Chapter 304: A single man and a single woman

Just like the air which is unable to grab and couldn’t be touched, time quietly passed inadvertently.

The moonlight was very beautiful and very charming, and the entire Soaring Dragon City was quiet. But at this moment, in the high mountain of western suburbs, two figures were moving as if ghosts, seemingly were fighting, but there was not even a slight sound, only the breeze seemed to be surging like air current. This appeared very strange.

Suddenly, a burst of dazzling white light flashed, and several purple radiances as if meteors streak across the night sky, then those two figures instantly separated. But the difference was, one of them was stably floating in the sky, and another one was tumbling down the air. Looking at the figure of latter, it appeared as if he would crash land on the ground without the slightest doubt, but when that figure was about to crash the mountain peak, the figure strangely twisted in the air, unexpectedly stopping instantly. The visual impact of this scene was so powerful that it could endlessly shake the people’s heart.

This figure tumbling downward was Long Yi. He somewhat awkwardly landed on the mountain peak, and then sitting on the ground, he breathed heavily. Now his clothing was full of gaping holes, making him look very miserable.

Murong Bo floated down from the sky, and coupled with his white hairs, he truly appeared as if he was an immortal.

“Smelly brat, not bad, your douqi will breakthrough to Swords Saint realm in near future.” Murong Bo laughed, and his expression looked rather pleased.

“That’s natural, who do you think I am, not limited to Swords Saint, I will absolutely reach Swords God within next two years.” Long Yi complacently said with a smile. Under the guidance of Murong Bo, his understanding of douqi and magic power was already on a completely different level compared to before, it might be said that he had reached a new level, and the breakthrough was only the matter of time.

Murong Bo only laughed without refuting, but of course, he still thought that it was not possible despite the frightening talent of Long Yi. He took out wine bottle from his space ring then drinking a mouthful, he shook his head and couldn’t help saying again: “Smelly brat, quickly think of a way to obtain some Hundred Flowers Wine. Now I am not satisfied drinking this inferior wine every day.”

Long Yi narrowed his eyes looking at Murong Bo, then said with a smile: “Don’t make an uproar, I am not an immortal, do you think I have the ability to create Hundred Flowers Wine? Always harping about this, don’t you find this tiring?”

Murong Bo glared at him and growled: “Are you saying this old man is annoying? If it was not for this old man, do you think the alliance of marriage with Nalan Empire be so smooth?”

Long Yi revealed a playful smile, then taking two steps forward, he placed his hand over the shoulder of Murong Bo showing no respect to the senior and slyly said: “Old man, I naturally know your contribution is highest in this matter, but you still haven’t told me where your granddaughter has gone? How did she disappear into the thin air? Did you see how anxious those officials of Proud Moon Empire were? They were as if their ** were on fire.”

“She is already an adult, how can I know where she ran to?” Murong Bo slapped off the hand of Long Yi and said.

“You don’t know? If you don’t know, then you would have already turned Soaring Dragon City upside down. Don’t tell me that you hid her?” Long Yi said.

“You know but you are still asking, you brat, could it be that you have the thoughts to hit on her?” Murong Bo alertly looked at Long Yi and said while thinking, this fickle brat who was inconstant in love, he shouldn’t let him cheat his granddaughter.

Long Yi rolled his eyes and said: “Even if you ask, I will not hit on her, although your granddaughter can be barely regarded as beautiful, but there is a huge gap between her and my women’s appearance.”

“You brat know frat, quickly return, don’t provoke this old man’s anger.” Murong Bo kicked the ** of Long Yi.

Long Yi got out of the way and waved his hand, then he flew towards Soaring Dragon City.

Flying above Soaring Dragon City, he carelessly looked down and saw that signboard of Beauty Shop which was illuminated by multicolored magic lights. Although it was already late at night, and the store was also already closed for the night, but for some unknown reason, the magic light of the shop wasn’t turned off.

At this time, Long Yi recalled the matter of his sister-in-law, Liu Shi, secretly handing over a slip of paper where strange characters were written to Han Yan who was the proprietress of Beauty Shop. Until now, even though it had already been a long time, but Skynet Intelligence Organization wasn’t able to completely break that secret code.

Tomorrow, his wedding with Nalan Ruyue’s would be held in Soaring Dragon City, and then he had to leave the city, but he wondered what kind of changes would occur in the current situation of Soaring Dragon City, and what kind of movement would his sister-in-law Liu Shi and that mysterious dark forces make? Moreover, what kind of clash would happen between imperial Long clan and Ximen clan? Thinking of these, he was worried in his heart. Everything in front of him was always covered in a dense fog, and the actual state of affairs was changeable making him totally at a loss.

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Long Yi hesitated for a moment, then he entered the courtyard where Han Yan stayed.

The lamplight of Han Yan’s lady’s chamber was still well-lit, and a charming figure sitting in front of the window was indistinctly visible. Suddenly, few sounds of the qin resounded as if the lively flowing river beginning to jump.

“Since honored guest has arrived, why not come in and chat.” Han Yan’s crisp voice resounded from inside the room.

Long Yi was startled in his heart, he had complexly concealed his aura, but why was Han Yan able to sense him, could it be that her strength was above him? Or, she simply wasn’t speaking to him.

After few seconds, there was still no movements, so the crisp voice of Han Yan again resounded: “Young Master Ximen, do you want Han Yan to welcome you to come in?

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Long Yi frowned, now he was sure that Han Yan was talking to himself. Since he was already noticed, he simply didn’t hide, he confidentially walked out, then opening the door, he entered. Only then, he saw that Han Yan was wearing a silk robe, and more than half of her chest’s snow-white skin was visible. At this moment, she stroked the jade qin, and a pleasant to hear melodious qin sound resounded.

“Proprietress is very skillful, I wonder how you were able to perceive my aura? I don’t seem to have any flaw.” Long Yi walked to the front of Han Yan, then pressured Han Yan.

The complexion of Han Yan become slightly pale, this proved that there was a significant gap between her and Long Yi’s strength, but why was she able to sense his aura?

At that moment, Han Yan stood up, then walking two steps, she walked out from the shadow of Long Yi, then looking at Long Yi with fawning eyes, she said with a smile: “If I say I sniffed out, then will Young Master Ximen believe in me?”

“I will not believe.” Long Yi said with a smile. His spirit power covered even his smell, so he would naturally not believe the nonsense of Han Yan.

“Since you don’t believe, then Han Yan can do nothing about it. I wonder what important matter Young Master Ximen has to pay a visit to me so late at night. Although I know Young Master Ximen is generous, but a single man and a single woman spending time alone in a courtyard at night, it would be hard to avoid attracting the gossip.” Han Yan said sweetly, and she slightly leaned forward, causing her deep cleavage all the more clearly visible.

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