Chapter 83: We’re both making use of each other.

We’re both making use of each other.

After Karen brought me outside the hall, I kept gazing at the direction where we left Yato all the time.


I heard the sound of the ground shaking many times since we left. He’s surely having a violent battle.

Yato is undeniably strong.

Due to his skills, He does things that are usually impossible to be done by a human being as if it was something of ordinary.
With those skills and abilities, he could easily defeat that living statue.

But still, even if that was the case, I’d still feel worried about him.

Even if he had a superhuman strength, even if he was invincible, I don’t think that this feeling of unease would change.

(I don’t want that to happen again…)

I don’t want to lose a precious person a second time. Yato is strangely resembling my father.

That’s why I always see the figure of my father in him. And when the thought of such a person leaving my side and disappearing goes through my mind, I can’t help but feel a pain in my chest. I can’t shake off the feeling of unease from my head.

(Although I decided to help him out…)

I want to do something too. I want to be helpful for him. I said that countless times, but look at me now.

I’m nothing but an ordinary person. How could someone like me be able to become dependable by him?

I felt terribly vexed by my current self.

When I started biting my lips from the intense regret, Karen who was pulling me from my hand stopped running.


Suddenly halting her steps, she looked around the place. I bumped against her back and lightly hit my nose.

“Ouch… what’s the matter, Karen-chan?”

Rubbing my nose, I asked for the reason she stopped.
She kept looking back in the direction from where we came as if she was searching for something.

“What’s the problem, Karen-dono? Let’s hurry and leave this place.”

“We’re not leaving this place.”

Karen immediately rejected Lina’s words.
Both Lina and I raised a confused voice, taken aback by her unpredicted answer. Weren’t we going to run away from this place?

“What do you mean?”

“We’re going to assist him.”

By “him”, I assume that she was referring to Yato.
Is she planning to go back to that hall?
While I was still bewildered by Karen-chan’s abrupt resolve, Lina tried to convince her to stop.

“No! We can’t do anything to help him out if we go back now.”

“I know. But I can’t bear the feeling of being useless you know.”

Karen declared while looking at looking at Lina strain in her eyes.
Judging from her stern ambiance, she was probably serious. So she was also thinking the same as I did.
She told me that she was rescued many times by Yato in the past.
I guess the feeling of wanting to be dependable by him instead of being rescued all the time is the same as mine.

(she’s strong…)

What she did just now, is something I can’t possibly do.
Unlike me who doesn’t do anything besides of waiting, Karen-chan is constantly looking for a chance to help and once she does find one, she unhesitatingly takes advantage of it.

Nothing less expected from his little sister. She has got enough motivation to take actions.

As I started feeling somehow inferior to her, Karen replied to Lina with a confident look.

“Also, we don’t really need to go back if we want to assist him.”

“Eh? Then what are you intending to do?”

I tilted my head, displaying my confusion.

Just what are we going to do if we’re not going back? The moment I wondered, Karen revealed a mischievous grin, similar to a certain someone’s, then enounced.

“There are a few things that even ordinary people like us could do.”


After Saya and the others left the hall, I made my resolve and faced the normal golem.
I used【body enhancement】, increased my speed and charged into the golem.
Meru who took my move as a sign of start, ordered the golem.

“Get him, Desu!”

The golem began to move while causing loud noises from his body and raised his fist.

As expected from his giant body, he was just as slow.

It would have been easy for me to dodge his strike, but I judged that even dodging it was unnecessary.
I leaped at the golem who was still raising his arm and I clenched my fist as well.

“Do it, Desu!”

The moment Meru screamed, the golem released his attack directly at me.
His fist was large enough to cover my entire body.

However, it was lacking strength.

I waited for the perfect timing and struck my fist against his.

Two fists colliding in the air, although one of them is made out of stone. The instant our fists touched each other, a moment of complete silence dominated the place.

Immediately after that, a few cracks started appearing in the golem’s hand along with a thick sound.
Gradually, the cracks spread through his entire arm which then eventually turned into dust.

