Chapter 307: Flower thief

“Yu’er, what’s wrong? Mother just had a small accident, after resting some days, I will be fine.” Upon seeing this, Dongfang Wan hastily said, and she immediately reached out her somewhat ice-cold hand and pulled the big hand of Long Yi.

“This son is unfilial, I let mother get injured.” Long Yi said with bitter remorse. His heart had already regarded Dongfang Wan as his own mother long ago, so he naturally felt remorseful.

“Silly child, this is not your fault, as long as you and your father are fine, even if mother was to die, I will have no regret.” Dongfang Wan sat up, and pulling Long Yi’s head into her bosom, she caressed him as if he was a child.

Dongfang Wan had a ‘pleasant to smell’ fragrance, it was very warm and also very gentle, which made Long Yi feel very comfortable. This was the flavor of a mother. Long Yi, a seven feet tall man, at this moment, as if a child, lied in the bosom of Dongfang Wan, and drawing on this warmth to his heart content, his heart feel at ease. He had never experienced this kind of blessed feeling in his previous incarnation. And this kind of happiness made him feel bitter in his heart. He finally understood the meaning of the children’s song of his previous life: In this world, having a mother is good, and a child with mother is like a piece of treasure…….a child without mother is like a grass.

Long Yi made a vow in his heart, he will never let anyone hurt his mother although he was only stealing her motherly love.

After a good while, Long Yi wanted to get up from the bosom of Dongfang Wan, but Dongfang Wan held him and said sadly: “Yu’er, let mother hold you for a while, mother has not held you like this for a long time. In a blink of an eye, you have grown into such a big man from a wimpy little kid, mother truly has grown old.”

Long Yi obediently didn’t move, and in his mind, the scene of Ximen Yu growing through childhood to maturity reappeared. All along, he had grown up under the doting of Dongfang Wan. Although he opposed this kind of doting, but he also yearned for this kind of doting feeling. That must be extremely blessed feeling. Ximen Yu, this brat truly didn’t appreciate the happy life he enjoyed.

“Tomorrow, you are marring the princess of Nalan Empire, and soon after that, you have to leave. I wonder when mother can see you again.” Dongfang Wan softly sighed while caressing the head of Long Yi. It could be said that her son and her husband was her everything. The very movement, her son was born, her son occupied a large proportion of her heart, and had exceeded Ximen Nu to some extent.

“Mother, don’t worry, you son will return as quickly as possible.” Long Yi consoled.

“Silly child, don’t worry too much about mother, after a small bird has become fully fledged, it always wants to fly out. My Yu’er is an extraordinary personage, how can mother bind you beside me?” Dongfang Wan proudly said. She also hoped her son to become a dragon, becoming someone who common people look up to, and the current Ximen Yu already have this kind of qualification.

Long Yi was moved in his heart, motherly love was deep as a sea and always be the world’s most selfless love.

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Dongfang Wan gently pushed Long Yi, then holding his face with her hand, she looked at him, feeling satisfied and gratified. She believed that, one day, her son will stand at the peak of this world and look down at all living creatures. She didn’t know why, but she had this feeling.

“It’s late, go and rest, mother cannot participate in the wedding ceremony of tomorrow, so you have to take care of everything.” Dongfang Wan said.

Long Yi nodded and thought about the injury of Dongfang Wan inflicted on her by the cold douqi of Li Qing. If the cold qi remained within her body without dispersing, then not only it would be difficult to recover, moreover, she might have repercussions too.

“Mother, let your son try to expel the cold qi from your body.” Long Yi said. He grabbed rather ice-cold hand of Dongfang Wan, then send in a wisp of true qi within her meridians. Sure enough, there were a lot of cold qi remained around her kidney, if it remained there for too long, then she might have a kidney failure and this wasn’t a joke.

Long Yi send a large amount of true qi into the body of Dongfang Wan from the hand he had grabbed to force out cold qi, and he placed his another hand above her kidney to suck out the cold qi. This moment, no matter whether that was AoTianJue or magic, Long Yi was on the brink of achieving a breakthrough, so his strength was high, therefore, it was rather easy to expel this small amount of cold qi and it didn’t take much time too.

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Not long after, Long Yi stopped his technique, but his hand above the kidney of Dongfang Wan was already covered with a layer of ice, so he simply used fire magic, to change this layer of ice into vapor.

“Now, it’s fine, mother, rest well.” Long Yi helped Dongfang Wan to lie down with a smile, then covering her with a quilt, he walked out of the door.

Outside the door, Long Yi saw Ximen Nu was still standing in the courtyard, and under the illumination of the moonlight, his eyes especially appeared dazzling.

Seeing Long Yi had come out, Ximen Nu coldly snorted without speaking, clearly was still minding about the matter of Li Qing.

“Father, it’s already late, you should go and have a rest.” Long Yi said, then he passed by Ximen Nu. He knew that with the character of Ximen Nu, even if he had already forgiven him in his heart, because of the prestige of senior, he will keep on maintaining such expression.

The guess of Long Yi was right, after he passed by, Ximen Nu turned around and looking at his back view, his eyes glimmered with affection.

