Chapter 308: Truly plucking

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Long Yi didn’t believe her lies, but, it would be ineffective to use force against this kind of woman, so now, all of a sudden, he didn’t know what to do with her.

In accordance with the thinking of normal people, roughly everybody would think that the matter of last time was the doing of Long Zhan, but analyzing carefully, this matter was not that simple. If Ximen Nu were to die suddenly, the greatest beneficiary nevertheless would be Proud Moon Empire. But the matter persistently causing contradiction was the three-way relation of Liu Shi, black-robed person and Han Yan. At the very beginning, Long Yi thought that Han Yan and Liu Shi were in the same group, belonging to the dark forces behind Long Zhan, but, if the incident of this time was the plot of Dark Church, then how did Han Yan know about that? Could it be that she was a double agent?

Seeing Long Yi was frowning lost in the thoughts, Han Yan couldn’t help giggling and said: “Young Master Ximen doesn’t need to mind, tomorrow however is your wedding day, so you should return as soon as possible and rest, otherwise if you fail to explode tomorrow night then you will certainly lose your face.”

“I will fail to explode? Do you want to try me?” Long Yi was irritated looking at Han Yan on her bed. This girl was truly difficult to deal with, could it be that she was infatuated with his handsome face, but Long Yi knew that this kind of woman simply might not have such feelings, everything was just appearance.

“Come, I fear you don’t have guts.” Han Yan lifted the quilt revealing her **, inviting him to taste her.

Long Yi laughed evilly, this woman had already said that he didn’t have guts several times now, which truly made him lose his face, did she really think that he didn’t dare to do her? Long Yi immediately pounced on her, firmly pushing down Han Yan.

Han Yan slightly closed her eyes and slightly raise her head, then her pink lips let out deadly alluring fragrance.

“Whether I have guts or not, you will understand very soon.” Long Yi raised the chin of Han Yan with one hand and he used his remaining hand to knead and pinch her **. Now a pleasure of bullying emerged in his heart.

Han Yan snorted and said: “As long as you don’t regret, you can do as you wish with this little woman.” While speaking, Han Yan began to caress Long Yi’s sturdy back and buttocks with her jade hands.

Now that this woman had already said so, Long Yi also wasn’t polite, he lowered his head and kissed her, then his tongue forced into her mouth, violently conquering her again and again without any tender and consideration.

The response of Han Yan was also very enthusiastic but was somewhat not-smooth outside his expectation. Long Yi however thought, this woman had a deep understanding of men, so she was intentionally putting on naïve airs to stimulate him.

In an instant, Han Yan who was only in her sexy lingerie was completely stripped naked, revealing her **, and towering **’s rosy pearls. The lower part of her body had neat and dark thick clumps of grass which were alluring to the extreme.

The atmosphere instantly became obscene, and everything in front of the eyes appears to have changed into ambiguous pink color. The temperature also rose, making Long Yi feel as if he was in a big stove, and the fire of lust burned away his remaining reason.

Han Yan breathed heavily, and along with her breathing, her ** rose and fall, which drowned people causing them to be incapable of breathing.

Long Yi took off all his clothing, and his hard and long little brother full of manliness showed its power and prestige.

“Ah, so big.” The bewitching eyes of Han Yan blurred, seeing the asset of Long Yi was so rich, she couldn’t help but exclaim.

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“Big? In a moment, you will experience its benefit.” Long Yi smirked and said. Then he overbearingly spread open the legs of Han Yan, and her enchanting place was completely presented in front of him.

When Long Yi pressed against the charming body of Han Yan, wanting to drive straight onto Huanglong like a hot knife cutting through butter, the waist of Han Yan however swayed, causing the failure of the first attack of Long Yi.

“I…we shouldn’t do like this.” Han Yan appeared to be somewhat panicked and she unexpectedly retreated before even fighting.

“Shouldn’t do like this? It’s already too late.” Long Yi smirked and said, then holding the waist of Han Yan, he pressed his little brother forward, and when less than half of his little brother had already entered her warm and moist **, Long Yi nearly let out a moan feeling pleasure.

Han Yan hissed in pain, and firmly biting her lower lip, she said: “I hope you will not regret this in the future.”

“Rest assured, the word ‘regret’ isn’t in my dictionary.” Long Yi laughed, then put forth his strength to move forward, and feeling as if his little brother seemed to have broken through a layer of obstruction, his little brother completely entered inside her. And amazedly he felt as if his little brother entered a sheath made of soft flesh, which loosened for a moment and tightened for another moment. This made him feeling as if his soul was being sucked out, could it be that this was the legendary divine artifact?

Han Yan nevertheless hissed in pain and her beautiful face become pale, as she felt pain as if the lower part of her body was ripped in two half.

“You were truly a virgin?” Long Yi exclaimed in great surprise, as he understood that he seemed to have broken through her hymen. This world shouldn’t have hymen restoration technique yet, but this bitch-like woman, how could she be a virgin? He looked down and saw a blood was seeping out from the place where they were connected.

“Are you regretting? But it’s already too late.” Han Yan mimicked the tone of Long Yi and said with a smile, but that smile however appeared somewhat weak due to the pain.

Long Yi’s smile suddenly stiffened, then looking away, he just opened his mouth to say something, but he suddenly felt a suction force from the place where they were connected, and a little bit of yin aura entered into his body via his little brother.

Long Yi frowned, this woman wants to display her trick, could it be that it was similar to Beitang Yu of last time? She was using women’s most original weapon to set up a trap.

AoTian Jue and internal force of Long Yi wrapped around the yin aura that had entered his body, but this yin qi nevertheless wasn’t afraid of his internal force, it instantly broke through his defense, then circulating a lap around his body, it again turn back the same way from his little brother.

“What the hell did you do?” Long Yi was somewhat startled, although he could feel that this aura didn’t have any attribute, but he knew this had come out from Han Yan.

But at this moment, Han Yan had shocked expression, and with even paler complexion, she muttered: “This……how could this be? How is this possible?”

Long Yi raised the chin of Han Yan, then ferociously pulling out his little brother, he began pounding her, then asked ferociously: “What exactly did you do to me?”

Han Yan groaned in pain and looking at Long Yi with her beautiful face, she said: “You don’t have a dark curse, how could you not have a curse?”

Long Yi suddenly laughed: “Little trick of shrewd insects, nothing more, do you all think that the curse planted in the body of Beitang Yu will be enough to deal with me?

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