Chapter 32: Ye Ying’s Ruthlessness

But of course, a mother knows her daughter well. Hearing her flustered tone, Sun Dongqing turned gloomy and whispered ruthlessly, “Unless you wish to stop schooling! Otherwise…”

Principal Chen was quite unfamiliar with Ye Ying, but the first thing he would look at on a person would be the expression in their eyes to garner a first impression.

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The principal, who was observing secretly, smiled and pointed gently at the love letter submitted by Zhang Bin before asking with no sense of urgency, “Student Ye Ying, I’m sure you have an idea what this letter is.”

“I do.” Ye Ying lowered her gaze. With both her fists clenched tightly, her voice quivered as she went on, “I wrote that letter on behalf of Ye Jian. Principal, if you wish to punish me…then so be it. Because of my incompetence to stop my sister, please punish me and not her.”

Principal Chen closed his eyes gently. It was not hard to say, but he was truly disappointed with this outstanding student.

When he reopened his mouth to speak, a dampened tone sounded, “Oh, then why don’t you tell me why there’s a need for you to help her write, instead of her writing it herself?”

“Ha, Principal, you may not know but that niece of mine, her handwriting is just atrocious. With that kind of handwriting, there’s no way she can write a love letter on her own.” Sun Dongqing was pleased with her daughter’s cool-headedness, and so it shall be!

Without admitting it, there was nothing the school could do unless she was forced into doing so.

Under Principal Chen’s eyes, Ye Ying pursed her lips but nodded a moment later. She did not have to open her mouth to show that she silently accepted what her mother had said.

Sun Dongqing gradually got up from her seat and went on to reaffirm her daughter’s words, “Principal, my Ying Ying never tells lies and is a very honest child. Just look at her grades, always very good!”

Teacher Ke was already looking up as she rubbed her forehead when Ye Ying went with the flow. Who would have known… that the adult was no better than the child!

“Learning—yes, she’s excellent. But as for conduct…” Principal Chen paused slightly before shooting a glance, “Ye Jian, ask away! I shall see whether even with me here, others would still dare to wrong you!”

That completely meant that he was standing at Ye Jian’s side.

Ye Ying’s heart was pounding nonstop with a desire to rush out of the principal’s office. Under the pressure of being accused, she clutched her hands tightly, and her head began processing at high speed.

Principal Chen had been convinced entirely by Ye Jian. Then, she absolutely couldn’t follow accordingly with her mother’s words!

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Right after, she turned herself around to face Sun Dongqing and asked with a puzzled look on her face, “Mother, did you and father come here just to ask about some mere love letter?”

“The letter was written by me in Ye Jian’s stead no doubt, but it’s very common for girls like us to write such letters privately for ourselves to admire and read. Are you making a mountain out of a molehill again?”

Ye Jian had always been aware of how cunning that girl was, but to think that for her own sake, she would do such a thing as to destroy her mother’s reputation at such an age.

Self-centered, just like Ye Zifan.

Sun Dongqing was not able to keep up with her daughter’s rhythm and was dumbfounded. She had yet to recover when Ye Zifan filled in the silence, “Sun Dongqing, can you not keep finding trouble for my daughter!”

“Isn’t it all just a little girl writing down her thoughts into a letter? Is there really a need to make the whole world know! To think that I even had this thought that my niece did actually seduce the teacher!”

Hearing this, Ye Ying covered her mouth with her hands and gasped, “Seduce the teacher? Mom! Just what nonsense were you spouting!”

Ye Ying, with that small shocked face which seemed as if she was about to faint anytime soon, pulled Ye Jian’s hand all of a sudden and tried to explain, “Sister, I’m sure you know how my mother is. She likes to go around spouting nonsense. You should just ignore her!”

Just look at that. That was Ye Ying. She would always have a way to leave unscathed.

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