When he returned to his courtyard, Long Yi suddenly stopped his steps, then he muttered: “Han Yan, that lascivious bitch, how did she knew the accident of Ximen mansion? Could it be that she instigate it? Or she had an unusual relationship with that instigator behind the scene?”

The figure of Liu Shi appeared in his mind, next the scene of Liu Shi coming into contact with that mysterious black robed person appeared. In the end what relation did they have with Han Yan? And what kind of organization did she belong?

Thinking this, Long Yi turned around and flew towards Beauty Shop.

This moment, the lady’s chamber of Han Yan was already pitch black, there was not even a bit of sound, presumably, she had already fallen asleep. Long Yi hesitated, still floating down, he gently pushed, but the door of Han Yan’s room unexpectedly opened with a squeak. As the eyes of Long Yi had night vision, he could see that someone was lying down on the big bed with a curtain, and it was quiet inside the bed curtain.

Long Yi walked forward, and slowly reaching out his hand towards the bed, he slowly lifted up the curtain. Suddenly, a sweet fragrance assailed his nostrils, and a beauty as if a snake entangled on him from behind, making him fall on the soft bed.

“Young Master Ximen came to **?” The pink lips of Han Yan blew scorching hot fragrance beside the ear of Long Yi, and her towering breasts also rubbed against the back of Long Yi.

Ears were not only the sensitive place of women, men were also the same. Long Yi involuntarily reacted.

Long Yi grabbed Han Yan’s pink arm, then turning over, he pushed down Han Yan, moreover, his hard little brother unscrupulously pressed against her underbelly, invading **.

Long Yi didn’t know whether it was his misconception or not, but Han Yan seemed to have cowered for an instant, but very quickly, she entangled with him, moreover, pushed her underbelly forward, unexpectedly making little brother of Long Yi slid into the space between her legs covered with indecent pants, then she clamped her legs. After that, she would grind sometimes, and she would stir up sometimes, but that feeling was truly too wonderful, giving Long Yi incomparable stimulation.

“Bitch.” Long Yi fire of lust rose, and with his one hand, he grabbed Han Yan’s **, and with another hand, he supported her ** to facilitate the movement of his little brother.

“You…do you truly dare to do me? Do not regret afterwards.” Han Yan said while panting. Feeling that burning hot rod-shaped thing was forcing its way through the crevice of her lower body, she doubted the action of Long Yi, as with their pants on, how could he directly attack her?

“Why don’t I dare, you are not a chaste woman or an upright woman, and I am also not a dog-ass gentleman, so in making love with mutual consent, why would I regret?” Long Yi said while kneading and pinching Han Yan’s soft and elastic breasts.

“Although I am not a chaste woman or an upright woman, but my body is pure, if you are not afraid of trouble, then come.” Han Yan said and began tearing the clothing of Long Yi.

Long YI was startled hearing her words, she has a pure body? How was that possible? He had never seen any virgin woman who was so flirtatious, no, there was Mea Empress Lian Xin too, but Mea Empress was high level bewitching fox lady of fox clan, so it was not surprising at all for her to be so flirtatious, but this Han Yan was not too credible.

But, if she was truly a virgin, then it would be hard to avoid the pressure, as he wouldn’t be able to deny that he was the one that took her virginity, moreover, he would have a strong possessive desire if she was a virgin. But if she wasn’t a virgin, then it would not be a problem just to play around with her, otherwise Long Yi definitely have to keep her beside him, because he absolutely cannot bear the woman he had touched first to be touched by other people. Like that, it would be hard to be cautious with her, moreover, the identity of Han Yan was still mysterious, so he didn’t know whether she was on his enemy side or not.

Thinking this, Long Yi caught the hand of Han Yan, although he didn’t believe that her body was pure, but it truly was not necessary to have an ambiguous relationship with her.

“I know you wouldn’t dare, you don’t have guts.” Han Yan moved away, then with the wave of her hand, the magic lamps within the room lit up, instantly illuminating the room.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed with strange light. He saw that Han Yan was wearing translucent sexy lingerie, and her hair was loosely hung down. On her towering **, rosy breast pearls could be seen indistinctly. Seeing her current appearance, most people would definitely have a nosebleed. Moreover, not only was her panties transparent, the front part was also like a net, and several dark hairs bore out from it to challenge the self-control of Long Yi.

Han Yan generously spun around in front of Long Yi, then giggled: “You don’t have guts, my figure isn’t bad.”

“Yes, it’s not bad.” Long Yi indifferently replied retracting his gaze.

Han Yan laughed and sat on the bed, then using brocade quilt to cover her body, she said: “Since Young Master didn’t come to **, then why did you come?”

“Proprietress, why are you acting dumb? How did you know my home had a mishap?” Long intently watched Han Yan, thinking to discern some clue from her eyes.

But Han Yan wasn’t a rookie, disappointing Long Yi, she said in surprise: “Could it be that your home really had a mishap? Yesterday, I was only speaking carelessly, you also know that it is not very convenient for a single man and a single woman to be together late at night, so Han Yan was forced to make things up, but I have never expected for it to happen, truly is too coincident.”

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