Chapter 63: Dark Jade, Holy Jade


“Long Yi, are you worried about younger sister Lu Xiya?” After seeing Long Yi’s expression, Leng Youyou guessed his thoughts easily. She also felt very worried about Lu Xiya, but at the same time, she felt slightly sad. After getting out from this space, Long Yi would no longer only belong to her. Even though she got along with Lu Xiaya, this little elf, but which woman has ever been willing to share her beloved with other women? Moreover, Leng Youyou was so pretty, she was as beautiful as a goddess. She was a woman with incomparable, sky-high pride.

Long Yi nodded his head and sighed, “It’s already been so long, I don’t know what happened to them ever since we separated.”

Leng Youyou tightly embraced Long Yi, and encouraged him, “No need to worry, Lu Xiya is definitely fine. She is still waiting for you to make her your woman..”

Long Yi lightly pushed Leng Youyou, before blankly staring into her beautiful eyes. He softly whispered into her ear: “You and Lu Xiya will always stay by my side, right? Both of you will definitely not leave me right?” Long Yi couldn’t help but worry. Si Bi’s departure had really left a deep scar in his heart.

Perhaps she felt something was amiss, Leng Youyou idiotically looked at Long Yi and forcedly nodded her head. “M-hm, we will always accompany you by your side, until the time you no longer want us by your side..”

Long Yi took a deep breath, as he reached out his hand to touch her beautiful long hair. Slowly leaning closer to her, he placed his mouth beside her ear before whispering, “I am well aware of your great grievance, but……….”

Before he could finish speaking, Leng Youyou used two of her long and slender jade fingers to block the lips of Long Yi. After Long Yi stopped talking, she said with a miserable voice, “Say no more, I clearly know that you are destined to not belong to any one woman. As long as I can stay by your side, I will try to accept and get along with every sister you bring back.”

Hearing these words come out of Leng Youyou’s mouth, Long Yi couldn’t help but feel touched. At the same time, he felt somewhat guilty. He opened his mouth and those jade fingers of Leng Youyou slid into his mouth. Then using his tongue, he lightly teased her. The affection he felt for Leng Youyou in his heart increased yet again.

Leng Youyou bashfully pulled away her tiny hand and started to question him. “Now, you should also start telling me about what happened to you inside the cold pond.”

Before long, Long Yi had told her everything that happened to him inside the cold pond. Hearing Long Yi’s narration, Leng Youyou was sometimes panic-stricken, and sometimes excited. When she heard about the discovery of an oval-shaped black colored jade in the hands of a black-robed statue which was inside the secret cave, Leng Youyou instantly sat up straight and stared straight at Long Yi.

“Why on earth are you so excited? Isn’t it just a piece of black colored jade?” Long Yi lightly chuckled. He had already guessed that this piece of black jade ought to be that legendary Dark Magic Jade Leng Youyou had talked about before.

Leng Youyou blankly stared at Long Yi while sitting on his waist, then both her hands forcefully shook Long Yi. With a coquettish tone, she begged Long Yi, “My husband, give it to me so I can examine it, perhaps it might be the Dark Magic Jade.”

Leng Youyou’s coquettish teasing caused Long Yi’s barbarity to come out yet again. Holding her waist firmly, he pushed up his again standing erect member into her, then the war began once again………
** Afterwards, Leng Youyou took a deep breath, and fiercely pinched Long Yi making him repeatedly beg for mercy.

Long Yi took out the Dark Magic Jade from inside his space ring and tossed it to Leng Youyou. Looking at his actions, it seemed as though he didn’t care about the Dark Magic Jade at all.

Leng Youyou caught the Dark Magic Jade, and after giving it a very careful examination, she got more and more excited. “Long Yi, this truly is the Dark Magic Jade, the legendary Dark Magic Jade with the ability to make people possess an inexhaustible amount of dark magic power.” She exclaimed.

