Chapter 35: Principal Chen’s Identity

While obeying the military’s arrangement to remain in the town’s middle school, it was the first time Principal Chen felt at a loss because of a student.

Student Ye Jian, an eighth-grader from class 2, brought about shock and at the same time, opened his eyes to a dazzling star which was rising slowly. She did not hide that ability of hers, and used it in a way to make every student in this school take notice of her, standing out from everyone else.

Such an extraordinary student. Lodging under another person’s roof, she had to suppress her own ability and survive in the cracks, yet she did not seek to settle down. Truly, he could not help but sympathize with her.

When there was no path left for her, she could no longer endure and finally released her ability. This was one way to make everyone in the school, teachers and students, remember her debut.

Still, credit has to be given where credit is due. He had really wanted to thank Deputy Mayor Ye and his entire family for their onslaught, or the diamond would never have been refined.

The quiet landline suddenly rang, interrupting Principal Chen’s thoughts, and he picked up the handset. The aura he had in the day instantly vanished, and a steel-like aura immediately emanated from around him. “I am Chen Dongfeng.”

The vague voice from the other end of the line sounded with the same bone-chilling tone, “Be there in five minutes.”

“Understood!” Principal Chen hung up the phone and picked up the black jacket which was hanging on the backrest of his office chair before switching off the office lights. He, who was no less than 1.8 meters tall, was quickly enveloped by the darkness.

Principal Chen headed straight behind the office stairs. That was the school’s freezer, constructed for and invested in by the military.

Everyone knew that the school had constructed a freezer to store fresh meat, vegetables, and fruits to ensure the quality of the school meals, but no one actually knew that it was built for the purpose of being a fuel depot station.

In logistics, there is always a need for indemnity; the military would never store all its eggs in a single basket.

For however long Principal Chen had to stay being the principal, then however long he had to safeguard the freezer.

Nobody knew that such a calm and dull middle school principal was actually a retired world-class sniper.

Unlike Principal Chen, those soldiers who came before did not know.

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Here, there was not only a world-class sniper. There was also a 70-year-old senior whom even a captain would salute—a Chief Sergeant 1st Class.

From the passenger seat, the Deputy Company Commander jumped to the group before taking small quick steps to the already waiting Principal Chen. Giving him a salute, he went straight to the point, “Sorry to trouble you again, Sir, but due to the recent strain on our fuel reservoir, future reserves will come later than usual.”

“When war breaks out, resources will, of course, be strained,” Principal Chen commented. Rwanda in 1994, Yugoslavia and Bosnia in 1995—those three wars which greatly impacted the globe.

In the past few years, the Chinese had stepped up its military power to safeguard its borders in fear of others provoking the nation’s prestige.

Being an arms transit between the North and South, Fu Jun Town must be able to supply fuel reserves, and its stock must be immediately replenished without major delay.

The oil depot in Fu Jun Town was located in the basement.  All was dark below, and there was no light source.

To prevent the risk of fire due to a short-circuit, the depot for the storage of fuel was not installed with electrical lights.

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The soldier who jumped down to retrieve fuel wore a headlamp. His movement was swift, and he quickly delivered the tanks one after another.

Around twenty minutes later, the truck started again and slowly left the school grounds.

The sound of the truck engine slowly drifted off into the distance, and only until Ye Jian could no longer hear it did she finally close her eyes.

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