Chapter 309: F*ck you to death

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A trace of a complicated smile appeared on the beautiful face of Han Yan and she softly said: “Indeed, I truly underestimated you.”

Long Yi enjoyed Han Yan’s private part’s **, but a trace of killing intent involuntarily emerged in his heart, as she had now already realized the matter of him being not affected by that curse. Long Zhan and others were still mistakenly believing that he was under their control and were making arrangement considering this point. One could imagine that Long Zhan definitely regarded this point as a very important chip, so at that time, when meeting plot with a plot, Long Yi could definitely make Long Zhan suffer an unexpected failure. But if this matter was learned by Long Zhan in advance, then he will have time to rearrange, and then think of other sinister moves which would be very unfavorable for Long Yi.

“Do you want to kill me?” Han Yan who was veteran in reading the expression of people could feel the killing intent of Long Yi.

“I indeed have this thought.” Long Yi ruthlessness was extremely terrifying, he will never be soft towards his enemies, even women were no exception.

Han Yan clamped the waist of Long Yi with her legs, she knew that Long Yi would do what he had just said, but she found this somewhat comical. This man who was saying he would kill her however was doing intimate things with her right now.

“Mmm…if I pledge I will not tell anyone that you are not affected by the curse, then will you let me go?” Han Yan moaned, gradually feeling a bit of pleasure from the sprint of Long Yi.

“I don’t believe your pledge, I only know that if this matter spread out, then my Ximen clan will have to pay a considerably big price.” Long Yi rejected without the slightest hesitation.

“Then I can do nothing about it, you want to kill me then kill, but can you fulfill my one request?” Han Yan softly sighed, and a trace of a bitter smile appeared on her face.

“What request?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows.

Han Yan stretched out her hands, and clinging to the neck of Long Yi, she softly said in Long Yi’s ears: “Before I die, make me…make me happy.”

Eh……, Long Yi was startled, suddenly he felt that this woman was different from the common run, if she didn’t preserve to some extent, then her nerve must be not too normal. And he felt that this complicated woman should be reliable to some extent.

“Are you not even agreeing to this request? Or, you simply won’t?” Han Yan stimulated Long Yi with her bewitching eyes.

“Don’t stimulate me, although this is your first time, but you are still a b*tch in the bones, now enjoy this.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Long Yi began to use his skill in many types of combat, and without giving any consideration, he teased Han Yan’s all sensitive places. Moreover, sometimes, he sprinted gently and slowly as if a spring breeze, and sometimes, he sprinted rapidly as if a torrential rain. But this woman was truly not someone an ordinary man would dare to accept, her **, sometimes loosen and sometimes tightens in succession, which forced Long Yi to use his internal force to endure, otherwise, he would have already died from excessive ejac*lation.

The sound of flesh slapping with each other became intense, and Han Yan had already begun to twitch. Now her entire snow-white skin had a pink layer, moreover, specks of sparkling and crystal-clear beads of sweats were tickling down her body, making her look extra sexy and enchanting, swaying the will of Long Yi.

Suddenly, Han Yan let out a long resonant moan from her red lips, and just like an octopus, she tightly coiled around Long Yi, while trembling nonstop. Her entire muscles stretched tight and she felt as if her soul had floated out from her body, reaching to the place high in the clouds, and even her mind became rather blurred. Moreover, a kind of unusual fragrance began to fill the room, this fragrance was strong but not pungent, bold and unrestrained but again there was no sentiments.

After a good while, the body of Han Yan slowly loosened, her three souls and six vigor began to return to her body, and she still leisurely exhaled fragrance. Then opening her hazy eyes, she looked at Long Yi and said: “This feeling is truly wonderful, now I won’t have any regret even if I die, you can start.”

Long Yi was startled, and a little bit of rift appeared in his heart. This woman whom he had just finished having the pleasure of close intimacy in a couple and had reached the apex together, but now, he had to personally end her life, so he was somewhat absentminded, could he truly do that?

Long Yi stretched his big hand towards the neck of Han Yan, which was similar to that time. At that time, he had personally ended the lives of Fox clan mother and daughter who had schemed against him, but the circumstance of this time was very different.

He slowly tightened his grip, and Long Yi felt the slender neck of Han Yan was becoming stiff, as long as he put forth his strength, this beautiful neck would be crushed, and this bewitching smile will disappear forever from this world.

Kill? Not kill? Long Yi however found that he was not as ruthless as he had thought, it was truly too hard for him to kill this woman with whom he just had the sexual intercourse, moreover, the course was too wonderful for words, but thinking that she might spread the matter of him being not affected by the curse, he hardened his heart.

Jiejiejie, a strange laughter suddenly resounded within his sea of consciousness, and a shadow slowly condensed therein.

“Boy, I advise you to not kill her, as you don’t necessarily need to kill her.” The shadow said in a creepy voice.

“Why?” Long Yi asked.

“This woman is very useful to you, and she will definitely not leak your matter. Oh, I spoke too much, now I am so tired, I am going to sleep now.” The shadow disappeared without a trace after speaking.

“Hey, hey, old ghost, brother, make it clear.” Long Yi screamed in his heart, but that shadow didn’t even make a single sound.

“Your grandpa, what the hell, intentionally leaving me hanging?” Long Yi muttered, then hesitating for a bit, he loosened his hand.

Han Yan confusedly looked at Long Yi, just now, she had sensed dense killing intent from Long Yi, but how come he suddenly let her go, could it be that he truly was fascinated by her? Han Yan had some complacent thoughts.

“I am not killing you, lascivious b*tch, for the time being, I will believe in you that you will not leak out that matter.” Long Yi sighed and said, in fact, he only believed that shadow within his body, not Han Yan.

“You should think clearly, I and you are from the hostile camp.” Han Yan said with a smile.

“If I said I will not kill, then I will not kill, why are you talking so much nonsense?” Long Yi said in annoyance, and suddenly his sluggish little brother still within Han Yan, at this time, began to become burning hot and hard.

“Hee hee, in fact, you can’t kill me even if you want to kill, unless……” Feeling the burning hot thing within her body, Han Yan said with a bewitching smile.

“Unless what?” Seeing the confident expression of Han Yan, Long Yi began to believe in the words of the shadow, this woman was really not simple.

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Han Yan again clung to the neck of Long Yi, then licking the earlobe of Long Yi, she blew inside his ear and said: “Unless……you f*ck me to death.”

The breathing of Long Yi instantly become rapid, this b*tch, truly was more bewitching compared to thousand years fox spirit. He gritted his teeth and said: “Then, today, I will f*ck you to death.”

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