“Is that so? But I think that legend is wrong, although the dark aura in this thing is very dense, but there is no way it would reach the point of being inexhaustible. At most, it can be regarded as a piece of highest grade dark magic core, that’s all. And embedding it on magic wand might be pretty good use for it.” Long Yi chuckled. He still had a piece of white colored jade inside his space ring, which he originally planned to give to Si Bi to make a top-level light element magic wand.

After studying the jade over and over, Leng Youyou found that what Long Yi said was indeed true. However, legends were also born out of a shred of truth, and it might be that the didn’t know how to use it.

Just then, Long Yi had an idea, so he took out that white colored jade piece from inside his space ring. Instantly, the white colored jade piece sent out dazzling white light, and the Dark Magic Jade also gave out a gloomy black light. The rays of black and white light shined upon each other and were attracted together.

“Oh, is that the Holy Light Jade? The Dark church is always looking for it, but how could it be in your hands?” Leng Youyou asked with surprise.

“Holy Light Jade?” Hearing the name, Long Yi knew that this Light and Dark Magic Jades were similar objects. Si Bi, as a Light Church’s saintess, how could she not know about the Holy Light Jade? Long Yi was confused.

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“Holy Light Jade and Dark Magic Jade, both of them are in your hands, this…….” Leng Youyou was so excited that she was speechless.

“Youyou, tell me, what are these two piece of jade?” Long Yi asked.

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Leng Youyou took a deep breath, calmed down her state of mind and slowly spoke, “It is said that the Dark Magic Jade was the Dark God’s spirit tablet and the Holy Light Jade was the Light God’s spirit tablet. Because darkness and light couldn’t be in harmony with each other, both gods continuously fought without stopping. Later in a massive battle between each other, both deities suffered greatly, leaving behind two spirit tablets in the Blue Waves Continent. According to the legend, the person possessing these spirit tablets would obtain an inexhaustible amount of magical power in them. Whether it is the Dark Church or the Light Church, both of them spared no expense to look for the pieces of jade.”

Dark and light couldn’t be in harmony with each other? Long Yi blankly stared at those two jade tablets attracting each other, then snorted in disdain about the legend. Now he thought about it, since Leng Youyou knew about this legend in such detail, there was no reason for Si Bi to not know about it.
“Youyou, do you think the saintess of the Light Church also knows about this legend?” Long Yi asked.

“Of course they know. In the past few years, the Light Church was also searching for the jades without rest. Merely, I didn’t expect both jades to fall into your hands.” Leng Youyou happily replied. Her husband really was an extraordinary person, Both the Light and Dark churches were looking for these jades since they were established, but Long Yi managed to obtain both the jades even without spending much effort. This was certainly an unexpected surprise to Leng Youyou.

If Si Bi also knows about the jade, why didn’t she tell him anything about it, and pretended to not know anything about it? Moreover, she insisted to not take the Holy Light Jade. After a long while, Long Yi sighed, and secretly thought, “Si Bi ah, you are a truly peerlessly stupid girl.” He had never thought that for his sake, she unexpectedly hid the fact that the Holy Light Jade was discovered. Furthermore, even though she knew that one could obtain inexhaustible magic power from the jade, she still gave the jade to him. After seeing this ‘more than sea deep’ affection, what else could he ask from her?

Long Yi’s heart was so moved that it was utterly broken, and his heart immediately turned sour. inside his heart, he shouted loudly, “Si Bi, you must wait for me, regardless of wherever you are, I will absolutely find you!”
Long Yi jumped, raised his head and uttered a long and loud cry. Letting out all his frustrations and stress in one loud yell. Finally, he said in high spirits, “Youyou, it’s time to leave this place.”

Leng Youyou’s beautiful eyes flashed, looking at Long Yi’s ‘looking at the world disdainfully’ momentum, her maiden heart melted. The tall and straight figure Long Yi possessed was carved into her every cell, and she would never forget his image until her death.

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