Chapter 33: Agitated

Of course, Ye Jian had never thought of using this one incident to defeat Ye Ying. Fortunately, what she wanted was simple—to erase this incident from her life and never to reappear!

This time, Sun Dongqing was faintly able to grasp the situation. At home, she was the law.

But outside, she was just a housewife who obeyed both her husband and daughter.

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In a blink of an eye, she went along, “What! This, this, this… Aiyo, this face of mine truly has been thrown, truly thrown! My original thought was to stop my niece from treading down the wrong route, but who would have thought that I was the one who misunderstood my niece.”

“Aiyoyo, I was too quick to jump to conclusions. My face truly has been thrown, truly has been thrown!”

She was quick to understand, making Ye Ying heave a sigh of relief and go to grab Ye Jian’s hand. Without stop, she apologized, “Sister, Sister, please don’t get angry. Because of my not cleaning up after you, my mother ended up misunderstanding. For that, I’ll apologize in her stead. Please forgive us, will you?”

“Sister, you’re so kind and generous; I’m sure you’ll forgive us, right? Right?”

Seeing Ye Ying who was anxious to the point where tears could flow from her eyes, Ye Jian smirked and withdrew her arm. She spoke gently,

“Just look at you, coming at me like that again. Every time you seek forgiveness from me, you will always sound so forceful. It’s like if I don’t forgive all of you, I’ll be pinned as a wicked person.”

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“Ye Ying ah, don’t take my graciousness for granted. Didn’t you say that I seduced the teacher? Then why don’t you say that in front of Principal Chen like how you dared to in front of your mother? Why don’t you dare to?”

Damn lass, she was trying to force her… force her into affirming that Ye Jian was not the one who seduced the teacher with her own mouth.

“There’s no way, no way I could have said those words.” Ye Ying shook her head as tears trickled down her cheeks nonstop. With her face flushed red, she seemed as if she was really anxious for Ye Jian, “That is impossible, there’s no way you would seduce a teacher! Definitely will never happen.”

Again, she returned to Sun Dongqing, “Mom, if you make a fuss like this again, I’ll never forgive you! My sister will never do such a thing! So stop with your nonsense!”

Principal Chen looked at the scene, and his face was already as dark as the deepest parts of the water.

A whole family bullying an orphaned girl, what a wicked bunch!

“Come, Student Ye Jian, come over to my side.” Principal Chen waved his hand before taking out a fountain pen from his chest pocket, “Write down a few characters. I would like to see if your handwriting truly is as atrocious to the point where you can’t write a love letter on your own and needed Student Ye Ying’s help.”

Ye Ying’s face immediately stiffened. Why did he still need that damn lass to write!

However, as for writing… Giving Ye Jian a push, she was secretly elated and encouraged, “Sister, do your best, don’t be afraid. You’re innocent! I know it! It’s all my mother talking nonsense. Even I am very mad at her.”

“I’m not afraid; just that what I write might cause you to be unable to find a way out of this embarrassing situation,” Ye Jian smirked as her eyes feasted on the other party’s stiffened face.

Taking the fountain pen, Ye Jian began writing a sentence smoothly and effortlessly on a piece of white paper that was spread open.
Once she placed the fountain pen down, she handed the paper over to Principal Chen and laughed, “Take a look at this. You be the judge whether I’ll need Student Ye Ying to write a love letter for me. To be honest, even I look at her handwriting in disdain.”

At this moment, Ye Ying’s stiffened face turned pale, and she secretly clenched her teeth.

“Deputy Mayor Ye, take a look at this yourself. You’re well knowledgeable and I’m sure you’ve seen quite a number of handwritings yourself.” Principal Chen immediately took Ye Jian’s paper and handed it to him, “Student Ye Ying, you have a lot to learn from Student Ye Jian.”

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