Chapter 302: Molesting at the negotiation table

Long Yi smirked, the third clause? That was the clause of marriage to form an alliance between Nalan Empire and Violent Dragon Empire. That clause stated that Nalan Empire’s Princess Nalan Ruyue would get married to Ximen clan’s Second Young Master Ximen Yu becoming his wife, thus consolidating the alliance of two empires.

“I think it’s very good, I and Princess Ruyue is the ideal couple, we bring out the best in each other, one might well say the perfect match, I wonder what opinion Your Highness the Crown Prince has?” Long Yi said with a smile, moreover, he didn’t forget to wink at Nalan Ruyue.

The beautiful face of Nalan Ruyue heated, this fellow, his face was simply as thick as the city wall. Who was the perfect match for him? But thinking like that, a sweetness welled up in her heart.

“For the alliance of two empires by marriage, it naturally should be the marriage between the imperial clans of two empires. Although you and Princess Ruyue are a match, but your status is somewhat inappropriate. Ever since the ancient times until now, for the alliance of two empires by marriage, the marriage is done between the imperial clans of two empires. Could it be that Young Master Ximen consider Ximen clan can be mentioned in the same breath as the imperial clan?” Crown Prince Long Ying smirk and stared at Long Yi as if a poisonous snake whose food was snatched. His words naturally had needle concealed in silk floss, directly pointing to the heart of the matter.

“I naturally don’t dare to mention Ximen clan in the same breath as the imperial clan. Heaven and earth can gauge the loyalty of Ximen clan towards Violent Dragon Empire, merely the candidate of this third clause is personally selected by Princess Ruyue. One may well say that we are each other’s sunshine, although it is comparatively better to have marriage between imperial clans for this alliance, this feeling is also a weighty factor, only if the two people bound by deep emotions, this alliance could be regarded as indestructible, otherwise, with one day small quarrel, and after three days big quarrel, if Princess Ruyue made trouble when visiting her parents, then wouldn’t the relation between two empires become bad?” Long Yi said with a smile. Although he was talking nonsense, but listening to his talks, his arguments were somewhat reasonable.

Hearing Long Yi, the gaze of all the people shifted to Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue clenched her hand under the table, but she had a smile on her face, this smelly fellow unexpectedly didn’t play the normal card, instead pointed the spearhead towards her. This made her somewhat angry and bashful in her heart. Wasn’t Long Yi clearly saying that she didn’t like Long Ying? Moreover, she absolutely couldn’t deny his claims.

Nalan Ruyue shyly nodded her head, and in the gap when no one was paying attention to her, she ferociously glared at Long Yi.

“This…this won’t do, the marriage between the imperial clans is the most beneficial for the alliance, so this absolutely won’t do.” Crown Prince Long Ying resolutely said. The woman he had taken a fancy to, he had no reason to hand her over to another person on a silver platter, moreover, that person was the person of Ximen clan.

“If won’t do, I will cease the negotiation. Once I, Nalan Ruyue make a choice, I never change it.” Nalan Ruyue indifferently said, diametrically opposing to Long Ying. If she had to marry other people, then she might as well die, besides, she knew that Violent Dragon Empire also needed the alliance of Nalan Empire, and this marriage alliance was needed only as a formality. Long Zhan wouldn’t be stupid enough to cancel this alliance for just this marriage matter.

Originally, the negotiation of great matter of the current circumstance, because of the candidate for the marriage alliance, fell into a stalemate. No matter what Long Ying said, Nalan Ruyue didn’t make a concession. Moreover, hearing few mild sentences of Long Yi on this matter, Long Ying was so angry that he was about to vomit blood. How come he never knew the mouth of Long Yi was so toxic?

Time passed second after second, instantly the sun was already setting beyond the western hills.

Long Yi simply sat with one leg above other. In this busy time, he was calmly drinking tea and eating snakes, but his eyes however were frequently scanning Murong Shuyu. He didn’t understand why this woman gave up so easily. Today she didn’t make even a little effort before forfeiting, he wondered if she had a trick up her sleeves for directly forfeiting like this.

Of course, Murong Shuyu noticed the gaze of Long Yi, but she pretended to not know, directly ignoring Long Yi.

Seeing Murong Shuyu was actually ignoring him, an evil smile appeared on his face, and he used his spirit power in his gaze, then with his substance-like gaze, he specifically looked at the sensitive places of the girl, focusing especially at those towering ** as well as that place of the stomach.

This instantly made Murong Shuyu feel uncomfortable. A burst of burning hot ** feeling frequently came from her sensitive places as if a big hand was gently caressing her. How could she, a virgin maiden, endure this? Murong Shuyu gritted her teeth, and her pretty face reddened as she ferociously glared at Long Yi, but Long Yi’s gaze however became more and more unbridled.

Murong Shuyu endured and endured. If it was not the case for other people were present here, she would have already kicked him.

“Not bad, your endurance is pretty good, but let me see until when you can endure.” Long Yi endlessly smiled evilly in his heart, then he suddenly increased his spirit power by several folds, forming two invisible fingers. After that, he actually directed those fingers to pinch Murong Shuyu’s little cherries of **.

