lowered his head and said apologetically to Ning Meng Yao: “I am truly sorry for today.”

“It’s alright. I will go back first.” Ning Meng Yao took her things and left.

Qiao Tian Chang’s warm expression went black the moment Ning Meng Yao left. He turned his head to measure the house he bought and thought that he chose wrongly.

If he knew earlier, he would not have only bought the house because he wanted to be practical, he should’ve rebuild the whole house.

After Yang Cui went back home, she smashed the things inside her room, Fortunately, there was nobody at home, if not, she would invite another trouble to herself.

“That damnable outsider! She actually dared to fight for men with me!” Yang Cui gritted her teeth as her face slowly darkened, very much different with how she was in front of Qiao Tian Chang.

From the first time Qiao Tian Chang arrived, she had always paid attention to him. Although he did not look like much, but as his neighbor, she was very clear. Every day, he would catch many preys and sold them at the town. In a day, he earned around seven to eight silvers. To the villagers, this was huge income. Moreover, he was handsome. This made her even more tempted.

She had asked her parents before to test the intention of the man but he did not think twice before rejecting. This made her very angry. Even so, she could not help but still be crazy about him, especially when she knew that he was indifferent to all women.

But what happened today overturned her knowledge regarding Qiao Tian Chang. She thought Qiao Tian Chang was like that to all women but today, she realized that she was wrong.

Although it was slightly different, she still could felt it. When seeing that woman, Qiao Tian Chang’s eyes were very warm and his mouth was lightly smiling. The gaze he used to look at her carried pampering. This was something she did not dare to think of and now, it was stolen by an outsider. How could she let this be? Whatever that woman said, she would not agree.

Originally, she thought that just using her own virtues, she could obtain Qiao Tian Chang. But she did not think that she would get Qiao Tian Chang’s disgust instead. This was all Ning Meng Yao’s fault.

Pondering about it, Yang Cui also felt that her actions were improper. Thinking about it now, when Qiao Tian Chang came back and saw her inside his own house, his expression was definitely ugly. It was just that she neglected to notice this.

Recalling it now, his expression back then was terrifying.

On one hand, Yang Cui felt that her actions today were improper. On the other hand, she felt that it was Ning Meng Yao who ruined her good matter. If Ning Meng Yao did not appear suddenly, she would’ve succeeded.

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After thinking over it again and again, Yang Cui wholeheartedly hated Ning Meng Yao.

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But she did not think about how to deal with Ning Meng Yao. Instead, she thought of how to let Qiao Tian Chang had good feelings about her all over again.

When afternoon came, Yang Cui walked to the entrance of Qiao Tian Chang’s house and knocked on his door.

Seeing Qiao Tian Chang coldly standing there, Yang Cui said with embarrassment: “Big Brother Qiao, I’m sorry about the thing before, I was wrong. Don’t be mad at me, alright?” That lovely and innocent looks of hers could easily let other people have good opinion about her.

Or course, Qiao Tian Chang was not included in that group of people: “You’re here just to say that?”

When Yang cui came, she had thought of many different scenarios such as Qiao Tian Chang would let her in his house, or he would say it was alright, or other possibilities. Yet she did not think that he would be this cold, the words that were spoken made her did not know what to do next.

Looking at Qiao Tian Chang, Yang Cui’s eyes became red and tears flew continuously. This made Qiao Tian Chang became even more disdainful of her. Before Yang Cui opened her mouth, he immediately closed the door and then spoke: “If you want to cry, go back home to cry.”

Yang Cui who was originally faking her tears, after hearing this sentence, cried for real, her tears continuously went downward, but Qiao Tian Chang was no longer seen.

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