Chapter 41

Madam Chen saw Ning Meng Yao laughed and frowned in dissatisfaction: “What are you smiling about?”

“Nothing, only feeling that older lady, are you still asleep? What kind of dream are you having? You want me to apologize to your daughter? What kind of qualification does your daughter has to make me apologize? And want me to promise in front of the villagers? What kind of identity are you using to plead me?” Ning Meng Yao could fear a scholar? That would be impossible.

Saying it in a more pleasant way, her son had fame, saying it in a rougher way, her son was a poor scholar. Only a scholar’s mother was already this kind of demanding as if what she said was the most obvious thing. She truly thought she was a heavy weight.

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“Calling you older lady was only because of politeness; do you really think that I fear you? Rather than coming to trouble me, it is better than you go back to teach your own daughter, lest she embarrass herself in front of other people.” Ning Meng Yao coldly ridiculed.

She originally thought that this way was very good. Even if that woman was not grateful, she would also be happy to agree. This way, her daughter’s reputation could be saved. Who knew that this woman disagreed?

“Don’t you not able to tell good from bad.”

Ning Meng Yao lightly smiled and the eyes looking at Madam Chen carried indifference: “Older lady, you can do whatever you want, I will wait.”

Would she be afraid of a village woman? Of course not. She could do whatever she wanted. If she wanted to drive her away from here, they would have to see whether she had the ability to do this or not.

Madam Chen was infuriated until she widened her pair of eyes and gritted her teeth as she glared at Ning Meng Yao. Finally, she stomped away since she did not get any benefit from Ning Meng Yao.

The slowly fading figure made Ning Meng Yao slightly smiled. Wanting to retaliate? Then she would wait.

Yang Cui was waiting for her mother at home and seeing Madam Chen coming with angry huffs, her heart was doubtful. Didn’t mother go to trouble that little loose girl? Why would she come back in anger?
(Camellia: Wow, they actually know that they are finding trouble yet still don’t think themselves as shameless.)

She asked out the suspicion in her heart: “Mom, what happened to you?”

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“That little loose girl did not know good from bad. It seems that we have to call your big brother back to make it work,” Madam Chen angrily said.

Yang Cui stared blankly. Seeing her own mother, her gaze carried fluster. Her mother did not get anything good from Ning Meng Yao? How could this be?

No matter how astonished Yang Cui’s heart was, in the end, Madam Chen called back her second son, Yang Huai, back.

Three days later, Madam Chen carried Yang Huai who just came back to go to Ning Meng Yao’s house gate once more. Ning Meng Yao was still teaching the children.

Yang Huai stood outside and listened to that clear voice lectured. The things she explained, he obviously had listened to them before, but listening to this lecture made him had the feeling of being suddenly enlightened. For a moment, he was fascinated by it.

Seeing her son not speaking and quietly listening to the voice inside instead, Madam Chen’s face became more and more ugly.

“Son, what are you doing? I let you come back not to listen to that loose girl’s lecture, but to let you help your little sister seek face.” Madam Chen unhappily stared at her own son.

Yang Huai slightly knitted his brows because she was his mother, so he did not say anything, but her crude words and appearance let him very unsatisfied.

“Mother, she is still an unmarried maiden. Can you not say little loose girl? This can make other people think that you are vulgar.” Yang Huai frowned, the words he spoke caused Madam Chen’s face to darken.

Madam Chen glared at her son furiously: “You fancy that little loose girl? I tell you, unless I die, don’t you dare think about it.”

Ning Meng Yao heard the voice outside from the inside and could not help but frowned. Seeing the children are writing words, she put down the book in her hand and walked out. She saw Madam Chen’s face slowly turned dark: “What are you both doing? If you’re finding trouble, then please come back when it’s afternoon. I still have matters to attend to.”

“You loose girl……”

“Guniang, we are really sorry to disturb you giving lesson to the children.” Yang Huai curtsied to Ning Meng Yao and apologetically said.

Ning Meng Yao’s way of lecturing was unlike the teachers’ of his school and it was very fresh and easy to understand.

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