Chapter 303: The passion of Beitang Yu

Why give up? Murong Shuyu slightly turned around, then with complicated feeling circulating in her eyes for a  long time, she softly sighed: “Young Master Ximen must be joking, the circumstance forced me to give up, no matter whether I want to give up or not, I have to accept the reality, isn’t that so? Even if I made a move, that will merely stall for the time, the final outcome will not change, since it is like that, why waste time?”

Long Yi looked at Murong Shuyu and smiling weirdly, he said: “It’s impossible for you to not know the current situation of Blue Waves Continent, even if you can delay for only a day, it would have benefited your Proud Moon Empire.”

Murong Shuyu was startled, and she didn’t answer, just recalled the entire conversation she had with her grandfather Murong Bo at that night. She still deeply remembered the words of Murong Bo: At present, all under the heaven, if there is anyone that can unify the entire Blue Waves Continent, then that is only Ximen clan but no one else. If you want to end the war at an earlier date, then you have to exhaust all of the possibilities to make things convenient for them.

The words of Murong Bo made Murong Shuyu struggle for a long time, but she finally made this difficult decision, and thinking of the Emperor of Proud Moon Empire who had treated her as if she was his biological daughter from childhood, she felt guilty in her heart.

“Princess Shuyu?” Seeing Murong Shuyu was not answering for a long time and only was frowning lost in her thoughts, Long Yi couldn’t help calling out.

“I want to calm down for a bit by myself, Young Master Ximen, please return to the banquet hall.” Murong Shuyu closed her eyes and said. She didn’t want to let Long Yi see her perplexed eyes.

“If that is the case, then I will go, in any case, thank you.” Long Yi also didn’t insist, he just turned away.


The banquet to celebrate victory perfectly came to an end. Late in the night, countless stars were accompanied by a gentle breeze, appearing quiet and also serene.

Flying under such dim light of night, Long Yi returned to Ximen residence with the signs of being drunk. When he arrived at his courtyard, he saw a figure standing in the courtyard as if she was freed from this world, and watching the flowing brook water, she seemed to be thinking about something.

“Xiangyun, it’s already so late, why didn’t you sleep?” Long Yi glided down, and hugging the waist from behind, he asked.

“My husband, you are back, I’ll go and prepare you a cup of tea.” Nangong Xiangyun came back to her sense and under the starlight, her pupils appeared especially sparkling and crystal-clear.

Long Yi tighten the hug and said with a smile: “No thanks, let me hug you just like this.” Finished speaking, Long Yi buried his head on the fragrant shoulder of Nangong Xiangyun.

Nangong Xiangyun let go of her soft body, and closing her eyes, she enjoyed the warmth of her husband. Being surrounded by the warmth of her husband, she was very happy. She raised her hand and gently rubbed the head of Long Yi. In just this fashion, under the dim light of the night, two people comforted each other, feeling they were giving one’s meager resources to help another in time of need.

“My husband, you should go and accompany Miss Beitang, I just saw her looking around.” After a long time, Nangong Xiangyun suddenly struggled free from the bosom of Long Yi and softly said.

Long Yi was startled, thinking about it, in these past few days, he was truly ignoring Beitang Yu, this bull-like stubborn girl. Every day, she went through challenging experiences in military camp and also was trying hard to absorb all the knowledge he had taught. Moreover, she was very strict to herself in training, compared to ordinary soldiers of Unparalleled Battalion, her training was twice as hard. Even with such intense training, she had never once said she was tried in front of him. And these past few days, even though he returned very late, he habitually only went to the room of Nangong Xiangyun and Leng Youyou, but never went to the room of Beitang Yu. Thinking about it now, he was very ashamed.

“Xiangyun, you are truly a good wife, being able to marry you is the good fortune of my three lives.” Long Yi smiled and hugged Nangong Xiangyun. Marrying her indeed wasn’t in vain, she was good at understanding others, gentle and shows consideration for others, simply wasn’t finicky.

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“Don’t flatter, quickly go, the sky is almost bright.” Hearing her husband’s praise, Nangong Xiangun was full of smile feeling happy.

Long Yi nodded his head, then kissing the lips of Nangong Xiangyun, he went towards the room of Beitang Yu. He however didn’t notice the smile of Nangong Xiangyun gradually changing into bitterness, not because of jealousy, rather because of upcoming farewell.

Perhaps Long Yi was still unaware, but intelligent Nangong Xiangyun, after hearing Long Yi will be marrying Princess Nalan Ruyue of Nalan Empire for this alliance by marriage, she knew that now the time was pressing. After two days, Long Yi will hold a wedding ceremony with Nalan Ruyue in Soaring Dragon City, then Long Yi had to leave for Nalan Empire with Nalan Ruyue to greet. At that time, regardless of whether Violent Dragon Empire or the entire Blue Waves Continent, everything would be reshuffled cruelly. Moreover, war will occur repeatedly at that time, and she didn’t know when she would be able to meet him again.

Long Yi gently pushed open the door of Beitang Yu’s room. It was pitch-black inside and was full of faint fragrance which was extremely pleasant to smell.

Beitang Yu was lying on the big bed, and her entire body was covered with a quilt. Even her head wasn’t exposed outside, but he could hear melodious smooth breathing. She appeared to be sleeping.

Long Yi gently closed the door and a smile appeared on her face. This girl’s pretending skill has grown perceptibly. It seems she had learned the thing he taught in military camp last time well. To be honest, judging purely on the basis of objective, Long Yi also think that she was sleeping. But she showed a big flaw, that was, even though Long Yi hadn’t concealed his aura and the sound when entering, Beitang Yu who had been training in Unparalleled Battalion for so long and who was very sensitive in the changes of her surrounding such that she would immediately wake up upon the slight moment, let alone such brazenly opening the door and enter. But how come she didn’t have any reaction now, wasn’t this clearly pretending?