This time, it was impossible to endure. Because the attack on her ** was so sudden, Murong Shuyu was caught unprepared, so she suddenly screamed and jumped up covering her chest with her hands, and her face was flushed with redness.

The gaze of everyone present switched from Nalan Ruyue to Murong Shuyu who was in a strange posture. Looking at her appearance, she clearly had the appearance of suffering grievances, but on her both sides, the officials of Proud Moon Empire were sitting. And they didn’t have enough courage to molest their princess. The most probable person Long Yi nevertheless was stilling on the other side of the table, moreover, this moment, he also had surprised expression while looking at Murong Shuyu.

“Eh, what happened? Did insect bite you?” The expression of Long Yi was incomparably lively, but he had hard to conceal smile on his face which showed his mood of this moment.

Murong Shuyu gnashed her teeth, and she glared at Long Yi as if she wanted to swallow him raw and whole. Although she didn’t have any evidence, she dared to confirm that this was Long Yi’s doing. He actually……actually… Murong Shuyu didn’t dare to think anymore, then sat down hatefully, clearly was angry.

Nalan Ruyue glared at Long Yi, but Long Yi just shrugged his shoulder innocently and transmitted his voice to her: “Don’t look at me like that, now it’s embarrassing as there are so many people here, wait until there is no one, then you can look at me however you want.”

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The expression of Nalan Ruyue stiffened, and her mood became similar to Murong Shuyu, truly wanting to ferociously bite him.

After the brief interlude came to an end, Crown Prince finally couldn’t help but agreed to the third clause, which stated that Nalan Ruyue would get married to Ximen clan’s second Young Master Ximen Yu, as he was fully aware that even if he nagged, he wouldn’t be able to have another result, and even if he reported to his emperor father Long Zhan, the result wouldn’t change, so why waste the time? Merely this was a pity.

“Ximen Yu, I will let you have happiness for a period of time, regard this as the last gift from this brother.” Long Ying thought in his heart. Thinking about the curse of Long Yi, which made him be able to kill Long Yi wherever he wanted, he was complacent inwardly. But he didn’t know that, the curse placed on Long Yi through Beitang Yu was already resolved by the shadow within Long Yi.

After the negotiation was declared a success, Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue individually signed and stamped the magic stamp on the formal contract, formally establishing the alliance of Nalan Empire and Violent Dragon Empire.


“Why are you hiding here? Is this wildflower so beautiful?” In the flower garden of the royal embassy, Long Yi saw Murong Shuyu squatting down and blankly staring at an unassuming wildflower.

Murong Shuyu didn’t raise her head but said indifferently: “Although it’s not that beautiful, at least compared to the face of certain someone, its much pleasing to the eye.”

Long Yi touched his nose, this so-called certain someone was clearly referring to him. He made a wry smile and said: “Is that so? The, how about that certain someone disappears on his own accord?”

“Of course, that would be the best.” Murong Shuyu stood up and turning around, she said: “But, before that, I want……”

Before Murong Shuyu finished speaking, she ferociously kicked the shank of Long Yi.

Pa, Long Yi didn’t move even a bit, and Murong Shuyu was left standing on one leg like a c***, as the small boot of her leg flew away, and making a parabola in the sky, it gloriously fell into the small pond not far away.

“Wa, what a smell, did you ever wash your feet?” Long Yi shouted and covered his nose, of course, he was teasing Murong Shuyu. When that boot flew past his face, he truly smelled a smell, merely it didn’t stink rather was simple but elegant fragrance.

“You…don’t talk nonsense, every day I way my legs quite a few times.” The face of Murong Shuyu reddened, and seeing the detestable appearance of Long Yi, she naturally was unable to tolerate, and all of a sudden, she forgot that he was the enemy whom she wanted to teach a lesson for molesting her during negotiation.

“Is that so? Could it be that I smelled wrong just now? How about you let me smell again?” Long Yi smiled and said, staring at Murong Shuyu’s little leg covered with a sock.

“Go to hell.” Murong Shuyu cursed angrily and in shame. Then she thought to hop to the edge of the pond and scoop out her boot.

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But Long Yi waved his big hand, then that boot flew to his hand, and then with steam rising from the boot, the boot instantly dried. After that he walked over to the front of Murong Shuyu, and squatting suddenly, he seized her little leg covered in the sock, then gently help her wear the boot. Perhaps, this was too unexpected, even after Long Yi stood up with a smile, Murong Shuyu was still stunned.

After a long time, Murong Shuyu came back to her sense, and then rubbing her little leg with the boot against the ground, a peculiar feeling emerged in her heart.

“Why did you run over here from the banquet hall, aren’t you the protagonist today?” Murong Shuyu softly snorted and asked.

“Looking for you, why are you asking while knowing the answer?” Long Yi replied.

“Looking for me? Today is the celebration dinner for your Violent Dragon Empire establishing an alliance with Nalan Empire, I am nothing but a loser.” Murong Shuyu said softly.

A strange smile appeared on the face of Long Yi and said: “Are you really a loser? Hehe, no matter whether you are or not, I just want to ask one thing, why?”

“What why?” Murong Shuyu said.

“Don’t act dumb, I believe that you definitely have a move you have yet to use, but why did you give up?” Long Yi frowned and asked.

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