Chapter 305: Accident at your home

Long Yi laughed hearing what was said, but his eyes however were staring fixedly at that exposed alluring cleavage of Han Yan. He didn’t know whether this was his misconception but he seemed to have smelled a bewitching ** from the time he entered this room, which provoked his strongest ** deep in his heart.

Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and licking his somewhat dried lips, he said with an evil smile: “A single man and a single woman, what should they do when they are together in the dead of the night? Moreover, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for you after painstakingly creating this atmosphere if nothing is done?”

“Young Master Ximen, what do you want to do?” Han Yan as if panicking, hugged her chest, sticking out her ** bosom. Now she looked very sexy and coupled with that perfect expression, she would instantly make any man under the heaven give rise to a pleasure of crime.

Long Yi evilly smiled and forcibly stepped forward, this woman truly was a damn bitch, and she truly has an endless stream of cheap seductive tricks. He reached out his wolf claw and raised the chin of Han Yan and said: “Only a man and a woman staying together in a single room, what do you think they would do?”

“No…don’t, Young Master Ximen, let me go.” Han Yan appeared as if she was playing a role in a drama, and her current appearance could truly arouse sympathy and affection.

“Let you go? Then beg me.” Long Yi complacently laughed loudly.

“Young Master Ximen, I beg you, let me go.” Han Yan truly begged with tears in her eyes, but her silk gown had already slid down at an unknown time, revealing that white fragrant shoulder to Long Yi.

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“Well, today, this lord will let you go.” Long Yi retracted his hand without any care, and with his eyes becoming serious, he turned around and sat on a chair staring at this bewitching beauty as if he was looking at a drama.

Han Yan dazed all of a sudden for a long time, she didn’t know what she should do at this moment. At this time, her weak begging should have increased Long Yi’s ** even more, and then he should have reckless desire to violate her, but how come he was not following the script? This made her not know what to do all of a sudden.

“What? Your this expression, how come it resemble a disappointed expression? Don’t tell me that I, this Young Master is seeing wrongly?” Long Yi smirked and said, but he continued to watch this bewitching beauty with his right hand rubbing his chin’s beard stubble.

Han Yan proved herself to be a person who had seen winds and waves. She came back to her senses and slowly arranging her gown, she chuckled and said: “Young Master Ximen really isn’t an ordinary person, if an ordinary man saw my current appearance, then I fear even their soul would have already flown away.”

“You, this lascivious bitch, seems to have great self-confidence.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Don’t I have great assets for my self-confidence?” Han Yan stuck out her breast and alluring amorous feelings spilled out from her bones. Indeed, she had ‘those’ self-confidence.

“I admit this point, I believe that any man that caught a sight of your current appearance will have the desire to run amok to possess you at a first glance.” Long Yi stared at Han Yan’s swaying **, then nodded his head in acknowledgment.

Han Yan chuckled as if she was proud of herself, and those ** swayed even more violently, causing Long Yi swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“Unfortunately, there is no man in this world that has this special honor, I wonder if Young Master Ximen will take this opportunity?” Han Yan teased Long Yi looking at him with her bewitchingly beautiful eyes.

Long Yi was surprised in his heart and he sized up Han Yan’s fully ripe figure. This type of amorous feeling was something a virgin maiden was completely incapable of emitting, so with regarding her words, he naturally didn’t believe. She was already experienced like that but still pretending to be young.

“You don’t believe? If you don’t believe then you can test.” Han Yan did her utmost to seduce, and her tongue licked her pink lips. The evil fire of Long Yi instantly surged, and only after taking two deep breath, he was able to restore his calmness.

“Forget it if you don’t believe.” Seeing Long Yi remained unmoved, Han Yan became fully aware that his power to remain calm was absolutely not something an average person could compare. Therefore, she also stopped seducing, and also withdrew her bewitching expression. Then with a solemn expression, she continued: “Young Master Ximen, let’s forget about your arbitrary intrusion, but this little girl has a question. Lately, why did you send someone to watch me day and night? I am just a single woman living alone, now I have to be cautious and fear even going to the washroom, lest someone would peep at me. Young Master Ximen, is it possible to give me an explanation?”

Long Yi wasn’t surprised to hear Han Yan could sense someone was continuously observing her. This woman could even detect him let alone those people of Skynet whose strength was clearly lower than his. He just laughed and said: “How did proprietress know that the people that were watching you closely were the people I sent? Perhaps someone was coveting your beauty, and was doing this to possess you.”

“Young Master Ximen, there is no need to deny, I have my means to learn those people’s identity.” Han Yan poured a cup of tea, then without making any move, the teacup flew and landed in front of Long Yi as if it had eyes, and this move unexpectedly didn’t have any aura leakage.

Long Yi didn’t bat an eyelid, and picking up the teacup, he took a sip, then tapping on the desk, he said: “I am very confused, what exactly are you? The intelligence agents under me investigated you, but they unexpectedly didn’t find any exact details of you.”

Han Yan smiled charmingly, then standing up and walking to the window, she looked outside. And after a good while, she turned around, and tucking her hair behind her ears, she said: “It’s already late, Young Master Ximen should return now, your home seems to have an accident.”

