Chapter 31: Depending Only On Oneself

Ye Ying supported He Jiamin’s arm as they returned after a visit to the hospital, and they were just in time for the night’s self-study session when the bell rang.

The classroom of the eighth graders in class 2 was situated on the third floor. When the two arrived outside the classroom, the noise from within immediately quietened down as their gazes fell onto Ye Ying.

A few of the girls who were not on good terms with Ye Ying were the first to chuckle, and once they did so, light chuckles could be heard from all around within the classroom.

Tan Wei was seen running from her seat before she grabbed Ye Ying by the arm to pull her outside. “Ying Ying, I’ve something to tell you outside.” Teacher Ke had yet to arrive, so she had to inform Ye Ying as quickly as possible.

Ye Ying could not help but raise a brow before pouting as she asked, “Did something happen?”

Why did the gazes she received from the class not feel quite right?

“Bad news!” Tan Wei spoke anxiously. Pressing her throat, she went on, “I’m not sure where Zhang Bin found that love letter, but he was called to the principal’s office not too long ago. You should go and take a look.”

Love letter? Love letter?!

Ye Ying was stunned for a second. Once she finally processed the situation in her mind, her expression changed; her eyes widened and she shook uncontrollably.

In the Principal’s office, Sun Dongqing shook with steam. If not for Ye Zifan tightly holding her back, she would have already torn up Zhang Bin who handed in the love letter.

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Because she was not able to reprimand Zhang Bin, she directed her rage at Ye Jian and she scolded, “What did our family do to you, to the point where you need to do this to your younger sister and destroy her future!”

“So it seems Aunt Dongqing understands that such a thing can destroy one’s future,” Ye Jian smirked indifferently, her expression cold and her black eyes icy cold. “Of course you do! Aunt, if you wish to destroy my future, then you being my aunt means nothing!”

Her eyes were extremely cold, and behind those eyes was exposed a faint sense of hatred.

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“How, how, how could you think…” Sun Dongqing shouted, even more loudly than before. Gazing directly into Ye Jian’s eyes, her heart sank all of a sudden as the ruthless words which she had meant to say had no way of leaving her mouth.

Witnessing things up to here, Principal Chen already had a faint understanding of what was going on. When a rabbit becomes anxious, it bites back at the handler. Apparently, the child Ye Jian was doing a counterattack.

Seeing Ye Zifan’s dark face as if it were covered by clouds, Principal Chen spoke deeply, “Student Zhang Bin, you may return to the classroom. On your way, tell Student Ye Ying to make a trip to my office.” It was time to see how Student Ye Ying would go about with the explanations.

Hopefully, that outstanding student’s character would be just as good as her grades.

Once Teacher Ke heard that he was planning on keeping her here and not giving her a chance to leave, both her legs turned weak and she could taste the bitterness in her mouth.

Outside the office’s door, Ye Ying took a deep breath and was about to knock on the door. But the door which was tightly shut and which showed no sign of opening suddenly pulled open, startling Ye Ying who was adjusting her mental state, and she choked a little to give a cough.

When Zhang Bin saw her, he opened the door fully and took large strides as he left.

After identifying that the sound had been made by Ye Ying, Sun Dongqing rushed out to her and hugged her while crying out loud, “Ying Ying, you were wronged, my poor child ah…” From afar, she seemed to be crying, but she quickly whispered into her daughter’s ear, “Push all the deeds to that damned lass, and absolutely do not say that the lover letter was written by you! Rest assured, you have me and your father!”

“But if…” Ye Ying panicked a little. How was she going to push the deed to Ye Jian! The love letter was indeed written by her!

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