Chapter 300: Ancient clan

Hong. Long Yi collided with the wall and fell down. This was already the ninth time today. It seemed he would not be able to overcome this huge gap of strength in a short period of time.

Long Yi, whose head and face was covered in dust, crawled up, and as he waved his hand, he coughed and said: “Old man, are you really going at me lightly? Are you not actually going all out?”

“I am fighting lightly. If I were using all of my strength, do you think you would have stayed alive till now?” Murong Bo laughed as he asked. Since Long Yi had accompanied him, he was feeling a lot better because currently, not only did he have someone to chat with, that someone could also serve as a sandbag for his training.

Long Yi stretched his aching bones and muscles. Although he was complaining, he was actually happy in his heart as he was obviously very clear about his own progress. At first, he couldn’t even withstand a single move inside Murong Bo’s douqi domain, but now he could withstand up to 45 moves. This was undoubtedly a huge progress.

Long Yi sat on the sofa. Taking out a bottle of wine, he drank as he thought on how he should mention the matter of Murong Shuyu to Murong Bo.

After emptying the final bottle of the Hundred Flowers Wine Long Yi had, Murong Bo turned the bottle upside down and shook it, but not a single drop fell down. He couldn’t help but look towards Long Yi as he said: “Hey, boy, when are you going to get some more Hundred Flowers Wine? After drinking this wine, now other wines taste like plain boiled water.”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said: “Only the Elven Forest has this Hundred Flowers Wine, how can I get it?”
Murong Bo reluctantly sighed, then he looked at Long Yi and said: “Boy, how about we go together to Elven Forest for a round trip, didn’t you say the Elf Princess is your woman? Aren’t you missing her after not seeing her for such a long period of time?”

Thinking of the gentle and sweet Lu Xiya who was good at understanding others, Long Yi’s eye became gentle and soft. How could he not miss her? It was just that in this particularly sensitive period, how could he go away?

“Old man, do you think that I don’t want to go? It is just that I have already decided to help my clan and I don’t want to be a defector.” Long Yi said.

“Ai, waiting until the war is over. I might have already become one with the earth at that time.” Murong Bo pulled a long face as he said.

“The hell, you have already reached the Swords God realm, so you can live for 500-600 years without any problem, but here you are talking about being buried. It’s impossible unless you commit suicide.” Long Yi laughed
and said.

Shortly afterward, he sighed: “If you want to end this war earlier, then come out and help me. If you help me, then the rate of progress would be at least twice as fast.” Long Yi again had his ideas towards Murong Bo.

“Don’t mention these matters again, otherwise I will drive you off.” Murong Bo waved his hand and said.

Seeing the determined attitude of Murong Bo, Long Yi hollowly laughed and didn’t bring out that topic again.

After chatting idly for a little while, Murong Bo suddenly said: “It’s already this late today, yet you are still not in a hurry to return home and accompany your wives as usual. How come you are in a mood to accompany this rotten old man?”

Long Yi smirked and said: “As a matter of fact, I fear you will be lonely. You also know how I am, I always attach importance to my friends, and for the sake of brothers, I would even risk my life.”

“Hehe, I think you are the type who will stick your brother in the back for the sake of women. Now speak, what’s the real matter?” Murong Bo said with a smile. Murong Bo was already accustomed to the shamelessness of Long Yi.

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“In fact, there is no matter, well…that picture scroll of your wife, can I appreciate it again?” Long Yi pretended to say carelessly.
The eyes of Murong Bo flashed, then he took out the picture scroll from his space ring and carefully handed it over to Long Yi and said: “You can, but handle it a bit more carefully.”

Long Yi took the picture scroll and slowly spread it out, then that attractive and beautiful face, which had given him a deep impression, appeared before his eyes once more.

Long Yi stared blankly at the picture for a long time. The woman in the picture and Murong Shuyu looked practically the same, even the disposition between their brows were rather similar. Merely, Murong Shuyu was a bit unripe in comparison.

Seeing Long Yi staring blankly, Murong Bo was puzzled in his heart and said: “Something is not right with you, what happened?”

Long Yi came back to his senses, then, taking a deep breath, he said: “Today, I received the delegation of the Proud Moon Empire. The representative of Proud Moon Empire looked very much like your wife, so I wondered, perhaps your wife was pregnant before you went to seclusion……”

Murong Bo instantly stood up from his sofa, then with his eyes wide open, he looked at Long Yi and said in a somewhat trembling voice: “Are you really sure that this woman greatly resembles my wife?”

Long Yi nodded his head and said: “Moreover, she…she also claimed to be your granddaughter.”
The eyes of Murong Bo shone, then clasping his hands behind his back, he paced in and out from inside the prison. He suddenly recalled that, before he went into seclusion, his wife was not feeling too well; she was frequently retching.

Later when he returned to his home after coming out of seclusion, he saw the grave of his wife, so he considered that she had died from sickness, and continuously blamed himself for not caring about his wife’s uncomfortableness at that time and only thought of training. But thinking about it now, that retching phenomenon seemed to be the characteristic of being pregnant, could it be……

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“Where is she now? Lead me there to see her.” Murong Bo grabbed Long Yi as he said agitatedly.

