Chapter 306: Complete submission

Long Yi raised his eyebrows, the person who had placed curse within Beitang Yu was naturally the dark force behind Long Zhan, moreover, that mysterious black-robed man had always given him misgivings, and he felt that that person was too dangerous. Could it be that this matter of controlling Li Qing was also his good deed?

If the speculation was established, then this indicates that Long Zhan had already begun to take action. But, what puzzled Long Yi was, selecting to attack tonight naturally wasn’t in accordance with Long Zhan’s character. Tomorrow was the day when he was formally marrying Princess Nalan Ruyue to complete the alliance by marriage, although both empires had already signed the agreement, but they after all still had to truly put it to action. If something had happened to Ximen Nu tonight, then that inevitably would cause chaos in Violent Dragon Empire, moreover, like that, the in-law relation of Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire would also be lacking in cohesion. Under this kind of situation, why would Proud Moon Empire fear the alliance, as long as they capture Nalan Empire, Violent Dragon Empire would sooner or later become a fat meat in its mouth.

“No, looking at it, the biggest beneficiary of tonight’s assassination is Proud Moon Empire, could it be it’s Dark Church’s doing?” Many thoughts appeared in the mind of Long Yi.

“Smelly kid, why are you in a daze, if there is nothing else, then I am going to sleep.” Seeing Long Yi lost in thought, the shadow said.

“Of course, there is a thing, at least dispel the Dark Puppet Magic on his body.” Long Yi came back to his sense and said urgently.

“Are you treating me as a servant without cost who would do whatever you ordered?” Shadow said in irritation.

“Who treat you as a servant, I treat you as a brother, still why do you like to haggle over every ounce like women?” Long Yi argued, but in fact, he was very grateful in his heart towards this shadow who was originally sealed in Demonic Stone. The shadow had helped him many times for a long time now and even had saved his life quite a few times.

“Didn’t I say don’t call me woman?” The shadow sinisterly laughed. Then a wisp of black qi shot out towards Li Qing on the ground, instantly dispelling the Dark Puppet Magic on his body.

“But you are so like a woman.” Long Yi smirked and said. But who would have thought that, just after he finished speaking, a burst of tingling pain appeared in his sea of consciousness.

“Good…good brother, stop, it’s this little brother’s fault, quickly stop.” Long Yi hastily begged for mercy.

The shadow sinisterly laughed complacently, then silently disappeared from the sea of consciousness of Long Yi.

Long Yi shook his head, it seems he needed to thinking of a way to keep this shadow in check, otherwise, he would always feel rather ill at ease.

Soon after that, Li Qing who was unconsciousness on the ground slightly moved, and slowly opening his somewhat hazy eyes, he blinked several times. After that, he suddenly stood up from the ground.

“You woke up, how do you feel? Are you fine?” Long Yi sat on the sofa and asked in concern.

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Putong, Li Qing suddenly fell heavily on his knees in front of Long Yi, then said with his hoarse voice: “Li Qing thank Young Master for saving my life, if there is the next life, then Li Qing will serve you in that life too.” Although Li Qing was controlled by Dark Puppet magic, but his consciousness still existed, and hearing Long Yi’s those words: if you want to take his life, then you have to step over my corpse, Li Qing was greatly moved.

At this moment, from the eyes of Li Qing, Long Yi could see whole-hearted loyalty towards him. The loyalty of before was only a pledge, but now, he was completely submitting from his heart.

“Get up, I saved you not because you are my servant, rather because you are my brother.” Long Yi raised his hand and an immense power pulled Li Qing up.

Brother? Li Qing murmured in his heart, and seeing the warm smile on the face of Long Yi, the corner of his eyes became somewhat moist. Granted that he had a problem with Long Yi because of Si Bi, but at this moment, all of them had already vanished like smoke and dispersed like clouds.

“Young Master, Li Qing has a request.” Li Qing suddenly said.

“What request?”

“Please allow Li Qing to return to Moxi clan. Li Qing wants to pass through the clan’s 18 Paths test and officially take over the position of Moxi clan’s patriarch. Like that, Li Qing can help Young Master in an even better fashion.” Li Qing said in stern countenance.

Long Yi was slightly startled, become the patriarch of Moxi clan? Like that, wouldn’t there be less obstruction between him and Si Bi?

Long Yi nodded his head in agreement as he had no reason to disagree. Even if it was not for the matter of Si Bi, he would have agreed as he had promised Li Qing that he could leave at any time as long as he wanted.

Dispelling the barrier, he opened the door, and then Long Yi saw that Leng Youyou, Nangong Xiangyun, Beitang Yu and Barbarian Bull were still worriedly standing in the courtyard. Seeing Long Yi and Li Qing were safe and sound, they simultaneously relaxed.

Barbarian Bull and Li Qing returned to their respective room, and then Leng Youyou asked: “My husband, what exactly was wrong with Li Qing? As I see it, it was similar to Dark Puppet Magic.”

Long Yi frowned and nodded his head: “Correct, it was modified Dark Puppet Magic. Youyou, recently, is your Dark Church acting in Soaring Dragon City?”

Leng Youyou’s complexion became pale, and looking at Long Yi in panic, she said: “My husband, can it be that you are doubting me?”

Long Yi smiled and rubbing the head of Leng Youyou, he said with a smile: “Usually you are very shrewd, how can you change into a fool at this time? Moreover, do you think I will ever doubt you? I am merely asking?”

Leng Youyou was relived, then shaking her head, she said: “I don’t receive any notice saying there is an activity here, could it be that this matter was done by our Dark Church’s people? Isn’t this the doing of the dark force behind Long Zhan?”

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Long Yi smiled, he didn’t make things difficult for Leng Youyou, in fact, he also knew that although Leng Youyou was the Saintess of Dark Church, but with regarding the matters she knew about Dark Church, different from his imagination, she didn’t know some things, for instance, what relation did Dark Church’s Pope had with the imperial clan of Proud Moon Empire, she knew nothing, but with regarding these things, perhaps Ling Feng knew a lot more, this was something Long Yi felt consciously or unconsciously. What exactly was the identity of Feng Ling in Dark Church? Long Yi was full of curious about this matter.

“This is merely my guess, there is no evidence. Oh, that’s right, I have to go and see mother, you all, rest first.” Long Yi said, then leaving the courtyard, he went towards the courtyard of Ximen Nu and Dongfang Wan.

This moment, Ximen Nu was sitting in front of the bed of Dongfang Wan and was speaking her with tender complexion. He was filled with gratitude towards his beloved wife who had risked her life to save him, therefore, he was unhappy for Long Yi protecting Li Qing. Seeing Long Yi had come, he snorted and got up, then without saying a word, he walked out in large strides.

“Yu’er, how come you are not resting when it is already this late? Tomorrow, you have to perform the wedding ceremony with the princess of Nalan Empire, and this matter is of great importance, you must not ignore it.” The complexion of Dongfang Wan was somewhat pale, but she was still worried about Long Yi. Just like all the mother in the world, her dense love towards her son could be seen without any doubt.

Long Yi’s nose turned sour, and with his eyes becoming red, he nearly sheded tears.

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