“Yu’er, are you asleep?” Long Yi sat beside Beitang Yu on the bed and softly called out.

Beitang Yu still had no reaction, and even her breathing frequency didn’t have the slightest degree of change.

“It seems you are truly asleep, but it’s better this way too. Like this, I think…..I will get to taste a special flavor.” Long Yi strangely smiled and muttered to himself, and he instantly sensed the change in the breathing frequency of Beitang Yu.

The big hand of Long Yi gently caressed the beautiful face of Beitang Yu, although she grew up rolling about in the military camp, but Beitang Yu’s skin however was always satiny as if the best quality silk without the slightest hint of roughness. This point could make women under the heaven admire and also be jealous of her.

Gently caressing for a little while, the big hand of Long Yi moved down to the chin from her cheek, and from her chin, his big hand again slid down entering the warm brocade quilt, directly climbing her jade peaks.

Suddenly, Long Yi was startled, and his breathing became heavy. This girl unexpectedly wasn’t wearing anything inside the quilt, and his big hand directly came into contact with her soft **. Now his palm was full of tactile impression, and he felt downright was elastic. Long Yi couldn’t help but fondle, knead and pinch, and his little brother instantly held its head high throwing out its chest.

Long Yi fondled for a good while, making the pearls of her breasts proudly stand upright. Without a doubt, this feeling was very pleasurable, and especially since Beitang Yu trained physically, her ** was firm and forceful, so one couldn’t mention this feeling in the same breathe as ordinary girl’s.

Feeling the caressing of her sweetheart on her sensitive places, her stirrings of love surged, but she still persistently pretended to sleep even though that burst of ** feeling rose from her underbelly. Now her entire body had a layer of pink color, and the bed-sheet was already soaked with her sweet nectar.

“Girl, let’s see how long you can pretend.” Long Yi smiled sensing the changes in the breathing of Beitang Yu as well as seeing her tremble.

Long Yi slowly lifted the quilt, and that ** slowly appeared in front of his eyes. Slowly, those towering ** were exposed in the air, and receiving the stimulation of cold air, her pink mammary areola suddenly shrunk, and breast pearls stood even more upright. Next, that flat lower abdomen without the slightest excess flesh and that pink ravine appeared in front of him. When Beitang Yu’s final virgin land was exposed right before his eyes, Long Yi stopped breathing, and ** welled up within his body.

“Truly is a little **, you are already this wet.” Long Yi heavily breathe, then scooping at the place between the legs of Beitang Yu, his finger was soaked with glistening liquid.

The words of Long Yi made Beitang Yu who was pretending to be asleep tremble, and her legs suddenly **. At that time, Long Yi also took off his clothing, then made Beitang Yu lie down on her side, and then lying down behind her, he inserted his hard as if iron little brother between her legs. After that, he moved up and down rubbing his little brother against her **, but didn’t truly penetrated her.

This stimulation made the breathing of Beitang Yu more and more rapid, and her private parts flooded, eagerly desiring his arrival inside her, but her sweetheart just teased her as if playing hide and seek, whenever she involuntarily moved her buttocks back trying to take the little brother of Long Yi inside her, it would flee as if retreating, not allowing her to take in that wicked thing.

Finally, Beitang Yu couldn’t help but open her hazy eyes, then biting her lower lip, her little hand grabbed Long Yi’s mischievous little brother, then propping it, she instantly filled that emptiness.

“Eh, you woke up?” Long Yi with a bad smile instantly went all the way, and the flesh colliding sound as well as the moaning sound of Beitang Yu resounded.

“So hateful……quick……quickly move.” Beitang Yu grumbled in a flirty manner.

“Say, husband.” Long Yi lightly said.

“My husband, my good husband, quickly move.” Beitang Yu with red face grumbled in a flirty manner.

Long Yi moved a few times as a reward, then stopped again, and with a bad smile, he said: “Yu’er, say, my husband, quickly ** me.”

Beitang Yu screamed, then covering her head with the quilt, she shyly protested: “Bad fellow, you….how can you make me say something like that,….it’s embarrassing to say it, I…can’t say it.”

“There is no one here, moreover, I have already laid out a sound insulation barrier, so others can’t hear.” Long Yi incited, while his big hands teased her sensitive places all over her body.

Beitang Yu was unable to endure **, Long Yi moving for a moment and not moving for another moment made her feel even more emptiness, so after she struggled for a good while, feeling infinitely shy, she opened her mouth: “My husband, quickly……quickly…not good, it’s too embarrassing, you bad fellow.”

Long Yi waited to hear it, but didn’t expect Beitang Yu to stop halfway, he smirked and said: “Quickly say it, if you don’t say it, then I will come out.” Long Yi slowly pulled out his little brother.

“No…don’t, fine, I will say it.” Beitang Yu’s little hand caught Long Yi’s **, then shyly looking at Long Yi, she opened her mouth: “My husband, quick…………quickly ** me.” When she spoke the word ‘me’, her voice was already inaudible.

Sometimes using this kind of vulgar words in the bed increase the fun. After hearing Beitang Yu, Long Yi was abnormally stimulated, he hugged the waist of Beitang Yu, then began to sprint with all his might.

On this day, reserved Beitang Yu felt as if she was thrown to the ends of the earth, freeing her from all shackles all of a sudden. She continuously spoke ** obscene words, changing from cold elegant General into a passionate fiery **.

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