Chapter 40

Ning Meng Yao who was in the courtyard teaching the children could not help but frown. She lowered her head and looked at Little Mu and the others: “Go read the book by yourself, I will come out to see what is the matter.”

“Yes, teacher.” A few children ignored the voice outside and earnestly read their books as their reviewed the things Ning Meng Yao just taught.

Ning Meng Yao walked out the door and saw a middle aged woman standing at the gates, her hand fixed at her waist, looking like a shrew.

“Who is this older lady?” Although the other person said unpleasant words, but Ning Meng Yao’s excellent upbringing did not let her spoke out nasty words.

Madam Chen hung her pair of eyes, disdainfully looked at the girl in front of her. With a face full of dislike: “You are that outsider, Ning Meng Yao?”

Slightly knitting her brow, Ning Meng Yao looked at Madam Chen with a shred of unhappiness: “I am Ning Meng Yao; I don’t know this lady is…..”

“No wonder Qiao Tian Chang that penniless guy would speak on your behalf. It turns out that you have a foxy appearance.” Madam Chen ridiculed Ning Meng Yao, her tone and expression was filled with disdain.

No need to think, Ning Meng Yao had figured out who this person was, should be that girl named Yang Cui’s mother.

“This older lady, if you’re here to say these, then I apologize, I am busy, I do not have the time to listen to your nonsense.” Saying this, Ning Meng Yao turned and prepared to leave, but Madam Chen barred her way.

Madam Chen pointed her finger to Ning Meng Yao’s face, angrily scolded: “You shameless woman! You’re shameless then fine, but you also implicate my daughter. Your kind of person should not stay in this White Mountain Village. I will let my son tell the village head to let you get out this here!”

Originally, Ning Meng Yao thought that since the other person was an elder, she would not say anything and did not want to search for trouble. It was just that she did not thought that middle aged woman would not let her off, making her unhappy.

“He, what kind of qualification do you have to make me leave this place?” Ning Meng Yao stretched out her hand and put Madam Chen’s hand aside, flinging the finger that was pointing at her as she calmly spoke.

Madam Chen looked at Ning Meng Yao and gloatingly said: “My son is White Mountain Village’s only scholar. The words of a scholar, a lord, who dared not to listen?”

Ning Meng Yao nodded her head to indicate she understood. When Madam Chen thought that she was threatened, she suddenly heard Ning Meng Yao spoke: “So that is why. Then I would like to ask that scholar. Is personally trespassing private property something the younger sister of a scholar should do? Having this kind of sister who does not have any restrain, just using her whole heart trying to run to a man’s house; can he throw away this face?

In ancient times, a person who had fame like this, placed the utmost importance to their own reputation. Madam Chen wanted to refute but Ning Meng Yao smilingly continued: “And I also want to ask him, does he, a scholar, feels embarrassed to have a mother like this?”

Madam Chen’s behavior right now was flaunting and felt that she was high above.

As the mother of a scholar, she felt herself above others was fine, but if she wanted to use this status to oppress other and do bad things, then that would be throwing away the scholar’s face.

Madam Chen was rendered speechless by Ning Meng Yao’s sentences. Although her son did not prevent her from flaunting off, or treat others like she was the one above them, but he could not endure her using his reputation to do bad things.

This matter, only using a bit of brain, people could differentiate who was right and who was wrong. She was just recklessly saying those threats but did not think that an orphan would knew that much.

Normally, when other heard ‘scholar’ and ‘lord’ these words, they would tremble fearfully. But not only was she not afraid, she even turned the table and threatened her.

If she wanted to do something today, then when the time comes, then she would be finished.

If the matter went big, then it would have no benefit to any of them.

“Older lady, do you have any other matter?” Madam Chen did not say anything, but the bright flash in her eyes made Ning Meng Yao’s mouth slightly rose.

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Madam Chen measure Ning Meng Yao up and said: “Seeing that you are a pitiful orphan, I will not do anything to you. Just apologize to my daughter and promise in front of the whole villagers that you will not seduce Qiao Tian Chang that poor lad.”

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That tone was as if everything should be like that, making Ning Meng Yao could not help but laugh. This person really felt herself to be high above.

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