Chapter 34: Self-Destruction

Once the Deputy Mayor received the paper, he, who had no desire to speak so as to not harm his reputation, felt that his face and conduct were thrown all at once on this very day.

What in the world is this! This is atrocious?

Are you freaking blind?

Furious, Ye Zifan held the paper directly in front of Sun Dongqing’s face. With a dark face, he stood up and spoke to the principal, “Principal Chen, I still have official matters to attend to. As for school matters, I apologize for bothering you.”

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Ye Zifan stuffed the paper in his wife’s hands before gnashing his teeth at her, “Damn it! I followed you here just to embarrass myself! And to think that you even dragged your daughter down!” With that, he left.

“Yes, yes, yes, today I truly am an embarrassment. Aiya, this is…” After taking a closer look at the paper, Sun Dongqing was stunned without words.

Now that the responsibilities were all taken by Sun Dongqing, Ye Ying felt a lot calmer, but upon seeing her mother receive such a blow after looking at the paper, she began to worry again, “Mum, no need to keep blaming yourself anymore, Sister will…”

Her vision landed on the paper, and her eyes instantly widened. How was it possible! How could that be Ye Jian’s handwriting!

The paper gently fell from her hand, exposing the fresh and clear characters on it.

A person’s handwriting defines oneself. Those seemingly beautiful strokes that ended perfectly, subtle in every aspect.

Ye Jian gently stretched out her hand and scooped the paper up before it reached the floor. Giving a laugh which sent chills down Ye Ying’s spine, Ye Jian spoke, “Do I still need you to help me write my love letter? Ye Ying, what you’re really doing here is destroying your own image with your own hands. Stay here obediently and explain everything honestly to the principal.”

Right this moment, Ye Ying hated herself for not being able to faint. Fainting would have been better than being ridiculed by the person she despised.

Back in the classroom for the night self-study session, Ye Jian could not escape the attention of the whole class as they stared at her. She was a stranger, yet she was someone whom they knew. The smile hanging on the edge of Ye Jian’s lips stayed.

Everything was finally in the past, and she no longer had to be afraid. There was no need for her to worry anymore, for she had finally taken her first and yet most difficult step forward.

Sitting right by her desk was none other than her table partner Zhang Bin.

“Thank you, Zhang Bin.” Thank you for standing up for me and doing justice.

In her past life, she owed him her thanks. So in this lifetime, she definitely must say it to him personally.

Ye Jian looked up. Her eyes glistened as she thanked solemnly with a warm smile, “Thank you, very, very, much!”

Zhang Bin laughed. His eyes clearly reflected the blooming Ye Jian, and with a plain face, he spoke in delight, “You really changed a lot. And your appearance —definitely much better than before.”

A simple yet honest compliment. Ye Jian smiled with her eyes and again said her thanks tearily.

Because of his help, Ye Ying’s image was no longer as clean as jade. The matter regarding her writing a love letter to the teacher would forever be a stain in her schooling life.

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“What’s there to thank for? I just couldn’t stand how she usually bullied you. Shh, the teacher’s already here…” The boy who was speaking immediately sat upright and stopped whispering.

Ye Jian followed and lowered her head as she opened an English book. In no time, she had blended in and begun her career as a student.

The night gradually crept in. The lights in the school went off and all was quiet. But occasionally, some stray cats would roam the area, giving out ear-piercing cries.

After an evening meeting and dealing with the incident regarding Teacher Ke, Principal Chen did not go to sleep. He was still in his office gazing at his office landline and looking down at his wristwatch.

As he waited for the landline to ring, the scene that occured in the evening could not help but resurface in his mind.

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