“Don’t get agitated like this, now she is in the royal embassy, she is not even half an hour away from here.” Long Yi put forth his strength to struggle free from Murong Bo. This grown-up-kid liked to grab and shake other people when he became agitated. This was a bad habit of his.

Murong Bo began to calm down, and asked: “Did you say she is now the representative of the Proud Moon Empire?”
Long Yi nodded his head and said: “Yes, this is what I always wanted to ask about. Your surname is Murong, the royal clan of the Proud Moon Empire is also Murong, you all……”

“Don’t you want to ask whether we have any relation or not?” Murong Bo interrupted the words of Long Yi, then not waiting for Long Yi to answer, he continued: “Your guess is right, as a matter of fact, I and the imperial clan of Proud Moon Empire truly have some relation. Several thousand years ago, Murong clan was the hidden clan within the Violent Dragon Empire. But thousands of years ago, the imperial clan of Proud Moon Empire was expelled out by the Murong clan because they colluded with other outsiders. After that, they wandered about in destitute towards the north, and going through several wars, they gradually expanded, and finally 600 years ago, they established the Proud Moon Empire. Their patriarch of that time was truly amazing and absolutely admirable, it was just that after going through a dozen or so generations, their descendants became worse with each generation.”

“It turned out that the ancestors of Proud Moon Empire’s imperial clan were also the people of Violent Dragon Empire, hehe.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“If that girl truly is my descendant, then how did she reach the Proud Moon Empire? Moreover, why did she have a relationship with the imperial clan of Proud Moon Empire? What exactly happened in those years? It seems I have to ask her carefully. Oh, that’s right, what is the name of that girl?” Murong Bo frowned and asked.

“Murong Shuyu.” Long Yi replied.

“Murong Shuyu? Good name, truly a good name.” Murong Bo laughed in satisfaction.

What fart good name? Even if he told Murong Bo that her name was Murong Xiaohua [1], he might say that’s a good name. Long Yi thought.

“Since there is nothing else, quickly roll out.” Murong Bo ordered Long Yi to leave.

Long Yi laughed with a profound meaning, seeing his ‘can’t wait’ appearance, Long Yi guessed that it was very likely that he would go to royal embassy tonight to look for Murong Shuyu.

After Long Yi came out of Heaven Forbidden Prison, he didn’t leave immediately and rather quietly hid at one side. Sure enough, not long after, a black shadow soared, quietly disappearing into the night sky.

Long Yi complacently smiled and thought about following him. But after thinking about it for a bit, he decided not to as there was nothing for him in the matter between this grandfather and granddaughter pair.

But by returning home, he could accompany the three beauties. Moreover, he wondered if he could shoot three hawks with one arrow tonight. Thinking of Beitang Yu, Leng Youyou, and Nangong Xiangyun jointly accompanying him to exercise together in the bed. His mind was swayed by that enchanting scene.

After that, Long Yi went at full throttle flying towards the Ximen mansion.

In the royal embassy, inside the two courtyards separated by just a wall, the princess of two different empires was still tossing about on the bed. Was Nalan Ruyue able to fall asleep? With that kind of a matter that happened today, how could she fall asleep?

It was already the second time, moreover, both times were in the bathroom. First time in the Mea Principality was still pardonable, after all she was the one who had jumped naked into the bathtub and sat on his face, but what about this time? No need to mention that that smelly fellow **, he actually wanted to violate her, but what made her even more vexed was that she seemed to be not that disgusted, moreover, her body seemed to like that kind of contact.

“Could it be that I am a casual girl? Or did I start liking him? No, that bastard is so hateful, how could I start liking him? Misconception, it must be my misconception.” Nalan Ruyue muttered to herself, then used a quilt to cover her head, as her face reddened. He actually groped her breast, which she was intensely proud of. Furthermore, he also touched her lower embarrassing place; he truly was too excessive.
Subconsciously, one hand of Nalan Ruyue caressed her **, and her other hand moved towards the place between her legs, caressing that place, she felt a peculiar sensation. But it was not like that strong pleasant sensation she felt when Long Yi was caressing her. Could it be that his hand had a magical power?

“Ah, what am I thinking?” Nalan Ruyue screamed, that fellow had led her astray, how could she have these kinds of thoughts?
Meanwhile, Murong Shuyu was sitting inside the pitch-black room with her chin resting on her hands, she was watching the moonlight outside the window. What was she thinking about? Was she also thinking of Long Yi?

Yes, she was thinking of Long Yi, thinking about every word he said to her and also thinking of his warm smile when he was using light magic to heal her.

Ai, Murong Shuyu softly sighed, Long Yi had said to not think about him too much, but she truly ended up thinking about him. Of course, she didn’t think that she would start liking him, she just thought that he was a peculiar person.
Sometimes bad, sometimes good, he had a deep understanding of warfare as well as had an outrageous amount of strength; but the most important thing was that he knew her grandfather, Murong Bo, whom she greatly worshipped from her childhood.

“Can I truly see my grandpa? Can I?” Murong Shuyu thought in her heart, looking at the bright moon outside.

“Eh, what is that?” Murong Shuyu suddenly saw a human figure appear in front of the bright moon, so she involuntarily stood up in great surprise.

[1] xaiohua literally means joke.

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