Chapter 62: Spring Scenery

Leng Youyou let out ** voice, her spring like beautiful eyes were filled with tears, and her charming body was slowly wriggling about in Long Yi’s bosom. She acted as if she was throwing a tantrum, with concealed bitterness in her eyes.

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“You didn’t come back for so long, I was worried sick. Every day I was waiting by the cold pond, waiting for you to come back. I anticipated your return every day, but you failed to show up for so long. If I didn’t find other things to do, I would be thinking about you constantly. So…….” Embracing his neck with both her hands, she placed all her weight on Long Yi’s body.

“I only stayed inside the Cold pond for less than one day, why are you so exaggerating like this ah?” Long Yi was dumbfounded after hearing what Leng Youyou said, he racked his brains for an explanation before slowly replying her.
“No? I waited for you outside the cold pond for at least half-a-month If not for obeying your last command, I would have already jumped down to search for you!” Leng Youyou said with red eyes.

Long Yi was startled, as he clearly remembered that he stayed inside the cold pond for less than a day. Why was Leng Youyou saying that she waited for more than half-a-month for him? Suddenly, Long Yi recalled the illusion of the Cosmos Big Bang, could it be that split second he experienced was actually so long?

“Long Yi, what happened inside? Are you all right?” Seeing as Long Yi had a somewhat confused expression on his face, Leng Youyou immediately got anxious. There is a saying, women will become stupid when they fall in love. Seeing Leng Youyou’s current situation, this saying was indeed true. Leng Youyou wasn’t thinking straight at the moment. If Long Yi really met with an accident, how could he be standing in front of her safe and sound?

“I’m fine, no need to worry. I have a piece of good news I want to tell you, inside the cold pond lies a secret cave, I managed to find a transfer magic formation inside it. I have a feeling that magic formation is our way out of this space.” Long Yi said with excitement.

“Ah, really! we can finally get out of this place.” Leng Youyou pushed Long Yi aside, and jumped about in excitement.

Leng Youyou jumping around caused her pair of firm and upright full ** to suddenly surge turbulently, causing Long Yi to directly emit evil fire. Long Yi didn’t care much about anything, he just hugged and kissed her. He greedily sucked Leng Youyou’s fragrant saliva.

Leng Youyou merely struggled symbolically for a bit, and soon afterwards, she responded fierily and fondly. Then her entire lovely body went limp in her sweetheart’s bosom.

This made Long Yi unwilling to stop, and his hands followed the curvature of Leng Youyou’s skin which felt like silk. As he traced her body from her face to her waist, he felt as if he was touching silk, her silk like skin felt amazing as it felt as though he was touching the best quality silk in the world. Finally reaching her buttocks, Long Yi rubbed and pinched the mellow and full buttocks which was white as snow.

Leng Youyou gasped for breath as the fire of lust she had suppressed for many days raged throughout her body, the yearning for Long Yi since he disappeared into the cold pond turned into lust. She tore apart Long Yi’s clothes with her two clumsy little hands which made it seem awkward, but her small hands immediately caressed and stroke Long Yi’s sturdy body as soon as she got his clothes off.

“Ah, my husband.” Leng Youyou’s charming body stiffened, and her ** suddenly clamped. Long Yi’s wolf claw had actually entered her secret place silently and was stirring up the young girl’s most embarrassing delicate flesh. With frequent rubbing of the red bean she had on top of her forbidden place, as he played with it, making her feel even better.

This young girl’s charming body was so sensitive. She felt a burst of numbing sensation coming from the lower part of her body as she went limp, unable to do anything in Long Yi’s grasp. A fine syrup was continuously seeping out, thoroughly wetting her beloved’s big hand. Leng Youyou was not satisfied, and her small jade hands actually reached out towards the direction of Long Yi’s big weapon under his hip. She thought, “Smelly husband, for making me feel so shameful, I will also definitely let you taste how it feels.” She caught Long Yi’s that thick, long and hard **, and the burning hot feeling came through it nearly caused her to lose her consciousness.

