Chapter 301: Negotiations

“That isn’t a person, is it?” Murong Shuyu was greatly surprised, but suddenly that figure before the moon seemed to be flying towards her direction.

Murong Shuyu didn’t have time to think much before that shadow enlarged greatly. Merely in an extremely short period of few breathe of time, the shadow had already flown over to the front of her window.

Being surprised, Murong Shuyu exclaimed and repeatedly retreated few steps, nearly falling down. She was fearful but looking ahead, she was the person who was floating in front of her window was unexpectedly an old man.

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“Who are you?” After seeing the unusual skill of this old man, Murong Shuyu didn’t dare to act rashly.

The old man didn’t say a word, merely looked at her with a complicated gaze, sometimes missing, sometimes sadness. Murong Shuyu was slightly started, and the fear in her heart began to dissipate seeing the expression of this old man, moreover, unexpectedly an intimate feeling emerged in her heart.

Murong Shuyu was someone who was capable enough for the emperor of Proud Moon Empire to entrust an important task of the destruction of Nalan Empire and Violent Dragon Empire’s alliance, so she naturally was a wise and intelligent person. And just thinking for a little time, a light flashed in her brain, and a bold guess appeared in her mind. Thinking of this probability, her hands and legs couldn’t help trembling.

“Grand…..grandpa, is that you?” Murong Shuyu cried in trembling voice, and her eyes were filled with expectation.

The complicated gaze of the old man began to fade and gently sighing, he entered the room of Murong Shuyu, then not answering the question of Murong Shuyu, he asked: “Do you know Jun Qinglian?”

Murong Shuyu hastily nodded her head and replied: “Of course I know, that is my ***’s name.”

“Have you seen her?” The old man intently watched Murong Shuyu.

Murong Shuyu shook her head and replied: “I haven’t seen her, father said that grandmother passed away when he was very young, so……”

The old man turned and looked out of the window, now his tall and straight stature suddenly became somewhat stoop. Murong Shuyu bit her lower lip, and just when she wanted to say something, she however felt a light breeze. Now she couldn’t move, because she didn’t know when but this old man had already turned around and her right wrist was tightly held by this old man, then a wisp of strange aura seeped into her body.

After a long time, the old man let go of Murong Shuyu, although he had already determined that she was his granddaughter the moment he had seen her, because her appearance was simply the replica of his wife and even her temperament was somewhat similar to his wife, but, just now, using the special aura of Murong clan, he verified that she truly had extremely close blood relationship with him. Now, there is no doubt that she was her biological granddaughter.


Normally, Emperor Long Zhan should be the one that meets with the envoys of both empire at all events, but confusing all people, Long Zhan unexpectedly handed over full authority to Crown Prince Long Ying, moreover, proclaiming he was under the weather, he even stopped attending the morning court.

For this reason, Long Yi and Ximen Nu were deeply suspicious, they knew very well that with the characteristic of Long Zhan, he wouldn’t do so, because although Long Zhan couldn’t be considered as the noted emperor throughout the ages, but he was diligent in the governing the nation. For decades, he had never absented from the morning court, as that meant he was showing weakness to other. Could it be that he wanted to make Ximen clan relax their vigilance?

Long Yi and Ximen Nu had a secret meeting inside the study at night and finally decided to confront soldiers with generals and stream water with earth. Now, it was still not the perfect time, so they had to wait until the full-scale war of Blue Waves Continent, at that time, they had to do all they can to strive to obtain this one-third land under the heaven.

When the sun rose, Long Yi struggled free from the entangled hands and legs of Leng Youyou, then sat up. Then looking at sleeping Leng Youyou with a slight sweet smile on her face, he felt happy. Perhaps, only beside him, Leng Youyou would sleep so deeply, discarding all her vigilance. Compared to the bosom of her sweetheart, which other places could ease her heart to sleep like this?

Long Yi warmly looked blankly at Leng Youyou, this girl gave him too much, if it was not for her, then he might not have such wonderful days.

Recalling today was the day for the negotiation with Nalan Empire and Proud Moon Empire, Long Yi sobered from his train of thoughts, then lowering his head, he kissed Leng Youyou’s lips and got out of the bed. After that wearing his clothing, he walked out.

Negotiation was to be held at Long Ying’s Crown Prince mansion with Long Yi being the representative of Violent Dragon Empire and Crown Prince Long Ying being the supervisor for this negotiation.

When Long Yi arrived at Crown Prince Mansion, he saw that Long Ying was affably treating Nalan Ruyue. Coupled with his gentle smile and the etiquette of a gentleman, many Misses have fallen for him. Sometimes Long Yi also had no choice but admire Long Ying for his method of dealing with women. But he however left Murong Shuyu out in the cold in one side, this however was his big flaw, no matter how unwilling he was, on the surface, shouldn’t he at least put on some show?

Nalan Ruyue pushed away Long Ying who was personally peeling the fruit for her, then getting up, she gave courtesy greeting to Long Yi who had just entered, moreover, she appeared as if she was relieved of a heavy load. Seeing this, Long Yi found this funny in his heart, and was also slightly complacent. No matter how brilliant your method is, but you, Long Ying, is still defeated in I, Long Yi’s hand.

“Hello, everyone, eh, why are you looking at me like that, Crown Prince? Could it be that I am late?” Seeing the expression of Crown Prince was not good and was glaring at him, he said with a smile.