“As I thought, he’s nothing but a rock in the end.”

Watching the golem’s hand collapsing on the ground, I became certain.
No matter how grand he can be, a rock is still a rock.

The hardness of a rock doesn’t change by its size.

For someone like me who used to shatter them in the past, this golem was nothing but a pile of rocks.
Even for a rock, he was nowhere near the stiffness of the scale of the black dragon.
I think I can defeat him at this rate.

While I was considering the chance of my victory, Meru spoke in a composed tone.

“That is not a problem, Desu.”

Following her words, the golem’s right arm which had turned into mere stones started assembling back in its original place and gradually repair itself.

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“Regeneration, possible, Desu.”
The golem’s right arm had completely healed.
Looks like it wasn’t intending to let me win with just that much.
I was slightly irritated after realizing that the golem could regenerate, though I swiftly made my next move.
“If that’s the case, then!”

I had no other choice but to destroy its core first.
I leaped towards the normal golem again, this time aiming for its chest.
Finding the right timing, I thrust my fist into its chest with all my might.

“I won’t let you, Desu.”

Of course, Meru wasn’t so slow-witted to let me reach the core.
The moment I was about to strike it, the golem crossed his arms to guard its chest.
My fist ended up hitting the middle of his left arm and crushing it.

The lower parts of his left arm fell on the ground, but he immediately picked it up using his right hand and stuck it back in its place as if he was building some sort of plastic model.
You sure that’s a golem and not a robot?

“That’s pretty convenient…”

“That is right, Desu.”

I couldn’t help but feel impressed by his ability to regenerate.
But still, I didn’t expect that destroying its core would be this troublesome.
If I crushed any part of his body, he instantly regenerates it and if I aimed at his core, he defends it.
When I started contemplating what I should do next, this time it was Meru’s turn to launch an attack.

“It is my turn, Desu.”

Following her words, the normal golem released a punch at me with an abnormal speed.
But it was still slow. I dodged his punch with ease and took advantage of his arm to jump at his chest.
The golem tried obstructing me using his left arm, but as if that didn’t matter for me, I hit the left arm with my fist and destroyed it.
I couldn’t reach his chest yet, however, my counter attack still continued.

After hitting his arm using my right hand, this time I struck his chest with my left hand.
My left hand pierced through the golem chest and the rocks covering that place became unstuck and fell in the ground.

“So that’s the core.”

When I took a quick glance in its inside, I noticed the existence of a red large jewel-like stone.
It was most likely the core which Lina told me about.
I should be able to defeat him if I destroyed it.

Without further delay, I reached my hand to the core, though there was no way Meru would silently watch me destroy it that readily.

“I won’t let you, Desu.”

The normal golem used his right arm in an attempt to catch me.
Evading his approaching hand at the last moment, I distanced myself from him.

I was so close!

I was almost enraged by getting obstructed when I finally had the core in front of my eyes. I was one step closer! One step!
It looks like fighting it without magic is slightly insufficient.
If I only I was able to use magic.

What should I do now…

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At this rate, I won’t be able to defeat him, nor would he be able to defeat me.
I’m the one who will be in disadvantage if this battle lasts for longer.
I sought another mean to turn the situation to my favor, but I couldn’t come up with anything useful. So I just continued fisting him.
At least this way is better than doing nothing.
Who knows, maybe I’d find an opportunity to destroy the core if I continued this way.
Making my decision, I stepped forth again, in attempt to find his weakness. but…
—— all of a sudden, the ground started shaking.


I thought it was just my imagination at first, but the shaking was growing gradually stronger and intense.

“What could that be, Desu.”

Apparently, Meru had no idea of what was going on as well. While the shaking of the ground was increasing, we heard the sound of explosions coming from the distance.
The explosion sound grew rapidly distinct as it approached the hall.
Wait, could it be…

I felt like I already experienced a similar situation.

I searched through my memories, trying to remember it.