With Leng Youyou’s that jade hand lightly teasing him, Long Yi felt pleasure all over his body. He moved his mouth beside Leng Youyou’s exquisite ear and lightly blew into it, “Youyou, you’re really great.”

Hearing her sweetheart’s praise, Leng Youyou began putting in more effort to please him. But because of how Long Yi was teasing her everywhere, her little hand which was holding Long Yi’s burning hot ** couldn’t help but tighten.

Long Yi who was enjoying himself, due to the additional effort Leng Youyou was putting in, became unable to suppress himself anymore.He picked her up, and quickly moved to that black lotus. Moving his waist forward, his thick, long and hard standing erect ** penetrated Leng Youyou’s delicate **. That tight and warm feeling made Long Yi unable to hold himself back any longer. Without wasting any time he stirred her up.

After a long while, Leng Youyou was now physically paralyzed in Long Yi’s bosom, with a shade of pink covering her whole body.

Long Yi caressed Leng Youyou, making her enjoy the **’s aftertaste. After a long time, Leng Youyou lightly sighed with infinite complacent, and just like a kitten, she curled up and withdrew herself in Long Yi’s bosom.

Sweetly holding each other in their arms, Leng Youyou began to tell Long Yi the experiences she had these days. Originally, after Long Yi had jumped into the cold pond, she had continuously waited bitterly for him at the pond side. However, even after waiting for a long time for him to come back, she didn’t even manage to catch a glimpse of him anywhere in the pond. Feeling as though something bad happened to Long Yi, she couldn’t help but panic. She became unable to swallow her food due to worry, she became unable to sleep soundly at night. Every day she just waited idiotically watching the cold pond, and had quite a few illusions appear.

Approximately after half-a-month, Leng Youyou’s anxiety finally affected her health as she fell ill. In her mind, she clearly knew that if things go on like this, even if Long Yi really came back, he would only be able to see her corpse. In order to divert her attention, Leng Youyou began to explore the other regions outside, and had battle of wits and strength against dark magical beasts. She even managed to kill many high leveled dark magical beasts. Soon after, she accidentally found this cave. Out of curiosity, she entered the cave and found this Black Lotus, which was emitting a super strong dark aura, which immediately caught her attention. Leng Youyou instantly knew that this Black Lotus was a treasure, and her first thought was to pick the Black Lotus for her own use. But who would have thought that, although this Black Lotus was a plant, it also knew how to attack. Caught off guard, Leng Youyou was seriously injured under the attack of this Black Lotus. Just like how there would be no stories without some coincidences along the way, Leng Youyou’s blood which contained dark aura was sprayed onto this Black Lotus. This actually allowed her to accidentally complete a blood contract with it.

After that, Leng Youyou found out not only could this Black Lotus be used as a weapon, but her cultivation speed inside it was also strangely very fast. After that, she excitedly returned back to the cold pond. She left behind a map and some words telling Long Yi how to find the cave, and immediately went back. She began to cultivate inside the Black Lotus day and night. Now, she had already reached the realm of Dark Archmage, and was only a step away from reaching Dark Master Archmage.

after listening to the narration of Leng Youyou, Long Yi’s heart ached. As a matter of fact, after seeing this girl missing him to the point where she almost fell ill, how could he not be touched, how could he not love her dearly? He was also sincerely happy for her fortuitous encounter. He had never thought that he would accidentally get the Violent Lightning Beast this SS-class super magical beast, and Leng Youyou would also receive this stunning Black Lotus by using blood contract. Sometimes, fate was an intriguing thing. Originally when they fell down into the space rift hugging each other, never did they once consider that the difficult beginning they had in this space was to foreshadow the arrival of their good fortune. Now, not only did they greatly increase their strength, they even had a blissful relationship with each other.

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Thinking about this, Long Yi suddenly began to worry about Lu Xiya and Barbarian Bull. He didn’t know how long it had already been in Lost city, whether they had already left the Huangmang plain, or already……..

Thinking up to here, Long Yi shook his head, and discarded these type of thoughts. He could only pray for them inside his heart for them not to meet with some kind of unfortunate accident. For the first time in life, Long Yi sincerely prayed to the Dark God.

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