The complexion of Long Yi instantly changed, then deeply looking at Han Yan, he disappeared from the lady’s chamber of Han Yan.

Long Yi used his Great Cosmos Shift to its limit, and in a several breathe of time, he arrived at Ximen Residence. This moment, Ximen Residence was ablaze with lights, more than 10 magicians were floating in the sky, and below there were even more guards surrounding his house’s big flower garden.

Long Yi confusedly went in, and the scene of the flower garden greatly surprised him. He saw the flower garden was a big mess, and the matter that made Long Yi surprised the most was Li Qing, currently, he was completely bound with glimmering magic bindings. Moreover, his limbs were bound with metal chains in addition to magic bindings, and he was struggling violently. Now his handsome face was twisted, eyes were flashing with strange black qi and the phantom of god beast indistinctly appeared behind him. And not far away, Ximen Nu with gloomy complexion was gnashing his teeth looking at Li Qing. As for Barbarian Bull, he was also standing not far away carrying Greenstone Rule, and he appeared to be at a loss.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, and he descended in front of Barbarian Bull and asked solemnly: “What exactly happen here? Why is Li Qing in this condition?”

“Young Master, this old bull also doesn’t know, I run out after hearing the fighting sound and saw that Li Qing was fighting with these magicians and guards. And after he killed dozens of people, he was finally caught like this.” Barbarian Bull said with disbelief tone.

At that time, Long Yi heard Ximen Nu’s angry voice: “Everyone, heed my command, put this brat to death by dismembering his body.”

Long Yi was greatly alarmed hearing this, he quickly appeared in front Ximen Nu before anyone could make a move and said loudly: “Father, wait a moment.”

Ximen Nu angrily glared at Long Yi and said angrily: “Isn’t this a good deed of a filial son? What type of people are you taking under your leadership, he actually wanted to assassinate your father, if it was not for your mother, then this day of next year would have been my memorial day.”

“This…how can this be? Mother, is she fine?” Long Yi nervously said.

“A cold douqi pierced her waist, injuring her internal organs, so it is hard to recover in a short time.” Ximen Nu gloomily said.

Long Yi turned his head and looked at bound Li Qing. Seeing his eyes were flashing with black light and his ferocious expression, he seemed to have lost his reasoning. Long Yi immediately understand, it seems someone had done something to Li Qing.

“Father, I think someone has plotted against Li Qing, that made him change into this, please hand him over to me to handle.” Long Yi said.

“Even if that is the case, he absolutely cannot escape death.” Ximen Nu gloomily said.

“No, he is my people, father cannot decide his life and death.” Long Yi didn’t make a concession and looked straight at  Ximen Nu face to face. With their gaze clashing, sparks appeared in the midair.

At that time, Long Yi’s big brother Ximen Tian stuck out from nowhere and said with a sinister smile: “Second Brother, this person under your leadership has injured your biological mother, but you are not only not avenging your mother instead you are protecting him, you are truly a good son.”

Long Yi coldly looked at Ximen Tian, then said coldly: “Today, I have decided to protect Li Qing, if you want to kill him, then you will first have to step over my corpse.”

“Do you really want to protect him?” Ximen Nu coldly asked.

Long Yi didn’t reply, just stared firmly at Ximen Nu with determination.

“Father, we cannot let him go, otherwise our Ximen clan will have what prestige, and also where will be father’s prestige?” Ximen Tian urgently said.

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Ximen Nu stared at Long Yi for a long time, then he sighed, this son was his only hope, moreover, tomorrow he was about to marry Princess Nalan Ruyue of Nalan Empire to form an alliance, so he shouldn’t make trouble for his son at this time with regarding public and private matter. Furthermore, he had also already realized that Li Qing was actually controlled, and as for who, even a fool could guess.

Long Yi made Li Qing lose his consciousness, then removing all the magic bindings, he called Barbarian Bull to carry him and enter his courtyard. In the courtyard, Leng Youyou, Nangong Xinagyun and Beitang Yu worriedly looked at him.

Long Yi didn’t speak, directly led Barbarian and unconscious Li Qing into a room, then shut the door.

“Barbarian Bull, go out first.” Long Yi commanded.

Barbarian Bull agreed and left the room while Long Yi stared at Li Qing on the ground, then waving his hand, he set up a barrier. After that, he probed the body of Li Qing, and noticed a wisp of dark qi, examining it, he felt this magic resembles Dark Puppet Magic, but he was not sure.

“Old ghost, aren’t you coming out?” Long Yi shouted within his mind. After the matter of Beitang Yu last time, the old fellow within his body had never come out.

And after calling quite a few times, a wisp of shadow slowly gathered together within the sea of consciousness of Long Yi.

“Smelly brat, who are you calling a ghost?” The shadow’s irritated voice came.

“Quickly take a look, what’s going on with him?” Long Yi impatiently said. In this situation, who would have a good mood to chat.

The shadow replied: “Who did you learn your dark magic from? You are unable to even recognize a Dark Puppet Magic. But, it’s also not surprising, this puppet magic is modified version. It can lurk within the body and can be activated at any time, thereby controlling the victim. Perhaps, this fellow was silently cursed. Moreover, there is the possibility that it is the doing of the same person who had placed that cursed within the body of that little girl last time.”

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