Chapter 39

Arriving back home, Yang Cui stood at the bench and looked at the courtyard beside her house. After she saw what Qiao Tian Chang was doing, she almost fainted right away.

Why? Because Qiao Tian Chang dug a wide and deep drain below the wall of her house and the drain was very deep. If it was deep then it was alright, but Qiao Tian Chang put a lot of sharpened wooden pillars. One look and she knew why they were put there.

Qiao Tian Chang had seen Yang Cui but he ignored her and continued doing his own work. Only when the sky went dark did he stopped and went back home.

Yang Cui kept on looking at Qiao Tian Chang, up until he went back to his house, she retracted her gaze.

Going down from the bench and standing in her own courtyard, she was absentminded. Did he loathe her that much? Just for preventing her to do like what she did today, stealthily climbing the wall and entering his house, he would really do this kind of thing.

Yang Cui’s mother, Madam Chen, saw Yang Cui standing on the courtyard when she came back and Yang Cui’s eyes were filled with tears, causing Madam Chen to get worried instantly.

Madam Chen had two sons and one daughter. This daughter grew a pretty face and she was pampered and spoiled, delicately brought up, in hope that she would marry a wealthy man. Now, her daughter actually cried and she became worried: “Cui’er, what happened to you? Who bullied you?”

Seeing her own mother, Yang Cui cried loudly with a ‘waaa’ and told Madam Chen what happened today.

Although Madam Chen was peeved that he own daughter favored a hunter without any parents, and also climbed the wall to enter other people’s house, but she still mind more about her daughter’s wronged. Hearing Yang Cui’s words, she was very much dissatisfied towards Qiao Tian Chang.

In her eyes, her daughter was that good and she liked Qiao Tian Chang, which was his fortune. Yet he was not happy about this and actually angered her daughter, truly was ridiculous.

Madam Chen possessing this kind of high assessment was because of her two sons. One was a shop owner at the town and the other was scholar. Her daughter was a scholar’s sister; she could marry whoever she wanted. What right did a poor hunter have to choose?

The more she thought about it, the angrier Madam Chen became. She casually comforted her daughter and then walked towards the neighboring house.

Yang Cui only wanted to complain to her mother and did not have any other motive so when she saw her mother’s move, she got into a panic. If Madam Chen ran to Qiao Tian Chang’s house to make a ruckus, then she would have no more face to see other people.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“He let you got wronged. Of course mother would help you get justice.” Madam Chen said as if it was the most obvious thing in the whole world then patted her daughter’s hand reassuringly: “My daughter, don’t you worry. Mother will definitely make him apologize to you.”

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Yang Cui’s face became ugly instantly. How could her mother be this stupid? “Mother, don’t do that. If you go now and other people know about it, then I wouldn’t be able to face other people anymore.”

Although Madam Chen was unhappy, but after hearing Yang Cui’s words, she nodded her head. In her heart, she was loathed Qiao Tian Chang very much. Of course, Yang Cui did not think of this.

The next day, Madam Chen saw Qiao Tian Chang passed by her house’s gate and made a ‘pei’ sound. She then muttered something toad wants to eat goose’s meat.

Hearing these words, Qiao Tian Chang ignored it. The person did not mention name nor surname, and he would not go up and acknowledge that it was him she was talking about.

The days after, because of the rumors in the village about her daughter, Madam Chen’s face was very ugly.

“Cui’er, talk to me clearly. What exactly happened?” Madam Chen looked at her own daughter and angrily said.

These past few days, once she went out, she would be pointed by others. At first, she thought it was weird then she knew that they were talking about her daughter; moreover, the words were very unpleasant to hear. They said a maiden actually climbed the wall to enter other person’s house and things like those.

The words spoken were extremely ugly to hear, making Madam Chen not having any face.

From the time her smallest son became a scholar, this had never happened.

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Yang Cui’s facial expression changed and looked at her mother wrongly: “Mother, you cannot blame me for these. These are all Ning Meng Yao, that woman’s fault.” Then she said those matters out and after hearing this, Madam Chen’s face changed.

“That sl*t! She dared to splash dirty water on us.” Madam Chen gritted her teeth as she spoke.

Of course she ran over to Ning Meng Yao’s house gate and pointed at it as she angrily scolded: “Ning Meng Yao, you sl*t! Get out!”

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