Ah, no way…

Right when I recalled the origin of the sound, a huge explosion occurred near us.
The wall next to me exploded and someone’s figure emerged from the cloud’s dust.

“I found you!!!!!!”

The moment our eyes met, Sara shouted in a loud voice, rushed towards me and roughly caught me by my collar
She was still carrying her giant hammer in her shoulder and glared at me with her black frightening eyes.

“How dare you do that earlier!? Because of you sending me back, I had to start everything from the very beginning!! Do you have an idea of the hardship I went through, huh!?”

She released her wrath on me while shaking me by my collar.
Come to think of it, I was the one who sent her back outside the island. I totally forgot about it.

“It didn’t take you very long. I’m impressed by how fast it took you to make it this far.”
I really wasn’t expecting her to show up this fast.
Maybe the monsters outside weren’t able to stall her long enough. Moreover, the fact that she destroyed the wall means that she choose an unfair path to make it here.

This angel is not in her right mind, seriously.
Meru who was watching me getting scolded by Sara utter while making a strange expression.

“I forgot about you, Desu.”

Looks like she forgot about her too.
So that means that Sara didn’t encounter monsters on her way to the dungeon.

She’s so lucky.

Anyway, first, I had to calm her down.
The situation won’t proceed at this rate and besides, I can’t bear the feeling of my brain shaking back and forth.
“Well, calm down. The situation is a bit too dire for you to act this way. Look at that.”
When I pointed at the normal golem, Sara unwillingly turned to look at his direction and finally realized his presence.

“W-What is that!?”

Overwhelmed by the shock, she let away from my collar and released me.

“It’s something like the last boss of this ruin. As long as he’s still standing there, we can’t make it to the teleportation circle.”
I made a certain suggestion to Sara.

“What do you think of teaming up to defeat it?”

“Haa? Why would I fight together with someone like you?”
She immediately refused my suggestion, but I didn’t give up and continued.

“If you don’t defeat that golem, you will never be able to accomplish your task.”

“Hmph! I can do that on my own!!……”

“On your own? You, who can only randomly to swing that giant hammer!? I’d be surprised if you were able to block two of his attacks in a row.”

Hearing my argument, Sara noticed that I was correct and groaned with her mouth shut.
The hammer she was carrying was indeed powerful

She could even be able to defeat the normal golem if she used it properly.
But at the same time, she would have many unguarded openings while using it
If I was to cover her at times like that, we could be able to win.

While Sara was deeply considering my suggestion, Meru took advantage of the situation and made an assault.
“I shall get you before you get me, Desu.”
The golem swung down his fist on the both of us.

Sara and I quickly dodged his strike which ended up gouging the ground.

Noticing the giant hole in the ground caused by the golem, Sara shivered.
If she was to directly receive that punch, she would definitely get crushed.
It’s only natural for her to shiver when thinking about what could have happened to her if she didn’t evade it.

“So, what? Are you gonna join hands or do you still insist on fighting him alone?”
When I urged her to respond, Sara glared at the normal golem as she took her fighting posture.

“Let me make something clear first. I’m doing this for the sole sake of reaching my goal, and you’re the next on the list after we finish this thing.”

“Very well.”

I mean who would want to fight alone something that huge? I vaguely replied to Sara’s words while shrugging my shoulders.
That’s fine in its own way. We’re both making use of each other.

With that last thought in my mind, I prepared myself for the second round.

“Don’t you dare burden me!”

“Right back at you.”

Finishing our light dispute, we faced the normal golem once again.


Don’t get the wrong idea.

“Listen, I’m doing this only for the sake of my objective! Don’t get the wrong idea!”

“I know.”

“Listen, don’t get the wrong idea!!”

“I know, I know.”

“Seriously, it would be troublesome if you had the wrong perception.”

“I get it already!”

“Seriously, don’t you dare get the wrong idea!!”

“I told you that I understand!”

“No, like seriously, seriously, I don’t want you to misunderstand the situation!”

“I told you…”

“Don’t do it!! Seriously, don’t! I’m warning you!”

“You’re being too persistent!!”

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