Chapter 238 – Metal Piece

The corner of the store owner’s eyes twitched, “Young Lady, your words are that of a newbie! These are all magic equipment, just the one in your hand alone is a Blue Rank magic equipment that costs more than a thousand spirit stones. To think young lady will be using it as a farming hoe, it is basically wasting its potential!”

Huan Qing Yan pouted and placed the item down before picking up another item that looked like a cross between a broken spade and a broken spoon, “I will buy a hundred Celestial Orchid seeds, a hundred Phoenix Buddha Ginseng seeds, ten Heavenly Light Glass Flower seeds. Boss, give me this spade for free…”

The store owner did a quick calculation and summed up a total of three hundred and fifty spirit stone worth of sales; it was a number that yielded more than fifty percent profit!

In normal circumstances, the condition of that broken spoon-shaped magic equipment was already very poor; at most, it would only yield fifty spirit stones, so giving it away for free was actually fine. However, the storeowner was an unscrupulous person in the first place, so how could he give it away for free?

“No way, can’t do that. That magic equipment is called the Nine Transformation Rejuvenating Spoon; it was once a Green Rank elite equipment. Our small shop has small profit margins and is unable to give it away for free.”

“Then so be it, I will also cancel my order of seeds. I got interested because I heard somewhere that the success rate of spirit plant seeds’ germination could increase if a magic equipment is used to prepare the soil, if not, I would not have bothered with this crap you have.” Huan Qing Yan turned around and started leaving.

When the store owner saw his business leaving, he naturally did not want that to happen, so he quickly said, “Not so fast young lady, we can discuss further, I can give out for free! Since this is the first time you visited our store, I will consider this as a special offer, but you must choose a cheaper item…”

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Huan Qing Yan picked a couple more items, but the storeowner continued to display an expression of pain at her choice.

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In the end, Huan Qing Yan picked the broken piece of black metal that was on the wall and said unhappily, “You can neither give away this nor that, how about this piece of scrap metal… If you still cannot give this for free, then I will not buy anything.”

The store owner heaved a sigh of relief; that scrap metal contained a minor amount of spirit energy. He reckoned that it was originally a magic equipment but due to its poor appearance, it was being neglected over the years by the customers that visited the shop. With no one interested, the store owner eventually used it to block a rat hole to put it to some use.

“That is fine! No problem! Young lady, you have really good insight; I believe that in your hands, that piece of metal would increase the germination success rate from one out of ten, to one out of eight…”

The storeowner smiled happily and continued throwing a bunch of words.

Huan Qing Yan took out all her money, but it was still not enough, so she asked, “Boss, can I use items to top up the difference?”

The store owner lifted his brow, “That is naturally possible; what good stuff do you have, I will guarantee you a fair price.”

Barter trading was a common practice and was something that shops would welcome. This was because they could profit twice, once from purchasing the item at a lower exchange rate and the second from selling the items exchanged at a higher price.

As for whether the price offered would be fair, heh heh.

Huan Qing Yan took out five kilos worth of large sweet potatoes from her storage ring, “I use this; it was grown using special methods, so every 500 grams of sweet potatoes possesses at least 50 spirit energy points, how much are they worth?”

The storeowner displayed a quick trace of surprise; this was his first time seeing sweet potatoes that possessed such high levels of spirit energy. This item was rare and highly in demand, so if he were to sell them in his store, he could easily sell them for a hundred spirit stones…

“This… would be enough to cover the remaining twenty spirit stones that you lack. If you have more of such sweet potatoes, I can also buy them from you at the same price or used to exchange for other goods. Throughout the whole of Spirit Master Alley, other than the Hou Family’s general goods store, my store has the most variety of goods available.” The boss started another round of sales talk.

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