“Since Young Master Ximen is here, it is time to start the negotiation.” Murong Shuyu said. Her expression was slightly strange looking at Long Yi, seemingly she was hiding something.

Long Yi saw this strange expression of Murong Shuyu and guessed that she should have met with Murong Bo.

But Nalan Ruyue however raised her eyebrows looking at Long Yi and Murong Shuyu, and she didn’t know why but a sour feeling emerged in her heart, furthermore, she wanted to use Violent Light Magic to blast these two people.

When Long Yi was guessing in his heart, he suddenly felt somewhat cold gaze on his back, and turning his head, he happened to see the ferocious gaze of Nalan Ruyue. Then he questioningly raised his eyebrows, but Nalan Ruyue merely snorted coldly for the answer.

“Women are unreasonable creatures.” Long Yi thought while shaking his head, but he didn’t know that, seeing the expression of Nalan Ruyue when she looked towards Long Yi, Long Ying was so jealous that he nearly became insane.

If other people saw Nalan Ruyue ferociously glaring at Long Yi, then they might think that she hated Long Yi, but Long Ying was also a master in playing around with girls, and with regarding the mentality of women, he had researched greatly. He understood that when Nalan Ruyue was with him, she had that reserved and estranged smile which represented distancing herself from him. But that a little sour glare of Nalan Ruyue towards Long Yi just a moment ago represent that her feeling towards Long Yi was not ordinary, which naturally made his mood become extremely bad.

In any case, since Nalan Empire and Violent Dragon Empire were forming an alliance, Long Ying naturally had thoughts of picking up Nalan Ruyue, then marrying her, he would be able to further consolidate his imperial power. Moreover, as Nalan Ruyue was one of the three Saintesses of Light Church, after marrying her, he would be able to form a relation with Light Church too, which would bring about hundreds of benefits without any drawbacks. Besides, even casting aside all these benefits, Nalan Ruyue was truly beautiful, so he coveted her. He had played with many girls, but no one was comparable to Nalan Ruyue either in temperament or beauty.

Long Ying led the officials from both countries to a luxurious and spacious conference room, and the officials of Nalan Empire and Proud Moon Empire sat on two sides. As for Long Yi and his two assistances who were the officials of Ximen clan, they sat on the master position. Originally, Crown Prince should have sat in the master position, but since all the negotiation power belongs to Long Yi, and he was only the supervisor, he could only yield.

Long Yi placed one leg above another, then throwing away a pile of sheets given to him by one of his assistance, he said with a smile: “This is not needed.” Then, standing up, he pressed both of his hand on the negotiating table, and lean forward, which coupled with a smile which gave others somewhat eerie feelings, all felt invisible pressure.

“I think everyone is sensible people, and sensible people should understand simple words, so in order to save time, I will speak frankly.” Long Yi paused, then continued: “The purpose of your empire sending you all as the delegation, I know, you know and he also knows, so here is my decision. Today we will sign the treaty of alliance with Nalan Empire, as for Proud Moon Empire, I am sorry.”

Long Yi spoke directly stunning everyone present, was this still a negotiation? Where could there be a negotiation where a single straightforward sentence decides everything.

“Then, does it mean that the negotiation is over?” Long Ying sitting at one side was also greatly surprised, but he kept calm without speaking, waiting to see how Long Yi would wind up this meeting.

Long Yi stayed calm, but the officials of Proud Moon Empire lost their cool. And one arrogant official of Proud Moon Empire with long beard angrily stood up and said: “I object, I strongly request Violent Dragon Empire to change the negotiator, you simply don’t know how to negotiate.”

“Unfortunately, your objection is of no avail, if you make a racket again, then I don’t mind chasing you all, the delegation of Proud Moon Empire, out.” Long Yi said with a smile, but looking at his expression however made them understand that he would do what he had said without the slightest hesitation.

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But what puzzled people was, Murong Shuyu unexpectedly didn’t protest, but said indifferently: “I agree with our Proud Moon Empire withdrawing from this negotiation, but can we have the permission to attend the negotiation of your honorable country and Nalan Empire.”

Long Yi looked at Murong Shuyu with a thoughtful look, the response of this girl was outside of his expectation. He felt very uncomfortable losing the position of control, but he didn’t show on the surface and shrugging his shoulder, he said: “Of course, you can.”

This conversation in turn surprised Long Ying. Was this envoy of Proud Moon Empire not good at fighting, or did this woman and Long Yi already reached some kind of agreement?

Long Yi looked towards the assistant of his left side, and that clever assistance immediately placed a pile of contracts on the hand of Long Yi. Long Yi threw the contracts on his hand to the air, then with a snap of his fingers, the contracts dispersed and landed in front of all the delegation of Nalan Empire.

Nalan Ruyue looked at the contract for a while, and shyness flashed on her face but disappeared right away, then secretly rolling her shining eyes towards Long Yi, she calmly said: “I have no problem with this contract.”

The officials of Nalan Empire strangely looked at their princess, then looked at Long Yi and Crown Prince Long Ying. After that, they expressed they had no problem in succession.

“You all don’t have a problem, but I have a problem. With regarding the third clause of the contract, I think, we should discuss properly.” At that time, Crown Prince Long Ying suddenly stood up and said.


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